GlassWire Review


GlassWire is a network monitoring program with built-in firewall and internet security features, including analysis capabilities of programs on your computer against Virustotal.

The Graph window shows real time network activity, providing options to narrow information displayed based on Apps or Traffic, including making specific applications Incognito. Furthermore, other tabs include Usage, Things and Firewall.

Mini Viewer

The Mini Viewer allows for easier video watching on smaller screens by decreasing its viewing size. Simply enable it by activating the Mini view option within One-Handed Operation’s One-handed Operation Menu; each field in a document view can have its own mini-viewer that displays a zoomed-in image of its associated content – its size being determined by size and zoom level of each data field.

Fluid Player’s Mini View (also known as picture-in-picture mode) brings a new dimension of multitasking on Windows 11/10 devices by transforming the current media window into a small movable visor, enabling users to explore your website while still watching videos without experiencing disruptions during content exploration journey. This functionality offers all essential playback controls while remaining visible while accessing other websites, creating a consistent user experience. Users can move around their screen while clicking inside it can bring it back full size or close entirely for video playback!

Log Analysis

This software features a user-friendly interface that enables you to monitor past and present network activity through graphs. You can narrow down your graph to show specific applications or traffic types; additionally, each graph also provides host details including geoip country of origin information as well as bandwidth consumption per application.

Log analysis is the practice of collecting, organizing, and examining log data from computer systems or networks in order to detect problems and trends. Log analysis allows you to pinpoint errors like system overload more quickly; plus it gives you useful insights for improving performance or adding capacity when necessary.

GlassWire can monitor your network for suspicious behavior, detecting malware infections, unusual activity and suspicious app usage. Once an infection has been identified, GlassWire enables you to prioritize bandwidth usage for essential programs, close unneeded background processes and even restrict certain apps with limited data usage. This ensures optimized network performance and improves browsing experiences overall.

The program can be configured to detect and notify you whenever a new device joins your network, an unknown application starts running, a remote connection begins or when firewall settings change; as well as when your PC is no longer idle mode or when one or more programs use more bandwidth than expected.

GlassWire will immediately begin monitoring and recording network activities once installed. You can configure it to start automatically at startup and display tray alerts whenever it detects anything suspicious or problematic; additionally, alerts can be temporarily suppressed as needed.

VirusTotal, our inbuilt virus scanner, can be enabled via the settings page and you must agree with its terms of service before activating it. Moreover, when apps first show network activity they are analyzed but this could drain on your limited data plan.

Network Scanner

Network scanner software provides network administrators with advanced tools to assess the health of their network. It identifies devices, detects open ports and services not required – information which is useful in detecting emerging issues that may pose threats to system or data integrity as well as performance bottlenecks allowing IT teams to take corrective actions if any arise.

An effective network scanner provides users with an intuitive interface that allows them to easily view a computer’s status and location, view shared resources, remotely power off computers or identify devices using up excessive bandwidth usage. A good network scanner also can scan multiple computers at the same time using multithreaded scanning methods for increased speed.

An essential quality in any network scanner is being able to handle both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses seamlessly, since organizations frequently utilize both versions for various reasons. A great scanner should allow for seamless management without additional configuration necessary – in addition to supporting DHCP scanning and discovering DNS servers.

Network scanners have another useful function of helping locate remote PCs on a local area network (LAN), as well as display information about each computer – including hardware and software details – which is helpful when troubleshooting remote computers, planning upgrades or auditing licenses and identifying security threats.

Network scanners should also offer comprehensive fault and performance monitoring capabilities. An ideal network scanner would track performance metrics across all layers of infrastructure, and allow IT professionals to track these changes on one timeline. Furthermore, they should identify and prioritize problems requiring immediate attention; such features can save IT staff time while increasing overall productivity.


GlassWire Alerts provide an effective means of being informed of any activity outside the norm, including network connections that have recently come online, malware detection, data usage spikes and more. They can even be configured to notify of new network connections being established or data usage spikes occurring – giving you peace of mind! GlassWire provides customizable alerts that can be sent both to the Windows system tray and optionally, Android mobile device. Furthermore, GlassWire’s Firewall tab shows chronological lists of alerts. The list shows all apps, hosts (with various traffic types for each) Virustotal information if enabled as well as upload/download bandwidth consumption for both upload/download traffic types. Clicking an individual app will display its connections as well as additional details, such as date, time, and a description of its connection type. Block or unblock programs with one click while viewing all programs that connect via Firewall tab.

At first, when installing GlassWire you will experience many “new” alerts as the program learns which programs typically access the Internet; these should gradually decrease over time. A useful alert is the “first network access” notification which notifies you whenever an unknown application connects to the internet; this could indicate malicious software such as spyware, malware or bandwidth-hogging programs attempting to gain entry to it.

Other alerts available for notification include “new USB device detected”, which notifies you when a new USB device joins your WiFi network; system file changes related to network activity which could indicate malware; and an “unexpected data usage” alert, which can help avoid overages of mobile data when using smartphones and tablets.

GlassWire allows you to log and analyze an almost unlimited amount of historical data using its advanced Settings page, with options to backtrack a specific time period, activate Incognito mode (which hides network history from graph), enable desktop notifications or temporarily mute them via “Snooze Alerts,” change graph color settings as well as numerous others.

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