GOM Player Review

GOM Player is a free media player designed for use across various platforms, featuring an abundance of features and an attractive design. Furthermore, its patented technology enables it to playback broken AVI files.

Also, this tool is easy to use and doesn’t occupy too many system resources; you can get it for free from Google Play.

Supports 360-degree videos

GOM Player is an advanced video player designed for 360-degree videos and equipped with special features not available elsewhere, such as downloading and syncing subtitles for any video, searching codecs and more. Furthermore, the program is completely free to use on Windows PCs as well as supporting numerous file formats easily installed through one installer process – however if you wish to keep your computer clean it’s wise not accepting POP’s (potentially unwanted programs) during that process – in which case its best not accepting these unwanted programs unless absolutely necessary!

GOM features an extensive library of both free and paid video plugins, customizable interface skins, and keyboard shortcuts to control its software. In addition, there is a YouTube VR app built into GOM that allows you to watch 360-degree videos. The YouTube VR app shows front, back, left, and right views for each video you stream; you can control these angles using either mouse cursor control or dedicated keyboard keys.

GOM Player offers an easy and free way to enjoy 360-degree VR videos on your PC without needing any extra software or hardware. This provides an ideal opportunity to experiment with VR technology and explore its effects on movie-watching experience. With multiple customization features such as creating user profiles and playlists, the free version of GOM Player gives you everything you need for the ideal cinematic experience.

Add captions to your 360-degree videos by synchronizing subtitles with the audio track of the video, customizing display method, font size, font color and position settings as needed. Furthermore, this software enables you to play 360-degree videos from YouTube and Facebook as well as download them to your computer.

GOM Player, one of the first desktop media players, now supports 360-degree VR video, making it one of the first media players for Windows and macOS users alike. Simply launch GOM Player and select your video before moving around the video screen for multiple perspectives!

Supports subtitle files

GOM Player is a free multi-function video and audio media player which supports all major file formats – even 360deg VR videos! Video players don’t provide all the features available with VLC media player; specifically subtitle support and an external subtitle search function – two features which make VLC an invaluable asset to those with hearing impairments or who watch videos without sound. GOM Player stands out from other video players by offering an alternative viewing method: its black bar displays subtitles instead of placing them within the video frame, making them easier to read while also adding an attractive, professional look to your videos. Furthermore, this program comes equipped with some helpful tools not found elsewhere – including drag-and-dropping subtitles into video frames – an extremely helpful feature for people with impaired vision or hearing.

This video and audio suite boasts many advanced features, such as the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and volume as well as use screen capture with continuous burst mode (up to 999 shots saved per burst mode) or use mouse controls for video playback such as pausing, stopping, rewinding or pausing after stopping video playback; repeat specific sections of a video, adjust its speed or change subtitle text font font font sizes.

As well as supporting all major multimedia formats, it can also play broken or damaged AVI files that other video players cannot. Utilizing its patented technology, it plays broken index AVIs as well as ones not completely downloaded; additionally it automatically synchronizes subtitles and video in case there is any discrepancies; detects missing codecs so no additional ones have to be downloaded; synchronizes subtitles if there is mismatch between them and can detect missing ones so no extra downloads are necessary.

Gretech Corporation of South Korea created GOMPlayer as a multimedia player. Its main strength lies in its integrated codec, enabling you to watch videos without additional software installation. Furthermore, its Codec Finder service helps identify missing codecs for broken multimedia files allowing GOMPlayer to continue playing them flawlessly. Furthermore, this lightweight application supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems for optimal use.

Supports a variety of file formats

GOM Player is an advanced video playback program that supports a range of file formats and boasts advanced features not available elsewhere, such as automatic codec installation and customization for skins as well as subtitle file support. Furthermore, users can capture screenshots or record video directly into GOM Player, along with VR video support.

GOM player download and installation processes are generally straightforward, usually employing an easy wizard that lets you choose your language of installation, review license terms, change default paths as desired and make any necessary alterations. It is important to pay close attention during part two of the wizard, however; here you may be offered other software products unrelated to GOM Player that might compromise your computer. By declining these offers you’ll avoid unnecessarily installing programs you may not need and could pose potential risks to its security.

The user interface of this program is uncluttered and intuitive, featuring only essential functions in its front-facing UI and more complex ones accessible through menu. Furthermore, mobile application functionality enables remote desktop control.

Alongside its broad support for various video formats, this software boasts an innovative feature to enable users to play broken video files. Utilizing its patented technology, viewers can watch AVI files that have been damaged or are still downloading and can even view files with broken indexes or incompleteness.

GOM Player goes beyond video and audio playback capabilities to also perform basic file management tasks such as renaming or moving files, recording streaming videos, creating playlists and automatically sync subtitles from YouTube with videos automatically. Furthermore, 360 VR videos can also be watched through GOM player which supports 360-degree VR videos for maximum enjoyment! GOM Player can be easily downloaded for free from its official website; users should maintain updated systems to avoid issues with its operation.

Supports 360-degree VR video

GOM Player is one of the few video players capable of supporting 360-degree virtual reality videos, though with some limitations. Still, it remains an excellent choice for watching immersive VR videos on PCs. GOM Player supports all popular video formats and boasts an easy user interface making navigation effortless; furthermore it includes advanced features such as subtitle support and screen capture capabilities.

GOM Player offers several other features, such as changing its interface skin and searching for missing codecs. Furthermore, you can adjust video quality and set a frame rate to ensure smooth playback. Use its search bar to quickly locate files or genres while taking advantage of GOM’s volume and EQ settings to enhance audio output.

GOM Player goes beyond standard video playback features to support an extensive array of audio formats and can even detect and install codecs for unknown ones. Furthermore, its lightweight footprint makes it perfect for computers with limited storage space. GOM Player is safe to download according to VirusTotal; however users should exercise caution when downloading it from sites other than its official one.

As part of installation, installers often attempt to add other programs onto your computer. It is wise to read all details regarding any additional installations carefully as these could potentially contain malware or adware.

5KPlayer provides another solution for viewing 360-degree VR videos, supporting a variety of formats including 4K and VR video and audio formats as well as many VR headsets such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Available both Mac OS and Windows OS platforms and providing a cinema-like experience on PCs alike.

To view a 360-degree video, simply click and drag your mouse to adjust its view angle. Altering it using keyboard commands (while watching video: W, A, S and D to rotate view or “+/-” keys to zoom in/out); also the V key provides multiple views (front left right views of video).

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