GiliSoft Screen Recorder Review

GiliSoft Screen Recorder

GiliSoft Screen Recorder is an advanced screen capture and video editing application that enables users to produce edited videos with zero quality loss.

This application features an advanced time triggered recording feature which enables you to schedule a website or desktop program to start and stop at any given time on daily or weekly basis as desired.


GiliSoft Screen Recorder is a program that enables users to record audio and video from their computer, take high-quality screenshots and is easy to use. Furthermore, this software can also create video tutorials and presentations; additionally it features a built-in audio player for playing downloaded music files or podcasts; supports webcams and microphones as well as recording HD video (with mouse cursor capture) as well as click sounds!

Advanced time-triggered recording is another feature included with this software that enables users to schedule websites or desktop applications to start or stop recording at specific times or circumstances, such as file size or recording duration. It can even stop recording based on certain conditions such as file size.

This software boasts several features that make it a great option for Windows users. It can record videos in various formats, such as MP4, WMV, AVI and FLV; capture mouse cursor and click sound; record audio from webcam or microphone; upload recorded videos directly to YouTube; edit and convert videos among many other uses; in short it offers everything users could ever need in a recording program!

Video editing tools available with this software include cropping, merging, rotating, audio removing/adding/splitting and PiP/Watermark features. In addition, the program supports importing/exporting different video formats like MP4, WMV, AVI and RMVB and can also record games/streaming videos.

GiliSoft Screen Recorder Pro offers many useful features, yet still has some drawbacks. Antivirus programs may find the program malware-like. Furthermore, finding a location to save files can sometimes be challenging and the interface could use a built-in help system; but this minor drawback makes GiliSoft Screen Recorder an outstanding choice for Windows users who need to record video and audio.


GiliSoft Screen Recorder is an effective way to capture everything happening on a computer monitor screen, including webcams, external devices and microphone audio in high definition quality. It features multiple recording modes and output file formats tailored specifically to your needs while providing options such as comments, cursor effects and hotkeys for additional customization.

GiliSoft Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recording solutions on the market. It’s safe and straightforward, taking up minimal system resources while being relatively cost effective – perfect for creating video tutorials, presentations and games!

GiliSoft Screen Recorder is very affordably priced, providing many features for the money spent. As a full-featured program supporting multiple languages – English included – its free trial version gives users a chance to test out some features before committing fully; though its limited features don’t permit full functionality. Ultimately, this software can be purchased from its manufacturer’s website.

Avoid cracks or warez versions of GiliSoft Screen Recorder as these illegal downloads may cause irreparable harm to your computer. Cracked versions could corrupt the operating system, download malware such as adware and spyware programs and enable hackers to gain control of it. If you are unsure whether a program is safe, always do research about its reputation in the online community before downloading. Torrents and warez sites often contain viruses, adware, spyware Trojan horses dialers and other forms of malware which could severely compromise your computer. A crack or keygen piece of software opens a backdoor into your computer that allows hackers access your personal information – illegal acts which could lead to criminal prosecution charges against users who employ such crack or keygen software.


Gilisoft Screen Recorder is a Windows application that enables users to record what’s happening on their computer screen and save it as video tutorials, software demos, lecture materials or presentations. Its simple yet straightforward user interface makes it an effortless tool without slowing down performance of PC.

Gilisoft Screen Recorder can deliver high-quality recordings when used for game recording, webinars, or other applications. Supporting popular video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV and FLV it also records audio from speakers and microphone simultaneously allowing for both external mic recordings as well as internal computer sounds to be selected as sources of recording.

The program comes equipped with various screenshot and video editing tools, such as cropping, rotating and flipping videos clips; applying filters; loading a music track or subtitle file; adding text/image watermarks or drawing on videos; as well as capturing mouse cursor and click sound effects.

Save screenshots as PNG, BMP and JPG files; capture video as an FLV file; automatically split video file into multiple parts based on time; adjust prerecording countdown timer; set hot key for starting/pausing/stopping recordings and hide mouse cursor.

Choose your video’s resolution with ease to create professional-looking videos. Choose an output folder and file name as well as selecting quality of recorded video and audio, change hotkeys for pause, start, screenshot buttons or record an entire window at once with or without cursor display in video recordings.


GiliSoft Screen Recorder is an effective screen recording program that makes video capture from desktop PCs straightforward and effective, but lacks some features provided by other programs, such as real-time drawing tools and an integrated video editor for users who require more than simply recording their screen and taking screenshots.

This software is often utilized for creating software demos, recording streaming videos and capturing PC games. Furthermore, it supports various audio recording sources – such as speakers, microphones or external lines – for audio capture.

Screen recording can be an efficient way of creating tutorials, but it’s essential to be mindful of copyright laws in order to avoid having your content demonetized by platforms like YouTube and Twitch. For the best results, always ensure that any music used for screen recordings is royalty free.

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