GiliSoft Screen Recorder

GiliSoft Screen Recorder

GiliSoft Screen Recorder is an efficient video recording solution, capable of creating professional-looking videos without hindering PC performance. This application boasts various features designed to allow users to record efficiently without impeding performance.

Provides options such as setting target region, audio source, cursor options and click effects, screenshot format, hotkeys to start/pause/stop recording as well as advanced time triggered recording feature that enables scheduling recordings for websites or desktop applications on an Once, Everyday and Weekly basis as desired.

Video Recorder

GiliSoft Screen Recorder is an effective program that can record any video from your computer screen, external devices, webcam or streaming video feeds. You can choose to record either all or selected portions of your screen simultaneously – making this great for tutorial videos, game walkthroughs and other types of videos.

The program features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it simple and straightforward for anyone to use. There are multiple options for starting and stopping recording sessions – for instance creating shortcuts and assigning hotkeys can make use easier – plus it automatically quits any recording sessions when your computer goes to sleep!

Choose whether to include or exclude audio from your recordings and customize an output folder for saved files, enabling you to save high-quality videos that can be played back with any media player. The program supports popular formats and codecs like MPEG-4, AVI and WMV as well as offering customizable recording quality/size settings depending on computer performance.

Another key feature of this software is the capability of zooming in while recording. Through the settings dialog box, this function can be activated as well as selecting your camera of choice; additionally, video resolution and frame rate settings can also be changed here.

When creating tutorial videos, recording game walkthroughs, or preparing an online presentation. Furthermore, this feature enables you to add text or image watermarks. In addition, this software also allows users to edit videos by adding various effects, removing background footage and merging multiple clips into one file.

One of the great features of this program is its ability to record video and audio at the same time. To do this, open up the settings dialog box and enable “screen capture and webcam at the same time,” select your camera, and turn off “Hide camera windows during recording”.

Audio Recorder

Gilisoft Screen Recorder is an application that simultaneously records both what you see on your screen (supports high DPI) and what is spoken, then saves them both as compressed video files in real time. It can capture HD Skype recordings, games, online classes and more making it an excellent tool for those wishing to create software demos, tutorials or record gaming videos.

Gilisoft Screen Recorder stands out from other recording apps by being straightforward and user-friendly. The interface was designed with an orderly structure to make using it effortless for all.

Screen recorder software enables you to record computer sounds or voices as well as playback recorded audio in many different formats such as MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU FLAC M4A M4B M4R MP2 OGG RA VOC WAV

Users can customize audio settings to meet their particular requirements, including volume, bitrate, and sample rate settings. Furthermore, recording can be programmed to automatically pause when there is no sound or microphone is not active; furthermore it can be scheduled to start and end at specific times daily or weekly; additional actions before/after audio recording such as opening programs/webpages through URLs before starting or stopping and exiting/switching off computer after completion can also be set by this software.

As you record, you have the option of including or not including the mouse cursor in your video, making it easier to show where you are clicking on screen. Furthermore, by clicking the Options button during recording you can adjust its size or zoom in while recording.

Your video can benefit from adding a text watermark for branding purposes. Simply access the settings dialog, navigate to Watermark setting section and add text. Adjust transparency settings as necessary as well as position setting or enable scrolling if required.

Capture Snapshots

GiliSoft Screen Recorder allows users to capture video and snapshots from ongoing activities. The tool enables audio/video capture as well as property management – saving recordings in various formats as necessary.

This application offers support for popular video recording formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV and H264. Users can schedule recordings to begin at a certain time and add drawings or text watermarks before taking snapshots using hotkeys for easy software use. GPU acceleration also speeds up conversion for faster conversion rates.

Captures what’s happening on screen (support high DPI), plus any audio/voiceover in real-time and saves it all as a compressed video file in real-time. Used often for creating software demos, streaming videos and recording game plays.

Supports multiple recording modes with options for full screen recording, selected window recording or set ratio recording. Can be used to capture games using DirectX and OpenGL support.

This software allows users to record audio and video from microphones as well as internal computer sounds, automatically distinguishing external from internal sounds in order to achieve optimal quality recordings. Furthermore, there are a range of settings available including bit rate, encoding rate sample rate source settings.

Advanced auto stop settings enable you to set the parameters for when and how a recording should end, such as duration, exact time or size of video file or closing of application. Furthermore, you can select your output format so that recorded videos will automatically save into it – saving disk space as only the necessary files will be captured by the program and any unnecessary files will be eliminated automatically. Furthermore, you can set specific locations where videos or screenshots should be saved or located for viewing later on.

Time-Trigger Recording

With this advanced feature, you can schedule recordings for websites or desktop applications to begin and end at specific times. This can be achieved by setting an initial start time and specifying specific conditions before it ends.

GiliSoft Screen Recorder enables you to easily record high-quality videos in various formats and save them as MP4, Wmv, Mov, F4v, Avi and Gif files – in addition to Jpg, Png Bmp Tiff files for screenshots captured. Plus the program is optimized for performance so you can capture webcam sources in custom sizes or record from microphones with or without sound!

Additionally, this software enables you to add text or image watermarks on recorded videos as a way of marking it as your property and drawing highlights on captured footage to highlight key points for tutorials. Furthermore, cursor options and click effects can be customized as well as selected screenshot format as well as hotkey commands triggered. Finally, its lightweight design supports multiple monitors.

This tool is an ideal choice for recording how-to videos, computer game demos and presentations on all Windows versions. With features like high-quality audio and video encoding as well as customizable settings that let you adjust resolution, frame rate and aspect ratio to suit your specific requirements, it makes the perfect solution for all of your recording needs.

One drawback of this software is its steep learning curve; once mastered it becomes simpler to use. Furthermore, with auto-pause and screenshot features you can quickly create videos.

Gilisoft Screen Recorder offers an all-encompassing desktop activity recorder to meet your recording needs, from software demos, streaming videos and PC game play recordings to screencasting sessions and conference calls. It automatically captures both what’s happening on screen as well as what you hear/say simultaneously, then saves them as compressed video files in real-time – perfect for creating software demos, recording streaming videos and PC game play!

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