Glary Tracks Eraser Review

Glary Tracks Eraser is an easy-to-use privacy cleaner that is designed to quickly erase commonly generated computing and browsing traces, providing protection for sensitive information from being exposed. Furthermore, this program also helps free up disk space occupied by temporary files and junk data that could otherwise take up space on your hard disk drive.

This program provides flexible cleaning capabilities and an automatic scheduler to reliably keep your computer clean at regular intervals. It supports most major web browsers as well as Windows and third-party applications.


Glary Tracks Eraser is an all-inclusive software application designed to increase online privacy and security by clearing various traces from users’ computers, such as activity logs from web browsers, Windows applications and other third-party programs. Furthermore, this program helps free up disk space by clearing away junk files that no longer serve their purpose; ultimately its main objective is protecting user data against unauthorized access.

Glary Tracks Eraser stands out by allowing users to personalize the scanning process by choosing specific areas they wish to scan for traces, saving both time and resources compared with conducting a full system scan. Furthermore, Glary Tracks Eraser supports secure deletion by erasing all temporary and non-temporary files; and ensures data cannot be reclaimed once deleted.

Glary Tracks Eraser stands out from similar software with its ability to delete cookies and cache created by popular web browsers, making this feature especially helpful for those concerned about protecting the privacy of their personal information online.

The program comes equipped with other features that help users optimize the performance and security of their computers, including file shredding to ensure deleted files cannot be recovered by unauthorised individuals, registry cleaner, file shredder, and memory defragger for an error-free system, thus reducing errors and slowdowns.

Glary Tracks Eraser includes a built-in duplicate files finder to help users quickly identify and delete unnecessary duplicate files. Furthermore, its local search feature makes this software even more helpful; users can instantly search files or folders by keywords! Finally, Glary Tracks Eraser performs an exhaustive hard drive scan and deletes all duplicates with just one click; additionally it also cleans the clipboard memory, making this useful for those who frequently copy/paste between programs.


Glary Tracks Eraser is an intuitive program designed to erase traces of computer and Internet use on both your local computer as well as any Internet browsers you are currently using, such as browsing history, cookies, recently opened documents and typed URLs. Furthermore, this tool also erases junk files which would otherwise occupy valuable storage space on your hard disk drive and frees up space occupied by unnecessary files. Designed with simplicity in mind, Glary Tracks Eraser boasts an intuitive and simple user interface and can remove traces from even popular browsers such as Internet Explorer 11!

Clean traces from other programs, including Windows OS and third-party software programs. This feature is especially helpful for clearing away any remnants of programs you have uninstalled; however, unlike Revo Uninstaller it does not scan for leftovers in Registry or hard drives; additionally it does not support Google Chrome, an increasingly popular web browser which has overtaken Internet Explorer and Firefox in terms of popularity.

This program utilizes secure deletion to protect your privacy and stop anyone from recovering the information it erases. Furthermore, the program can be set to run at regular intervals, making it simple and effective in keeping your computer clean without needing manual intervention from you.

Though this program doesn’t feature advanced features like file recovery or backup, it provides users with a reliable basic track erasure solution at a low price and for Windows computers.

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Glarysoft Inc has designed this all-in-one package for Windows that contains various tools for optimizing and cleaning up your computer system. The program can remove unnecessary files, clean temporary files, fix invalid registry entries, optimize system settings, defragment disks and more. Furthermore, the program monitors your computer for potential issues as well as providing an overview dashboard which displays software version and license status as well as managing startup programs and erasing trackers at shutdown.


Glary Tracks Eraser is a comprehensive program that can assist in protecting your online privacy when browsing the Internet. It deletes junk files, manages browser extensions and securely erases browsing history and information – all with an intuitive user interface and compatible with most popular web browsers – while being lightweight enough not to require too many system resources.

CleanMyPC can detect and delete various areas on the computer where traces of your activities are stored, including browsing histories, cookies, download history, autocomplete forms and related files. It can also erase traces left by Windows applications as well as third-party software programs like media players, office suites and uTorrent that leave behind traces.

This program can be configured to scan specific areas of the computer, enabling you to only remove relevant data that pertains to you – saving both time and resources compared with performing a full system scan. Furthermore, regular scans and cleaning tasks can be scheduled so as to keep your system clear of unwanted files and folders; additionally it can permanently delete them to ensure their recovery is impossible.

Glary Tracks Eraser can also monitor and protect you from malware attacks online by warning of suspicious sites and alerting when potential threats have been detected, as well as blocking sites you don’t wish to visit.

This application can be found online for free download, though it’s best to only do so from reliable sources. As malicious actors often distribute falsified versions of programs, it is wise to be wary when downloading software from untrustworthy sources. Furthermore, for optimal control over its features and benefits we advise running this program with administrative privileges enabled.

Glary Tracks Eraser can do more than simply delete browsing histories – it also removes other forms of waste data such as recent documents, copied items to clipboard and recycle bin items – freeing up hard disk space as it works with several browsers, manages plug-ins and clears standard Windows settings.


Glary Tracks Eraser is an Internet privacy tool designed to safeguard your anonymity while browsing. It can erase common browser traces such as cookies, browsing history, visited websites, typed URLs and document newmines; plus it also scans and erases traces left by various third-party applications like media player, uTorrent and Office.

CleanMyPC features a customizable scanning process, enabling you to select which areas of your computer you would like to clean, as well as an autoscanning and deletion scheduler that runs regularly and securely deletes traces on a scheduled basis. Furthermore, Secure Delete ensures that deleted data cannot be recovered after being erased from memory.

Glary Tracks Eraser is an ideal way to protect one’s online privacy while browsing. Its intuitive user interface and customizable settings make it simple and straightforward to use.

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