GiliSoft Screen Recorder Review

GiliSoft Screen Recorder is an integrated screen recording and video editing solution, enabling users to capture desktop activities and create video tutorials, demonstrations, or presentations without the need for programming skills.

Record what you see on screen (support High DPI), what you hear or say simultaneously and save it all as compressed video file in real-time. Use Video Toolbox to make amazing edited movies: cut and join clips without quality loss, apply stylish effects and filters, add logo, music and titles – everything needed for an exceptional cinematic experience!


Gilisoft Screen Recorder is a Windows application designed to simultaneously record what you see on the screen and hear/say while saving them as compressed video documents in real time. You can choose to record just one window, the entire screen or customized areas and record audio from either system speakers or microphone. In addition, HD Skype videos, games and webinars can all be recorded using it easily with its user-friendly features and comprehensive set of tools for professional screen capture.

MP4 (H264), WMV and AVI output formats are supported, with different quality levels for each available to meet the individual user. GPU acceleration enables faster processing and recording; cursor settings such as color and sound may be adjusted as desired, as well as screenshots in PNG or JPG formats being taken for future reference. Furthermore, watermarking of videos recorded can also be enabled – including transparency controls for text or image watermarks, rotation options and alignment controls to customize how your watermark displays onscreen.

The program also offers advanced time triggered recording. With this feature, you can schedule recordings for websites or anything running on your desktop to start or stop at specified times, making automatic recordings on a Daily, Weekly or other schedule that you specify. Furthermore, its snapshot function enables high-quality screenshots of either all or specific regions on screen.

GiliSoft Screen Recorder makes recording your computer, mobile phone or tablet’s screen and the surrounding sounds for video tutorials or training purposes easy with its simple recording feature. A screen recorder helps streamline communication among team members while helping everyone understand exactly what you are working on – often easier than email. Rather than send multiple emails explaining a problem or issue back and forth. It makes clear and engaging video tutorials or training videos possible!

Additionally, this software supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, Magyar, Portuguese and French. Furthermore, a free trial mode of the software is available from its developer’s website; this version will display a watermark on captured video clips captured during its trial mode usage.


Screen recording software has become a necessity for content creators. It enables them to craft videos that engage and inform audiences – whether that means software tutorials, game walkthroughs, vlogs or anything else! With the right tool at their disposal they can create high-quality videos their viewers will love!

Searching for the ideal tool can be a difficult task, with so many choices out there to consider and so much to take into consideration when identifying what features will make the biggest impactful difference for you. We’ve made your life easier by compiling a list of top 10 screen recording software solutions. Read through each to understand more about each and choose one that meets your requirements best!

GiliSoft Screen Recorder is an easy and user-friendly program that enables users to capture what is seen on their computer screens in video form. The program can capture both screen video and microphone audio simultaneously and save both as compressed video files; additionally it can support multiple monitors connected to one computer.

GiliSoft Screen Recorder is free and requires no registration or key generator for usage. However, you should be wary of using cracked versions or warez versions as these may contain malware that could compromise your system and steal sensitive information from it.

This software is ideal for people who wish to record streaming videos, games and Skype calls. You have the flexibility of recording either the entire screen or just specific windows; also webcams and external devices may be recorded and the audio source selected by yourself.

GiliSoft Screen Recorder allows you to edit recorded video clips to make them more captivating, such as cropping, rotating and adding stylish effects such as music logos titles etc. Furthermore, trim joining and merging videos without quality loss. However, please be aware that this feature only works if your computer has an excellent internet connection.


Screen Recorder is a Windows program that simultaneously captures what you see on the screen and hear/say and saves it as compressed video file in real-time. Ideal for recording webinars, games, Skype HD videos and more, Screen Recorder captures both speakers and microphones at the same time allowing it to record voice-overs with ease.

Gilisoft Screen Recorder supports multiple video formats including FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV and High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) H265 with the appropriate encoder installed. Unlike other screen recording programs, Gilisoft Screen Recorder will not slow down your computer during recording; furthermore it records high-quality audio without altering video sound quality.

Another advantageous aspect of this program is its ability to capture any part of the screen, making it ideal for video game walkthroughs and tutorials in which important details of gameplay need to be highlighted. Furthermore, this program can capture a webcam attached to your computer at the same time for seamless captures.

The program features many additional features that make it an excellent choice for creating professional-looking videos, such as a teleprompter that displays prewritten scripts when creating videos, magnifying cursor during recording to highlight important gameplay details, multiple recording modes (full screen recording mode, window recording mode and user defined region recording modes), as well as support for full screen mode recording mode recording mode and user defined region modes of operation.

Auto-stop settings available with this software include recording duration, exact time or file size settings. Hotkeys allow for convenient start/stop recording sessions. Furthermore, this program can automatically split a video recording into separate files with distinct names for easy archiving.

This software also lets you take high-quality screenshots and save them as PNG, JPG or BMP files for later use – this feature is great for capturing screenshots while recording video or showing frame rates on your computer. Furthermore, mouse click sound effects and mute function support is included as well.


GiliSoft Screen Recorder is an ideal video recording solution to capture computer screens or game walkthroughs, offering many features at an economical price and supporting most popular video formats.

This application includes two parts – a screen recorder and video editing tools – which can be used independently of each other. There is also an extensive array of editing features which enable you to cut, crop, rotate, flip and add filter and audio effects; as well as creating text watermarks (text, picture or video), watermarkings or watermarks and loading external subtitle files into videos created with this program. Video quality produced is quite satisfactory while real-time drawing tools may have been added as additional enhancements but those features remain.

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