GOM Audio Review

GOM Audio offers everything a capable audio player requires: support for numerous file formats, an advanced equalizer with plenty of presets and DSP options, automatic shutdown or restart scheduling and preloaded radio stations.

Sync Lyrics

GOM Audio Sync Lyrics lets you view song lyrics displayed alongside songs playing. Enter lyrics yourself or search through an expansive database shared by other GOM Audio users; plus it works with all formats of music files – MP3, OGG and FLAC!

GOM Audio allows you to organize and manage your playlists of music files by genre, artist, album and folders. Plus, there are various playback modes. Plus, there is even an online music downloader feature so that you can add songs directly from online sources!

This program boasts a minimalist design for easy use, as well as features like an equalizer that allow you to adjust sound frequencies to suit your personal taste and make the most of every song.

GOM Audio makes life even simpler by automatically synchronizing lyrics with any song that plays, making it ideal for songs with intricate lyrics that may be difficult to follow. GOM Audio even displays these lyrics directly on your phone so you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel while listening!

GOM Audio goes beyond simple syncing features with its support for various file formats and ability to stream podcasts, providing smart search functionality as well as the management of essential playlists. Free to download and compatible with multiple devices without losing data, GOM Audio makes for an excellent alternative to VLC Media Player and foobar2000; though its high resource usage might be seen as the price to pay for its outstanding functions and features.

Sync Playlists

GOM Audio is an advanced music player with more to offer than just playback functions. It features an automatic lyric synchronizer which will instantly sync song lyrics with whatever track is playing – perfect if you enjoy singing along to songs! Furthermore, you can edit custom lyrics directly within GOM Audio before uploading them.

GOM Audio’s feature of syncing playlists across devices is another powerful benefit, so that you can listen to the same music without missing a beat on either computer or mobile. Plus, GOM Audio allows for podcast downloads as well as supporting numerous genres.

This program comes equipped with various widgets that you can use to build your ideal customized setup. Choose the size, feature (Sync Lyrics or Quick Play), color and stay-on feature of each widget to personalize its appearance on-screen as the song plays.

Other features in the program include a graphical 10-band equalizer, music pitch/speed changer and reverb effect. Furthermore, it can detect music metadata and display it on-screen before recording and saving songs as MP3 files – it even supports internet radio listening from stations worldwide!

GOM Audio provides an ideal music playback solution for those who enjoy listening to their favorite tunes while doing other activities. With its built-in timer that automatically turns off sound after a set amount of time has elapsed, this device helps protect against battery drain by restricting how long its background playback runs in the background.

Sync Podcasts

GOM Audio is a lightweight music and MP3 player available for Windows operating systems that supports all common audio formats and can access Internet radio stations. It features an array of features and uses minimal energy while offering easy navigation; most options can be accessed by right-clicking or individual menus.

Use the Sync Podcasts feature to automatically transfer all downloaded podcasts onto your device when connected to the same computer, and to sync selected ones by checking each checkbox in either the Podcasts List or Episode Menu. Alternatively, choose whether all episodes should be automatically copied or only new and unplayed ones should be transferred over.

Once connected to a Mac, you can activate automatic sync by clicking Podcasts in the button bar or selecting it from your device menu. For manual syncing between Mac and device, drag-and-drop files from Finder folders into Dock application icon to sync manually or delete podcast from device list to stop syncing altogether; or just sync only current episodes when connecting.

GOM Audio Plus is an outstanding music player that features synchronized lyrics for playing audio files as well as popular podcast programs and cloud music services. It includes various widgets to allow users to customize their set-up in terms of size, feature (Sync Lyrics/Quick Play), color scheme and more – including its Smart Lock Screen that keeps the screen on while showing lyrics during songs played back on.


GOM Audio makes listening to continuous music easy with auto-repeat functionality. After playing one song, GOM Audio will automatically play back its previous rendition as soon as it ends allowing you to continue listening without manually switching or manipulating controls. Furthermore, its timer feature enables you to set how long before it will automatically stop playing the next track.

GOM Audio stands out among modern music players as being capable of handling an extensive variety of file formats and offering many useful effects and features – multi-speed playback and pitch adjustment are great ways to satisfy both general listeners and musicians, while it can even sync lyrics and optimize sound quality depending on your environment.

The player is designed with beginners in mind and offers an intuitive user experience with its user-friendly interface and simple menu navigation system. However, beyond its apparent simplicity lies an extensive options menu accessible via clicking a small gear-shaped icon and two alternative skins which alter both appearance and placement of buttons on screen.

As with any good audio player, this software enables you to manage playlists and customize your auditioning experience. For example, it enables you to create M3U, ASX, PLS playlists in various formats, import/export CDs, edit ID3 tags as well as shuffle songs within playlists as well as personalize auditioning experiences with effects and audio settings as well as edit ringtones – and much more.

One amazing feature is the ability to view song details such as title, artist and album directly on the lock screen. Furthermore, you can directly control essential musical functions such as playing, stopping and adjusting volume even while your device is locked.

Power Management

GOM Audio’s stand-out features include a “currently playing” notification on the desktop, customizable shortcut keys for music playback and plugin support for pitch correction, crossfading effects and 3D surround. Furthermore, there are various power management options that help keep PC performance under control.

PortCls serves as the main software power management mechanism through run-time idle detection, a proprietary extension mechanism between audio drivers and system power engine plug-ins (PEP), which monitors application audio streaming activity to determine when audio devices should switch from active power state into low power sleep mode. PEP connects directly with audio drivers so they can perform fine-grained power management over audio processing units.

When an audio device is in its active, powered state, its audio processing units and codec are busy streaming audio for user consumption directly to headphones or built-in speakers – in this state of consumption they consume less than 1 milliwatt.

GOM Audio stands out among modern music players by supporting multiple playlists that can be opened as tabs within its default application window and saved in various formats (M3U, ASX, PLS or M3U8). You can also open Internet radio streams; GOM Audio comes equipped with preloaded genre stations as well as the option to create your own broadcasts and stream them online. Experienced users may want to experiment with its DSP settings, customizing reverb level frequency and delay. Plus the app comes equipped with skins for an attractive appearance as well as plugin support to add further versatility!

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