GiliSoft Video Editor Review

GiliSoft Video Editor

GiliSoft Video Editor allows you to easily create and edit videos, create vlogs and films, edit videos, cut, merge, add watermark/subtitle, crop rotate and apply stylish video effects and filters – as well as compressing and converting files.

New tools include the “GIF Maker,” which turns clips into memes. Furthermore, the “Joiner” feature allows you to insert transitions between clips.

Easy Cutter

Gilisoft Video Editor is an impressive, straightforward video editing program. Featuring cutting, cropping, adding watermarks, video capturing, brightness adjustment and numerous filter effects functions into one easy program, Gilisoft Video Editor offers endless creative potential.

It provides advanced tools for color correction, audio editing and special effects to enhance the quality of videos. Compatible with an array of file formats – even 4K resolution videos can be edited – it makes an ideal choice for novice and professional videographers alike.

The user interface for video editing software is designed for ease of use and is divided into various sections such as media library, preview pane, timeline and editing tools – making it simple and efficient whether creating a vlog or movie!

Notable among its many features is the ability to add music, pictures and text to videos for an impressive film-making experience. You can even include filters, overlays or fade in/out effects for even greater customization and professional polish.

At the same time, it is also worth taking into account the support offered by your video editing software. Some products may come with hidden costs or restrictions on their usage so it is wise to read all relevant fine print carefully. A reliable video editing software should include features such as a FAQ page, live chat support and email assistance – otherwise it might be best to search for another solution.

Batch Cutter

Videos usually serve a specific function: to convey narrative or impart information. As such, editing may be required to select only relevant footage, assemble it into movies with seamless transitions, add effects such as graphics or music and change its style or tempo accordingly.

GiliSoft Video Editor provides several tools to assist with these endeavors, including an Easy Cutter that allows for batch video cuts; and a Batch Splitter which divides a large video file into smaller ones with no quality loss.

Adjusting video speed is another useful feature. By choosing from among a preset value or entering custom values, you can either increase or decrease the speed of your movie clips. Furthermore, cropping the frame is another option available to you.

The program can also help you add digital watermarks to your videos, enabling you to put company logos, captions and other details over them quickly in batch mode. Furthermore, users can insert personal text for customized videos messages.

Additionally, this app can also be used to add picture effects such as Black and White, Old Film, Embossment, Carving Wood Carving Pencil Posterize Oil Painting Mosaic Negative Glow Fog Motion Blur. You can make videos more vibrant by adjusting brightness contrast saturation levels.

Overall, GiliSoft Video Editor is an outstanding software for editing video clips and creating movies from scratch. With easy navigation features and basic editing tools for all levels of experience users, it offers basic tools for video editing at its core while remaining lightweight on system resources – performing exceptionally in our tests!


GiliSoft Video Editor allows you to add subtitles to video files easily, making them much simpler for watching when there is content that is in a language you do not comprehend. Furthermore, this convenient translation method eliminates the need to purchase or download subtitle files separately – another plus of using GiliSoft Video Editor!

This app also allows you to edit videos by adjusting their saturation, contrast and brightness settings. Furthermore, it combines multiple films into one and can split large video files into smaller clips for you. Furthermore, watermarking your videos provides another means for protecting rights.

GiliSoft Video Editor can also rotate videos, allowing you to view them at their proper angles even if they were recorded with different devices or cameras. Its intuitive user interface and easily navigable main window make this software suitable even for beginners.

Use this tool to permanently embed subtitles into video files by choosing an SRT source file as the most commonly used video subtitle format, consisting of four basic parts that define its purpose: sequential number that identifies subtitle sequence, start/end timecodes, textual subtitle text and an accompanying black line.

This application allows users to add subtitles to MP4 videos. It supports multiple video formats including AVI, FLV, VOB, WMV and MKV files and even convert them to GIF images for easy sharing online.

Add Music

Gilisoft Video Editor allows you to add or replace audio tracks in video files with ease, using over 180 filters designed specifically to improve their look and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation levels. Furthermore, black bars can be removed in order to adapt videos for use on specific media players – plus this tool even lets you split a long movie into several segments before merging them back together into one movie!

It supports various popular video formats, including AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, MOV, 3GP 3G2, SWF and VOB. Furthermore, DVD files can also be imported directly into the program from either a disc or from your computer for conversion, with IFO and BUP files automatically detected as video/audio data to extract into one VOB file.

The software includes an assortment of cutting tools, such as Easy Cutter, Batch Cutter and Crop. Easy Cutter allows users to specify starting and ending points for files they wish to cut while Batch Cutter handles multiple files simultaneously; additionally it offers different crop positions and aspect ratio options to select from.

This software also allows you to add text or image watermarks to videos, as well as create slideshows with music and images. Furthermore, it enables permanently embedding subtitles directly into videos without the need for separate video and subtitle files; you can select either ASS or SRT subtitles and dynamically preview and adjust their font/position instantly before embedding permanently into videos. Furthermore, video compression enables you to reduce file sizes without losing quality in video playback.

Screen Recording

Video editors with screen recording are an invaluable asset when it comes to producing videos that are easier to comprehend and share. By using a screen recorder, you can easily create tutorials, capture game sessions, record video calls and create tutorials. They are user-friendly platforms such as Windows, Mac and Android and often boast features and functionality such as splitting and editing videos with music/effects/convert files to DVD.

Screen recorders for Mac can take the guesswork out of recording video, with better audio quality and optimal screen resolution as results. Many desktop screen recording apps offer multiple features such as being able to capture both your webcam footage and audio from it as well as choose where or which area of the screen to record from; others even let you add text/speaker notes that won’t appear in the final video!

If you need more advanced capabilities in a screen recording tool, consider purchasing a subscription plan. Most free screen recording apps feature non-removable watermarks or limited recording times/resolutions; paid programs like CamStudio or TinyTake offer various features including recording up to two hours at once with shareable links for your videos.

This software also allows you to apply a range of effects to your videos, such as black and white, old film, embossment, wood carving, oil painting, pencil sketch and negative. Furthermore, you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation levels as well as merge several videos into a single file.

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