GOM Audio Review

GOM Audio

Gretech offers GOM Audio as a free music player that features advanced functions. Consuming few resources, the user-friendly design makes GOM Audio perfect for modern environments.

This music player features synced lyrics for audio playback, as well as a graphical 10-band equalizer and Internet radio/stream support, including Internet radio/stream streams and Internet radio/stream playback, plus it comes equipped with a timer which will shut off, restart or sleep your computer when playlists have finished playing back.

Easy to use

GOM Audio is a lightweight audio player designed to give the user everything they need to manage their music collection effectively. Support for a wide variety of audio formats allows you to organize them into playlists using M3U, PLS or ASX formats – and an Internet radio service provides music from stations around the globe! Additionally, there is also an optional Internet radio player built into GOM Audio so listeners can listen directly online.

The software features an intuitive interface designed to make it user-friendly for even novice users. All major features can be reached easily through a compact window located to the left of the main screen and is easily accessed through sidebar. Intricate details add an extra dimension of comfort, such as fade in/out effects when pausing/starting songs and display of total playlist time at bottom.

GOM Audio also boasts the option to sync lyrics during audio playback, making this software particularly helpful for people who enjoy following along with lyrics while they listen. This feature can help those who like following lyrics while they listen, with its standalone Sync Lyrics Editor or from GOM Audio’s massive shared database providing lyrics.

The program also offers numerous customization features, such as a customizable taskbar mini-band and sound settings for headphones. Furthermore, the software enables users to create their own user environment with different background colors for application windows – as well as up to four additional keyboards for hands-free control.

GOM Audio stands out from similar programs with its ability to customize your listening experience using effects like equalization, volume normalization and A-B repeat. Its 10-band equalizer includes presets for various genres as well as being able to change playback speed and master volume levels accordingly. You can record audio clips into an M3U playlist file. Furthermore, cover art can be displayed alongside ID3 tags edited as needed and additional file formats supported if necessary for conversion.

Supports a wide range of audio formats

GOM Audio from the same developers of the popular GOM video player comes packed with an abundance of features. It can handle virtually every audio format imaginable – including lossless formats – as well as CDs and Internet radio streams, plus special effects such as sync lyrics. Users can customize playback speed, equalizer settings and playlists to organize songs into categories; GOM Audio even supports various plugins!

The program is simple to use and features an intuitive user interface that will feel familiar to those familiar with other music players. It is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems; Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system also allows it to run. A notification window on desktop displays current track information while there’s also a shortcut menu providing quick access to some program features – as well as providing details on artists and albums associated with each track played through this software player.

GOM Audio supports multiple audio formats and offers streaming/downloading podcasts from the internet for storage on hard drives. Users can create playlists containing their favorite tracks to personalize them for playback; GOM can even automatically repeat/shuffle songs for added variety! Users can further personalize their listening experience by setting volume, keyboard shortcuts, ID3 tags or ID3 tags – providing greater customization as well as real-time effects such as reverb or 3D surround sound for advanced listeners.

MP3 is one of the most widely-used compressed audio formats, playable on most media players. Its bitrate (kbps) varies; generally speaking, higher bitrates indicate better quality and smaller file sizes. Another compressed format popular among media players is OGG; other types include MIDI, APE/PLS/PLS CDs as well as uncompressed WAV/AIFF files which DJs often utilize due to being directly read by low-level APIs and D/A converter hardware. GOM Audio supports all these types of compressed audio formats plus any uncompressed ones saved as LPCM format as well.

Syncs lyrics

GOM Audio allows you to sync lyrics to music files, enabling you to follow along with the lyrics of your favorite songs and podcasts, Internet radio stations and popular podcasts. It supports popular podcasts and Internet radio stations. GOM Audio is free for download and comes equipped with an equalizer that lets you adjust sound quality; MP3, OGG, WMA and FLAC file types can all be played back simultaneously while you can even record voice memos to use as phone ringtones!

To add lyrics to an MP3 file, simply click on the “Edit Sync Lyrics” button found near the top of your interface and open a window that allows you to edit sync lyrics of currently playing song(s), import LRC/TXT/SRT files directly, and save these changes once complete – this will embed them into your MP3 file!

GOM Audio offers another fantastic feature, the ability to customize the appearance and functions of its lyrics window. You can change its colors, opacities, font size and size as well as display album art of currently playing songs. Furthermore, there’s even an integrated search bar available so that you can quickly locate specific lyrics for a song!

GOM Audio offers many other features, such as a high-quality sound engine tailored specifically for various environments, a powerful 10-band equalizer, and a special bass boost function. Furthermore, there is a widget which enables users to control sound settings from their lock screen without opening up an app – as well as an extensive library of audio effects!

GOM Audio is available on Android and Windows devices, as well as offering a mobile web version. Designed to be easy-to-use and perfect for music listening on the go, its synced lyrics and playlists can even be shared among devices simultaneously! Plus it syncs across platforms meaning your lyrics will always be accessible from all your devices at the same time! Staying up-to-date with the latest hits while demonstrating musical talent is all made easier through GOM Audio; all it requires for proper functioning is an Internet connection!

Supports Internet radio

GOM Audio is an easy and lightweight music player designed to support local files and streams as well as internet radio. All major functions can be easily reached through its main menu or shortcuts; advanced features include A-B repeat and playback speed control – which could prove particularly useful for language learners or musicians – plus 10-band equalizer and effects such as reverb and surround sound.

Automatic shutdown/restart or sleep feature makes Mini Player ideal for use during work or study sessions, enabling you to focus on tasks without fear of disturbing the listening experience. Furthermore, Mini Player mode helps keep controls close at hand to reduce clutter on-screen and make switching tracks much simpler.

GOM Audio can not only support CDs and local files, but it can also stream internet radio stations from around the globe. A selection of popular stations are preloaded for easy listening; live broadcasts hosted online can even be opened and played back through GOM Audio 2 Plus’ improved CD control and playback capability as well as better exporting for large playlists.

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