Give Your Desktop a Personal Touch With TaskbarX


TaskbarX offers an effortless way to add more personalization and style to your desktop environment, by giving you control of the icons on your Windows taskbar and moving them around based on your preference. Furthermore, this application lets you set different animations that make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

TaskbarX stands out as a fantastic choice for users who regularly switch computers. Since it doesn’t modify settings or the registry, once closed all will return to normal once you close the program. Furthermore, TaskbarX doesn’t exert significant stress on system resources and won’t hinder performance significantly.

Apart from enabling you to easily rearrange and relocate taskbar icons, the Taskbar Style Menu gives you various customization options that allow you to further personalize its appearance. From here you can change its color or transparency or even blur its appearance for an individualized look that best meets your needs.

TaskbarX also features animations for use on Windows taskbar icons and backgrounds, providing you with an extra element to enhance your computer experience and spice up the visual appeal. They can be turned off whenever they begin impacting performance if necessary.

As well as all this, the app also gives you the option of using a vertical taskbar and unlimited monitor support. Furthermore, its customization options such as transparency, blur, and acrylic enable you to personalize your desktop experience to suit your personality – helping to make it truly distinctive! With such amazing capabilities at your disposal, creating a desktop with unique character is now easier than ever!

To download this application, simply click on the link below and complete your download. When complete, right-click on the file and select “Extract all.” Next, open up the folder containing its files before double-clicking on its.exe file to launch it.

Once you launch the app, a straightforward interface will guide you through its options. First step should be selecting the position menu where you can set how the icons should appear in your taskbar; next select style menu where you can modify transparency, blurring, or acrylic options as necessary.

This app can be found both on Microsoft Store and developer’s website for download – however the former features a donation system requiring small payments in order to activate all its functionality – although this shouldn’t be seen as a hindrance and the developers suggest giving back if you find this app enjoyable!

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