GiliSoft USB Lock Review

GiliSoft USB Lock

GiliSoft USB Lock is a Windows software program that enables you to password protect USB devices on Windows systems and prevent unauthorised USB device access and spread of viruses between computers. Furthermore, it blocks access to websites and programs.

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It prevents unauthorized access to USB drives

GiliSoft USB Lock prevents unauthorised access to external drives and devices connected to your computer, blocking certain programs, websites and system utilities that pose malware risks or data theft. Featuring a secure password protection option to ensure privacy from prying eyes while being easy for even first-time users to use with its modern, glossy and intuitive graphical user interface with tabs for locking devices, websites and programs; registry editor disabling; task manager deactivating; remote desktop connection disabling features as well as an option to manage an approved list and block those that haven’t made their way onto this list – ideal for protection!

GiliSoft USB Lock offers another advantage by monitoring USB drive activity and reporting any potentially unlawful actions, providing security professionals with invaluable intelligence when protecting against theft or malware attacks. Furthermore, this software detects changes to IP addresses or other parameters which might signal attempts at breaking into your system by hackers and can prevent unscrupulous installations of spyware or other forms of malware that come from unknown sources.

GiliSoft USB Lock can be easily implemented onto your computer by simply logging in and launching its application. When logged in, you will see a screen allowing you to choose whether or not USB ports should be allowed; you also have options available to you regarding setting configuration for this software. Once chosen, GiliSoft USB Lock will run automatically and start protecting USB drives against any unauthorised access.

This tool can prevent unauthorized copying and leakage of personal files onto USB Devices (Android phone/iPhone), external drives, CD/DVDs. Furthermore, you can create a whitelist of approved USB pen drives which will only allow them to connect to the system.

GiliSoft USB Lock stands out among similar applications by being completely free to download and use, though the free version only enables you to test it for 10 minutes; which may not give enough time for evaluation purposes.

It blocks access to websites

GiliSoft USB Lock is an anti-hacking program designed to protect sensitive information by restricting unauthorized access to USB drives, external devices and peripherals. Use advanced data leakage protection technology to protect confidential files and material that should remain under a copywrite from being copied onto unapproved storage devices. Blocking unwarranted connections to Android and iPhone devices, disallowing reading from DVD/CD burners and SD card readers, as well as stopping programs like Dropbox and Internet Explorer from running is also available with this program. Furthermore, users may opt to run it invisible mode to avoid uninstalling or running it; and alarm notifications after certain unsuccessful login attempts as well as blocking unwanted websites can be configured automatically by this service.

Restrict access to devices like printers, modems, and Bluetooth adapters with this software’s HOSTS file entries, or block access to specific programs using its password protected interface. All settings can be quickly changed without placing too much strain on the processor or slowing down performance on your system.

This program offers both a free trial version and full-featured versions for purchase. The trial version is password protected and offers limited features; however, it still does an excellent job at locking USB ports. Installation takes minimal setup; during which you will be asked to create a master lock password to protect against unauthorised users accessing your computer.

Once you have set the password, using USB Secure Software and Endpoint DLP Suite you can disable USB ports, make your DVD/CD burner read-only, block websites, forbid certain programs and disable more devices with this simple yet powerful endpoint DLP Suite software suite. It is an essential addition for any computer owner as it protects unauthorized access to USB flash drives, CD/DVD drives, external devices as well as blocking adware spyware malware viruses being transferred directly onto PC’s and even prevent other computers from reading a USB drive – great when traveling or visiting relatives!

It prevents access to programs

GiliSoft USB Lock is an all-in-one solution to prevent data leakage from your computer. Not only can it lock USB ports, but also other peripheral devices like smartphones, SD cards, and discs from access. Furthermore, this solution does not place undue strain or slowdown upon processor performance or system performance – plus offers password protection feature to safeguard settings against unintended access from unauthorized users.

Locking USB ports on desktop and laptop computers helps prevent hacking or the release of private information through USB devices, blocking printers, modems, Bluetooth adapters to stop unauthorised file transfer as well as users installing malware or viruses through connected USB-powered devices. In corporate networks this method may also protect from unauthorized devices by restricting all USB ports across all PCs.

This security software is an intuitive and comprehensive tool, enabling you to restrict access to various hardware, programs and websites with its password-protected interface and multi-layered patented security protection system. Furthermore, it can prevent unwanted applications from installing themselves and lets you set custom passwords for each program – providing maximum protection.

The software allows you to create a list of approved USB devices that users are authorized to use by using the White List option in the main window. It supports different modes, including stealth mode which disables all shortcuts and displays a “blocked” page when an USB device connects.

This software is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems and is easy to set up without requiring additional software or drivers. Downloading is free; the trial version will stop working after 10 minutes of use; for extended use you may choose one of three license plans (with each offering a 30-day money-back guarantee).

It prevents access to network adapters

GiliSoft USB Lock is a security tool that offers protection from network adapters and disables unsecure USB devices. Furthermore, it blocks incoming and outgoing data traffic flow for easier compliance with industry regulations like CCPA, HIPAA and GDPR – available exclusively on Windows systems with a 7-day free trial!

Apart from blocking USB devices, this tool also locks and protects other hardware components such as hard drives, CD/DVD burners, printers, moderm and modem. Furthermore, password protection on executable files prevents them from being modified by malware; you can block certain websites/programs with it; it even stops remote users accessing your computer via remote connection!

With its user-friendly interface and password requirement for accessing settings, its simplicity makes this software extremely straightforward to use. Permissions and restrictions can easily be customized through setting up whitelist/blacklist controls on USB ports – as can prevent others from accessing those ports if they do not know your password or possess devices not listed on your list.

Lock and hide other hardware components and prevent access to web browsers on your PC with this software, while also using it to encrypt USB drives so they are safe from unauthorised users.

Another advantage of this software is its password-protection, making it harder for hackers to get around it and penetrate. Furthermore, this program can disable Task Manager, Registry Editor and remote desktop connections to safeguard your system’s safety.

USB Lock is an ideal solution for organizations that seek to prevent theft of sensitive information. Its advanced security features ensure only authorized personnel can use your computers, and its robust API enables integration with other management tools. Furthermore, its multi-computer install capability and central dashboard display reports, logs and security data makes it suitable for corporate IT departments.

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