GlassWire Review


GlassWire is network monitoring software which displays visualized network activity in a small window and also offers other monitoring and security tools.

Instantly view current & past network connections on a graph, detect malware or mal-behaving apps and prevent them from reconnecting, view device connections like computer and WiFi networks as well as bandwidth usage if applicable to metered connections.


GlassWire Graph provides real-time visual representation of network activity. It displays all applications that are communicating over the internet as well as their host servers they are connecting with, as well as how much bandwidth each app is using compared with your budget. Graph is an invaluable way to monitor computer usage as it helps quickly identify any major changes or potential threats within your connection.

GlassWire allows you to quickly identify what caused a spike in the graph by simply clicking it, showing which program or network event caused it. Furthermore, using Apps or Traffic criteria you can narrow your focus further on just certain things within it.

GlassWire displays your current upload and download rates at any moment on the top of its Graph so you can immediately see how fast your connection is at any moment. Furthermore, you can toggle off/on various graph options on and off at the top left of the screen in order to alter what data is shown such as showing idle mode on the graph or IP country data.

GlassWire makes life easy if your data plan has limited data; set a bandwidth limit for yourself and receive alerts when approaching it. Simply configure this in the “Usage” tab which breaks down data usage by apps hosts traffic types and publishers.

GlassWire will automatically monitor your computer for any unusual network activity and display these alerts on a vibrantly colored motion graph. Hovering over any portion of this graph will reveal more details, such as which applications were connecting with which servers. Paid users of GlassWire may choose to snooze alerts so they don’t interrupt workflow or server work; or simply pause it by clicking on its flashing pause icon located at the top right corner.


The Alerts tab displays your network activity in an easily-read graph, with different colors corresponding to incoming and outgoing data: light blue for downloaded data while dark blue represents uploaded. By clicking a point of the graph you can get more details regarding any given period – this allows you to identify unusual spikes that could signal malicious software or suspicious activities on the network.

Choose whether to display when your computer was idle on the graph; this feature can help identify suspicious network activity while you were away from your PC.

GlassWire keeps a comprehensive record of past security alerts with detailed host and geoip information represented by flags – this allows you to quickly identify any sources of suspicious behavior and take appropriate actions.

Some of the alerts you can receive include: Network activity monitoring, Suspicious host monitoring, Stocks control, System file monitor, Remote desktop connection detection and Virus total scan results. You can customize all these alerts according to your preference in the settings window.

Bandwidth monitoring alerts can also be extremely beneficial, notifying you if your data usage suddenly depletes or increases too rapidly, providing a useful way of monitoring how much of your internet service you’re consuming and which applications are using it.

Once you click an alert, a pop-up window will open with details of that event. It will show which application caused it, how much data was downloaded or uploaded during that period, when and at what network speed it occurred – along with giving you the option of blocking that particular program if deemed dangerous.

Other settings you can manage through the settings window include “Send GlassWire Alerts to Windows Log,” which duplicates your alerts in Windows Event Log. You can also configure GlassWire to follow your system time format settings or toggle tray notifications on or off. Furthermore, the language setting lets you change its user interface while an optional security measure lets GlassWire request an admin password when altering any of its settings – an effective measure against others making modifications that could compromise its integrity.


GlassWire is a program that monitors network activity on your computer. Running in the background, it displays notifications based on your settings and alerts when new programs initiate network activity; alerts include details such as when they first attempted to connect, their name and location as well as how you can block or block an individual connection using its built-in firewall feature. Furthermore, for suspicious apps GlassWire enables you to submit them for analysis via VirusTotal.

The program’s main interface consists of five tabs: Graph, Usage, Things and Firewall. Each offers additional options for certain aspects of network activity. The Graph tab offers a chronological view of application and traffic activity on your computer over any period you select – be it one week, 24 hours, month or an infinite one. Furthermore, events displayed can be narrowed further using Apps, Traffic or Bandwidth criteria to filter them down even further.

GlassWire allows you to set notifications for specific programs’ network activity or when they attempt to connect to IP addresses outside your home network. Furthermore, the data displayed only pertains to your computer and displays information related to all programs or connections relevant to it – you may even set alerts if your bandwidth usage reaches near its limit!

If you suspect a program has malicious intent, click the firewall button and stop its Internet access. It will then send a numeric hash of its file for analysis by VirusTotal; the service will determine how many antivirus engines consider this as malicious code and provide a percentage estimate of whether or not that file should be blocked from access.

GlassWire is an invaluable resource for individuals and businesses alike who wish to keep an eye on their bandwidth usage and computer activity. Installation and use are straightforward; for additional protections such as monitoring additional computers or remote connections, accessing older histories, or accessing additional security features you will require purchasing the premium version of GlassWire software.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a network of interconnected devices with sensors that enables them to securely exchange information in a reliable manner. The technology has revolutionized how businesses operate; increasing efficiency and profitability while creating new markets. By 2020, an estimated 50 billion connected IoT devices will have access to the internet; including smart devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers as well as cars, home appliances, healthcare equipment.

GlassWire is a network monitoring software program that gives users a comprehensive view of their network connections. It displays upload and download activity visually and identifies each connection with its host server; additionally it lists applications initiating each connection; shows bandwidth usage by each program and can even help identify those which use excessively of it and limit further use by those programs.

GlassWire’s remote server tracking capabilities make the software invaluable in protecting a company’s network from malware and other types of threats, and helping users identify who attempts to gain entry to it and block suspicious connections. This feature can especially helpful for companies that rely on remote employees working from home or the office.

GlassWire also monitors bandwidth usage and alerts users whenever an application begins consuming excessive bandwidth. The interface is user-friendly and works seamlessly on both Windows and Mac OS X; plus there’s even a seven-day free trial period!

GlassWire is an invaluable tool for anyone who needs more visibility into their network activity and to regain control over their privacy. With an intuitive user interface and comprehensive firewall protections, this program combines networking monitoring and firewall protections while offering extensive customization settings suited for both novices and experts. GlassWire makes a perfect companion tool.

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