Glary Tracks Eraser Review

Glary Tracks Eraser

Glary Tracks Eraser is a program that securely erases data on Windows and most internet browsers, along with information stored by plugin applications like RealPlayer and QuickTime.

This app is designed to protect your privacy by clearing away information stored by Windows and browsers on your computer system, and free up space by deleting unnecessary files from hard drives.


Glary Tracks Eraser is a privacy-centric program that eliminates digital footprints of your digital activities. By eliminating tracks of digital activity from being left behind, this software protects sensitive information while improving browsing privacy and freeing up space on hard disk drives that would otherwise go unused due to excess files.

The application’s main interface is divided into three distinct sections, each dedicated to performing its own specific function. The “Overview” displays program status and version information along with available options; while “Scan Results” presents scan results in an easy-to-understand visual format; finally “Erase Tracks” allows you to select individual tracks you would like erased.

Users have the power to delete a variety of tracks, including browser cache, cookies, download history, autocomplete forms and passwords. The software supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers as well as leaving-behind programs like Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player and Adobe Acrobat that leave behind data traces.

Glary Tracks Eraser also comes equipped with built-in registry cleaner, disk cleaner, memory optimizer and startup manager features to give your computer an extra boost in speed and responsiveness. Furthermore, secure deletion technology ensures data erased is beyond recovery; furthermore it frees up disk space by clearing away junk files accumulated on your PC allowing it to perform faster and be more responsive than before.

The interface of this application is well-designed and intuitive, making it accessible for all types of users. Running directly from the Windows system tray, this lightweight application does not consume valuable resources or slow down your PC. Scanning and erasing processes are fast, with results displayed right after each scan or erase operation has completed successfully. Furthermore, this program keeps an overview of tracks or files it has deleted from your system, making it simple to monitor its progress over time.

Users with questions about the program can reach customer support either by phone or email, while also consulting the website’s knowledge base which provides answers to frequently asked questions and tutorials that provide instructions for starting up and using the program.


Glary Tracks Eraser is a handy application designed to permanently delete any evidence of your activities from a computer system and erase sensitive data that remains after use. In addition, this utility comes equipped with other useful tools, including disk cleaner, memory optimizer and startup manager; to keep your PC performing at optimal performance. Installation and use are simple thanks to its user-friendly interface.

This program works with all major browsers, enabling you to easily erase browsing history and cookies with one click. Furthermore, this tool can erase traces left by QuickTime, RealPlayer and Flash Player as well as Windows Media Center; even playback, document and action logs from these plugin applications can be deleted easily.

Glary Tracks Eraser can do more than simply delete activity traces – it can help free up disk space by clearing away temporary files and Recycle Bin contents as well. With its professional rapid scanning kernel, Glary Tracks Eraser quickly scans for files which should be deleted – then displays these findings neatly so you can choose to delete them all at once with just one click!

Glary Tracks Eraser can also assist in protecting your privacy by erasing your online identity, and prevent unwarranted access to personal data and the theft of passwords. As such, Glary Tracks Eraser should be an indispensable tool for PC users who value privacy and want to safeguard personal information against hackers.

Glary Tracks Eraser differs from similar applications by not requiring you to download and install additional plug-ins to work effectively. Instead, it works well across most web browsers and third-party applications – from browser extensions such as Chrome to apps from third parties like Spotify – quickly cleaning your PC when used safely with its user-friendly interface and minimal memory usage – ideal for anyone concerned about their online privacy on both PCs and Mac computers alike! Our review of its latest version gives an idea of its capabilities.


An effective way of protecting your privacy, with data theft and user behavior tracking attempts on the rise, is through regularly cleaning activity traces on your computer. Deleting them manually may take too much time; fortunately there are programs like Glary Tracks Eraser available that help delete history tracks to free up space on hard drives.

The program boasts an intuitive interface designed to be as straightforward and straightforward as possible. After scanning your system for potential issues, it displays a list of tracks it can remove; from here you can choose those you’d like to clean by checking their boxes next to them and clicking Analyse button; after doing this the software will commence its cleanup process.

Once the scan has concluded, the application will display a list of files it has identified as being defective or unnecessary. After selecting those you wish to delete from this list, simply click on Erase Checked Tracks button and erase them quickly and efficiently – cleaning your memory in minutes rather than hours!

Glary Tracks Eraser goes far beyond simply clearing browser histories; it also detects and deletes unnecessary files created by various applications on your computer – this includes major browser file types, click history from web pages you visited, clipboard history and any content copied onto it by third-party services such as Dropbox or Evernote.

Another feature of the program is its ability to schedule regular cleanings, helping keep your privacy safe without needing to do it manually every time. Furthermore, there are additional tools such as disk cleaner and startup manager available that will assist in keeping your computer running efficiently – perfect for anyone seeking to protect their privacy and free up space on their hard drive!


Glary Tracks Eraser provides users with an effortless privacy protection tool capable of clearing away various traces generated by Windows and most popular Internet browsers, including browsing history, cookies, document histories, form data and download history. In addition, users are given the power to delete recently accessed documents, start menu items, search results as well as temporary files saved by third-party applications such as media player WordPad RegEdit 7-Zip uTorrent etc.

This program also enables customization so users can tailor the cleaning process according to their own personal preferences, making it easier for them to balance privacy needs with system performance and free up space. Furthermore, automated cleaning schedules give users peace of mind that their computers will be automatically scanned and cleaned without needing manual intervention.

This software boasts an easy user interface designed for both beginners and experts alike, enabling users to select and delete specific tracks they wish to delete quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, users can run a complete PC scan with this software and identify any traces that slow web browsing experience down before taking appropriate action to eliminate them.

Glary Tracks Eraser provides basic capabilities that are adequate; however, upgrading to Glarysoft Utilities will allow it to provide even greater capabilities, including registry cleaning, shortcut fixing, disk cleaner, memory optimizer, spyware remover, file shredder and startup manager tools – providing users with an all-encompassing approach to computer maintenance and optimization. This is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a one-stop shop of computer maintenance and optimization!

This software is one of the most versatile tools on the market, combining privacy protection, system maintenance, and disk cleanup into a single solution. With customizable settings and scheduled automatic cleanings for maximum flexibility and added file shredding security for deleted data removal – making this program an essential must-have for anyone concerned about online privacy while hoping to enhance PC performance.

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