God of War Ragnarok Review

God of War shifts Kratos away from his Greek mythological roots and into Norse mythology, depicting him as an aggressive but more vulnerable demigod with a son to protect.

God of War stands as one of the finest entries in its series to date, boasting outstanding acting and writing, fantastic art direction, and engaging gameplay that remains consistently enjoyable.

The Story

Kratos, the former Spartan warrior and Greek God of War has taken his revenge against Olympian gods with devastating results. Now living with his young son Atreus in ancient Norway in Midgard Realm he continues to learn his father’s ways while remaining unaware that he himself is also an immortal being of War.

Kratos turns to Zeus when an eagle saps his strength in battle against the Colossus of Rhodes, calling out for help. Zeus grants this request but warns him he won’t ever again have enough strength to wield the Blade of Olympus without fully dedicating himself to them – also disclosing that Gaia, one of his Titan betrayed, gave birth to Atreus.

Kratos has grown increasingly weary of serving and obeying Olympus, taking orders from them and suffering through nightmares in return. He wants a peaceful existence without being pulled back to Olympus again – even if that means parting ways with his son who’s been his guide through life so far.

Kratos’ journey begins when he is sent by Poseidon to defeat Cetus, while Zeus gives him Pandora’s Box which allows him to become extremely powerful and destroy Ares.

Kratos then sets out on various other quests for Zeus, Athena and Poseidon across Greece, fighting creatures. When an eagle saps his strength while fighting against the Colossus of Rhodes he turns to Zeus for more power – and receives it; though as soon as he continues serving these gods he no longer controls his destiny.

After killing Baldur, Kratos and Atreus travel to Jotunheim – the land of Giants – where Kratos will fulfill his promise to Faye that she would be scattered on Midgard’s highest peak. While on their journey Freya reveals that Atreus is part God, Giant, and mortal (due to his father being a drooling mute). This news infuriated Kratos.

The Characters

God of War takes place in a fictional universe inspired by Greek and Norse mythology, with characters including traditional Olympian gods and titans, AEsir and Vanir gods and heroes, plus additional original ones created to complement its mythos. Additionally, there are original characters created specifically to round out its mythos.

Kratos, an ex-Greek god of war who now resides in Scandinavia with his son Atreus, remains at the forefront of this series as its central protagonist, though his battles against creatures of Norse mythology have lessened significantly with age, replaced with wisdom and maturity rather than anger and hatred.

As the game unfolds, Kratos reluctantly serves the gods to rid himself of nightmares. He befriends Persephone, daughter of Hades and Demeter who helps him track Calliope into the underworld; when she offers him relief for his nightmares through giving everything over to her she seems like an easy option but in actuality works with Atlas, Titan of Sky to free Kratos and destroy both worlds (and afterlifes) completely!

Freya is another recurring character who becomes Kratos’ ally, at first trying to kill him for killing her son Baldur but eventually relenting and forgiving her.

Mimir, the god of knowledge and an ally to Kratos, can provide vital information regarding Norse culture and its inhabitants. Mimir can deliver runic texts and tables on demand as well as answer inquiries about history, religion, mythology and more.

Hephaestus, the god of fire, is Kratos’ other ally. He proves invaluable as an aid due to his abilities of creating clones during combat, performing energy attacks, teleporting, manipulating size (including into kaiju form) and summoning various magical creatures. Additionally, Hephaestus can take Olympian powers away from lifeless objects and transfer them onto living ones – making for a very useful ally indeed!

As the story develops, Kratos and Atreus discover that Faye was actually a giant and that her prophecy indicates her involvement in Ragnarok – the Norse apocalypse known as an end to life as we know it. Unfortunately, their best efforts fail in stopping Ragnarok from happening; but at least Kratos has his revenge on Ares!

The Gameplay

Sony’s flagship game franchise is God of War – an action-adventure hack and slash series with universal praise for its story, world design, music, graphics, combat system, characters – particularly Kratos and Atreus’ relationship – characters development, graphics and combat system. Now with its sequel God of War: Ragnarok Sony is reinventing this legendary series to provide one of the greatest gaming experiences this generation.

The game follows Kratos, now a Viking Sagaker, and his son Atreus on an adventure through Norse mythology. They traverse the Nine Realms while facing terrifying creatures from Norse folklore as well as Gods themselves in this tale about power and masculinity. Years after events from previous titles had played out, the story finds Kratos seeking revenge against Ares, the Greek God of War, for luring him into killing his family members through trickery.

This game marks a departure from its predecessors by shifting away from action-oriented gameplay towards exploration and role-playing. Combat still uses combo-based attack patterns, but now with no access to his signature blades; instead he wields an axe instead, while his son provides support during battles. Furthermore, quick time events require player action sequences in order to defeat stronger enemies or bosses.

The game uses an over-the-shoulder camera, providing players with an enhanced sense of immersion compared to most 3D action games with fixed cinematic cameras. Furthermore, there’s a block, dodge and parry system which can be upgraded for more forgiving timing and iframes as well as three magical abilities with cooldown periods.

The game’s huge world resembles ancient ruins, inviting players to spend hours exploring every corner without becoming overwhelmed by busywork. Pacing is quick, and combat is exhilarating; each hit feels heavy with impact; weapons have weighty resonance that resonates against enemies before attacking; an axe can even be used as an effective deterrent before attacking can begin! In addition to its main story arc, there are also various side quests and areas available after its conclusion that can be explored further.

The Finale

God of War: Ragnarok story has come to an end. With Baldur’s death triggering three years of Fimbulwinter and prophecised destruction of their world, Kratos and Atreus find themselves holed up in their camp training for battle while fighting off Freya’s attempts at killing them both. But Angrboda provides them with a way out: she takes form of a raven that shows up with soulless wolf Garm and opens a gateway into another realm.

As soon as Atreus and Kratos arrive in Asgard, Angrboda introduces them to Faye’s shrine that depicts what actually happened during Ragnarok, not what had been foretold beforehand. It’s an emotional moment that puts everything that has taken place thus far into perspective.

After that, they travel back to Midgard where they meet Freya’s brother Sindri who claims that Odin murdered him and seeks vengeance against Odin for it. Additionally, Surtr brings about Helheim’s demise with an explosive flashfire of anger which reduces him into nothingness.

Kratos and Atreus return to Midgard to encounter another god, Mimir the Talking Head introduces her as the Goddess of Love, Mercy and Poetry who stands in stark contrast to Atreus’ misogynist attitude towards women. While not being one of the tougher opponents to battle in-game, Mimir allows players to see another side to characters they have become acquainted with over the course of the series.

After numerous battles, Kratos and Atreus finally arrive at their goal. Though betrayed by Odin, they still managed to defeat him and obtain his head and mask which grants unlimited knowledge – with Atreus promising that she would use both items wisely. Overall, God of War delivered on its promise; its journey has been long but worthwhile; we look forward to what awaits us next from its creators.

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