GOM Audio Review

GOM Audio

GOM Audio is an outstanding music player, with features including lyrics for each song you listen to and voice synchronization allowing you to synchronize them with your own singing voice.

This app boasts an elegant wood-inspired interface and does not consume too many system resources. Experienced users can adjust DSP settings to optimize audio quality and even create their own custom presets for quick use.

Easy to use

GOM Audio is a light and straightforward program for Windows computers that offers all of the features necessary to enjoy playing audio files on them, such as MP3, M4A, OGG WMA MID FLAC etc. Support for different file formats is extensive including MP3, M4A OGG WMA MID FLAC etc and you can adjust playback speed from 0.1x up to 2.0x as well as add audio effects such as reverb or surround.

GOM Audio’s main window is intuitive and easy to navigate, though perhaps a little less modern than some similar programs. Still, there are details that make GOM Audio stand out from its competition – for instance switching playlists is straightforward, while showing total playlist duration provides added convenience.

This program offers advanced functionality designed for more experienced users. You can set shortcuts for quickly accessing certain options, configure an equalizer with various presets (Dance, Live, Party, Rock, Ska and Soft), record audio directly into its library and more!

GOM Audio offers more advanced features as well as an automatic timer that will shut down, restart, or put your computer to sleep at a specified time. This can help if you want to work while enjoying your favorite tunes or watching tutorials online. It even comes equipped with the option to customize screen transparency settings so you can see both multimedia content as well as desktop desktop simultaneously.

If you love singing karaoke, this program will impress with its ability to display lyrics in real-time while the song is playing. And if you create an account, synced lyrics will be available across devices.

Another useful feature of this audio player is that it provides easy streaming of popular Internet radio stations and podcasts, including podcast downloads for offline listening. Furthermore, you can add any custom URLs you may own as additional Internet radio stations for convenient listening.

Supports a wide range of music formats

GOM Audio is a comprehensive music player, packed with all of the features users could hope to find in such an application. Consuming minimal resources, its user-friendly interface hides some impressive capabilities such as being able to adjust playback speed/pitch/lyric synchronisation and more.

Users can create and manage playlists in M3U, PLS or ASX formats as well as listen to online radio stations with this program. MP3, WMA, OGG AAC FLAC and more audio file formats can be played back – including MP3, WMA OGG AAC FLAC MIDI are supported too! Shortcuts provide quick access to various program functions; different skins can also customize its appearance further.

GOM Audio stands out from similar programs by featuring several unique and useful functions. For example, it notifies users in the system tray when a song starts playing and allows users to change its skin for a more personalized look. Furthermore, there are various power options, plugin support, and an ID3 tag editor built into GOM Audio itself.

Another fantastic feature is that the program automatically syncs lyrics to any track played, making it particularly helpful when listening with friends or learning new tunes. Users can adjust playback time according to their needs and even schedule system shutdown when their playlist reaches its conclusion.

GOM Audio offers three power modes to help users conserve power and extend battery life. The Mini Player mode locks playback controls to the taskbar for easy access while reducing the number of visible controls on screen. Furthermore, users can set GOM Audio’s program to automatically shutdown, standby or shut down after an inactivity period has elapsed.

GOM Audio offers basic effects like fade in/out and crossfading for those not interested in downloading additional plugins, plus mobile control via GOM Remote for Android phones or iPhones with widget support and lock screen support. Furthermore, you can link both programs via a PC linkage that allows remote control. Lastly, users can link their PC with GOM Remote so as to operate GOM Remote on a mobile device via iPhones and Androids respectively – an excellent way of controlling the program remotely!

Syncs with your music library

GOM Audio, created by the same developers of popular video program GOM Player, is a free audio player available to users for PCs. As a lightweight application it gives users access to play all popular types of music files including MP3, AAC, OGG and WAV files as well as podcast programs or stream cloud music directly on your computer. Users can customize its look and feel by choosing from various eye-catching themes available.

One of the more compelling features in this audio player is its automatic lyric synchronizer, which can automatically display lyrics while playing songs. Users can quickly select a song before choosing which lyrics they would like displayed from a list. Furthermore, there’s even an advanced search feature built into this program to quickly locate their favorite song lyrics.

Another noteworthy feature of this audio player is its karaoke mode, which enables the user to sing along as the song plays. The software offers options to customize pitch and key of songs played back – perfect for honing singing skills. Furthermore, equalizer presets allow for further personalization of sounds within songs.

This audio player was designed for ease of use, and works seamlessly across all versions of Windows. Users can easily set it to minimize to their taskbar for convenient switching of tracks without closing other programs first, and even set a schedule that will reboot or power off at an exact time when their playlist has finished playing.

GOM Audio’s latest release boasts several exciting new features, such as supporting all major file formats and an improved interface designed to be more intuitive than ever. Furthermore, this program supports various plugins which add extra functionality; these may include iTunes support, ad removal functionality or changing font size/style options.

Syncs with Google Play

GOM Audio is an audio player that lets you access high quality music in various formats. Additionally, its user friendly interface and low resource consumption allows for effortless listening experience. In addition, you can sync lyrics with music playing live; adjust playback speed and pitch as needed and even create playlists and save them onto your device!

GOM Player is an effective video content player. However, this application provides a suitable alternative that supports similar file formats and makes a perfect solution for taking music collection with them wherever they go. With its user friendly user interface sporting a wood colored theme and minimal screen footprint. Hotkeys such as F7 can reveal playlist tabs while F9 reveals net radio window.

Users can customize the player settings regarding size, feature (Sync Lyrics/Quick Play), color and more. The software offers an impressive sound engine featuring 10 BAND equalizer, reverb and pitch/speed changer – as well as supporting various formats for streaming and downloading music (including cloud music ). Furthermore, the app can even be controlled using mobile device control so you can work on your PC while watching multimedia content simultaneously!

This app also comes equipped with an embedded text viewer that shows synchronization texts as each song plays; this feature can be disabled if desired and also allows you to choose which text should be displayed, while ensuring it remains centered within its display area. Furthermore, this application allows users to easily view lyrics for all songs stored within their library.

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