GiliSoft Video Converter Review

GiliSoft Video Converter

GiliSoft Video Converter provides an easy way of converting various video formats. Furthermore, this versatile program may also be used to cut and join videos as well as adding watermarks. Furthermore, basic editing functions may also be performed using this powerful application.

This software makes burning videos on your PC to DVD much simpler for beginners who may have never worked with video programs before. With its straightforward user interface and straightforward function, this program makes working with videos easier than ever!


GiliSoft Video Converter is an impressive multimedia manipulation tool capable of far more than simply converting video files. In addition to simply converting, this versatile multimedia manipulation software also performs basic editing functions and adds audio tracks and subtitles to videos. Supporting over 160 video formats and offering easy options such as cropping, altering effects, adding watermarks or subtitles; GiliSoft Video Converter supports over 160 formats as well.

This software stands out from its peers by its ability to convert between various video formats, offering presets that are clearly organized according to codec (common video and audio formats, HD videos and online videos, etc) or device type (iPod, iPad & Apple TV, iPhone, HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry tablets media player game hardware and beyond).

An additional useful feature is the option to add text or subtitles to videos, much like how they would work in traditional desktop video editing software, giving the user full control over font styles and positioning within their video.

Additionally, this software offers music to any video. This is ideal for videos with no or limited voice commentary that require some additional atmosphere and are more engaging to watch with music added as an enhancement.

This software offers an easy and convenient way to trim video. Users can select which parts they’d like to keep and discard the rest, with each segment exported as its own file.

Other useful features include rotating or scaling videos in order to work with devices with different maximum resolutions, adding watermarks to any new files that have been created and embedding subtitles for easier accessibility, as well as converting Flash animations into videos using an array of creative video effects such as black-and-white posterize embossment glow haze mosaic.


GiliSoft Video Converter is an impressively robust media converter that provides users with a comprehensive set of conversion and editing tools, capable of manipulating almost any audio or video file into formats compatible with mobile devices and media players/platforms. Furthermore, this program can even help create 3D videos by merging and compressing videos before creating new 3D ones.

Converting is one of the primary functions that any video converter must offer, yet not all providers do so effectively. Some add unnecessary layers of complexity that are difficult to use while others don’t offer compatible formats with popular devices.

GiliSoft Video Converter allows users to choose between over 160 output formats. These include video formats such as AVI, MPEG-4 WMV/DivX as well as HD formats like MKV/RMVB/MOV. Furthermore, this program supports most standard audio files including WMA/AAC/OGG MP3.

GiliSoft Video Converter also enables you to add and edit subtitles as well as apply various effects such as blurring effects and mosaic mosaic effects to videos, as well as setting contrast and saturation levels of footage. Furthermore, videos can also be slowed down to just half their original speed or speed up four times faster.

Apart from its core features, the program also enables you to merge multiple videos into one file as well as crop, trim, and rotate video clips prior to conversion. Furthermore, Macromedia Flash SWF content and HTML5 videos can be handled seamlessly, while GPU accelerated transcoding helps speed up processing speeds for video conversions.

GiliSoft Video Converter’s free version may be limited in terms of file length output capabilities, but it still proves quite useful. Unlike some paid converters, it does not watermark its finished products nor require registration codes – though its drawback lies in displaying advertisements while in use.


GiliSoft provides video editors to bring video editing capabilities to smartphones and digital cameras alike, offering high quality videos. However, editing remains important – not just to edit but also add effects, music tracks, subtitles or change frame rate / aspect ratio settings or clip segments of videos for fun viewing experiences. This program does all that and more!

One feature we particularly like is ‘Gif Maker’ – which lets you take any clip and convert it into an engaging meme quickly and easily. Additionally, the Split Video Screen tool offers another nice touch, enabling users to create collage effects by layering multiple clips together while altering framing – both are great ways of quickly producing social media-oriented videos!

Cut Mode can be used to segment a long video file into numerous smaller parts without any quality loss, which is useful if you have shot more footage than necessary and wish to choose only the best pieces to create their movie. There are other tools within Editing’s Editing section which help improve video creation like Batch Cutter and Video Rotation; all are worth considering for their effectiveness when editing videos.

There are 14 effects available, from more mundane (Brightness, Contrast and Saturation) to the more sophisticated Pencil Fog Haze and Mosaic filters. You can even add and adjust watermarks for copyright enforcement as well as crop or rotate your video in various ways.

Unfortunately, this software has some drawbacks that you should be aware of. Some tools (Add/Remove Audio, PIP, Video Enhancement and Subtitle/Text) feel rather outdated; when adding text files you must import font files from another program when most desktop applications allow users to type directly. Furthermore, users cannot preview edited clips in this section, which may prove frustrating for many users.


Gilisoft Video Converter allows you to add external subtitles to MP4 videos with its SRT subtitle support and permanently embedding subtitles so that they won’t need to be added each time the video is played back. This feature is particularly helpful if you don’t understand the language of your MP4 videos; with it, foreign-language videos can be watched without becoming unintelligible due to unfamiliarity. Embedding subtitles permanently is also supported, saving time when it comes time to watch them!

This application offers several different font styles and colors of subtitle font, as well as rotating them if needed. Furthermore, you can easily adjust their position within video by dragging the vertical slider right and left.

Add music to your video is another fantastic feature, making your footage more captivating and impactful overall. This can especially come in handy for silent footage that needs some background tunes for maximum impact.

This application allows users to easily convert large video files into multiple smaller files, join different video formats without any encoding, add fade in/out effects for added beauty, as well as select from a range of filters such as whirpool/HongKong movie/plain, coordinates/warm, stars/modern gray/pixelate filters to add unique touches to their videos.

This free application is a fantastic package for anyone searching for an efficient tool to convert, edit and create videos. The software is user-friendly with many useful features suited for novice as well as professional video editors alike. One minor drawback may be its requirement of import text from external sources – although given most desktop video editing programs now allow typing directly onto their screens this should not be too much of an inconvenience.

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