GiliSoft USB Lock Review

GiliSoft USB Lock provides a comprehensive solution to safeguard against malware infections on computers. With password protection and other features to secure data on your machine, this program protects all the crucial areas.

This program allows you to restrict access to USB disks, printers, modems, floppy disks, COM & LPT infared Bluetooth 1394 devices as well as Task Manager Registry Editor and Remote Desktop Connection devices.

Easy to use

GiliSoft USB Lock is one of the simplest encryption tools on the market, promising to safeguard devices such as USB drives and printers, programs and websites you don’t wish for others to access without permission, plus programs and websites you want protected without their access being unintentionally allowed by someone else. Its stylish UI guides users through this process step by step while all its functions are completed quickly without straining processor power or slowing down system performance.

Although other programs require administrator privileges to install and run, this free tool doesn’t. The graphical interface is clear and modern – unchallenging to users of all technical backgrounds to use. A panel on the left offers options to lock USB drives, CD/DVD drives, websites and devices before moving onto whitelisting devices that should work on PC and reports/logs pages for monitoring activity or denying/allowing access history.

This program can also be used to temporarily disable numerous hardware devices, such as printers, modems, COM and LPT ports, infrared, Bluetooth and 1394 adapters – all of which can be done from within the ‘Devices Lock’ window. Furthermore, its powerful file level encryption technique will prevent unauthorized users from reading your data stored on external hard drives.

As part of its core functionality, this tool can also restrict access to websites and programs by blocking their domain names from HOSTS files – an especially helpful feature if your children or family use your computer. Likewise, Screenlock enables you to hide your desktop when away from your computer so no one can tamper with personal data or see what you are working on; additionally it can send alarm notifications directly to your email address for added peace of mind for home or office users who fear data leakage and theft of information.


GiliSoft USB Lock is one of the best tools available to prevent data leakage from your system. This software offers various peripheral features that provide protection for various devices, such as USB drives and printers, programs and websites, programs themselves as well as files copied without authorization and prevents their copying onto other devices without proper permission. Furthermore, it works efficiently without placing unnecessary strain on processors or slowing down system performance.

This security tool is password protected to ensure only authorized users can modify its settings and gain access to your device. It allows you to restrict reading from USB disks, prohibit writing to them and prevent data transfer between devices. Furthermore, it helps stop malware infections by stopping executable files from running and viruses from spreading; furthermore it audits all file copy activities in real-time to detect any unauthorized activity and alert you immediately if an irregularity is discovered.

Access Blocker can restrict access to printers, modems, COM and LPT ports as well as infrared, bluetooth and IEEE 1394 devices such as printers. Furthermore, its intuitive user interface enables it to block specific applications that run on your computer as well as determine what applications should run at all – giving you the power of choice over which programs run or don’t run! Its features make its use simple while its technical skills requirements remain minimal.

GiliSoft USB Lock stands apart from other data leak prevention tools by being capable of blocking multiple types of devices, including SD cards and smartphones. Furthermore, it can detect when an unauthorized USB device connects to your computer and block it as soon as it does so. Furthermore, it can detect USB drive encryption software and prevent it from accessing your files. Furthermore, it can identify and block phishing websites so you remain safe online. Block any application that utilizes USB ports to communicate with your computer, including antivirus and malware detection programs, external USB and SD storage devices and external hard drives – ideal for business laptops – that use them. Furthermore, this tool monitors other USB devices for any suspicious behaviors allowing proactive defense against potential attacks on your system.


GiliSoft USB Lock is one of the most effective tools available to prevent data leaks. With its advanced USB blocking technology, external devices cannot connect to your computer unless whitelisted by authorized personnel and audits all file transfer activities between USB devices – providing reports and logs for analysis of such activity. Businesses seeking to protect their information are sure to find this software indispensable.

GiliSoft USB Lock goes beyond restricting access to USB ports by also protecting against malware infections. Malware infections can spread via various routes, including USB devices. Malware could even corrupt your entire system beyond repair in severe cases – so this tool ensures only trusted USB devices access your PC and protect against such disaster.

The tool also enables you to block other peripheral devices, including SD cards and non-system drives, as well as CD readers. Furthermore, its granular control makes setting it up easier in enterprise environments; additionally it can block external devices by IP address so you can restrict access by specific people.

GiliSoft USB Lock stands out by supporting various operating systems. It works on Windows and Linux platforms, making IT departments’ management simple from a central console. Furthermore, this tool works well with popular security appliances and firewalls and features a command-line interface to simplify deployment in enterprise environments.

GiliSoft USB Lock is easy to deploy and use, requiring minimal configuration before providing a user-friendly interface that IT administrators can quickly understand. Furthermore, it works seamlessly with many third-party tools while being compatible with many USB-compliant hardware devices.

While there are plenty of USB locking software options, few can match the features and reliability of GiliSoft USB Lock. While its price point may be an obstacle for some enterprises looking to protect sensitive information.


GiliSoft USB Lock is a simple yet effective solution for protecting files from unauthorized access. Utilizing its patent-pending security system, this program blocks devices from copying files without your approval while preventing existing programs and malware from accessing USB ports. Easy to use and with no hardware to install required, GiliSoft USB Lock supports password protection so no one can bypass encryption while its web-based central dashboard provides visibility of all USB activity as well as alerting if any device tries to communicate with PC.

This software can identify more than 18 USB device types, making it simple to determine what devices are safe and which aren’t. It also features an alert system which notifies you if anyone tries to gain entry to your computer by inputting incorrect password information, while whitelisting specific devices allows you to avoid entering your password every time a USB is used. Furthermore, the software detects and blocks other peripheral devices like printers, modems, COM & LPT ports, infrared, Bluetooth and IEEE 1394 devices.

One handy feature of this software is its ability to lock and disable USB ports with just a single click, making it simpler to regulate who can use your device. Furthermore, you can set a schedule so the program will either enable or disable them automatically – ideal for businesses and organizations that must protect data against unauthorised access.

GiliSoft USB Lock can be downloaded free from their website as a trial version, though features may be limited in this free trial version. To take full advantage of its capabilities and get full features you must purchase its full version instead. Compatible with all Windows operating systems and providing peripheral features. And all purchases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

GiliSoft International LLC is an esteemed provider of software to optimize system optimization and data security. Their products are widely recognized for their top-of-the-line encryption technology and exceptional customer support, and used by individuals and companies worldwide to protect digital information. Their encryption system converts accessible files into encrypted ones that can only be accessed with an exclusive key, thus protecting against costly lawsuits or financial losses due to lost or stolen files.

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