GOM Player Review

GOM Player

GOM Player is a highly popular media player, offering an extensive array of features and support for multiple file formats. GOM is continuously upgraded with new codecs to ensure compatibility with new video file formats.

However, this program has its drawbacks; for example, its extensive advertisements may make it hard to use with ad blockers.


GOM Player is a media player designed to support many popular video formats, with its user-friendly interface making it simple for all levels of users to navigate and utilize all its features. Furthermore, it boasts numerous unique tools designed to improve the user experience.

GOM Player comes pre-installed with codecs for most video file types, making it ideal for users who don’t wish to install multiple codecs themselves. When opening video files that require special codecs, GOM Player searches and directs users directly towards where it can be downloaded – a useful feature if they prefer not having to deal with installing multiple versions of such codecs on their computers.

GOM Player stands out among video players by its support for multiple 360-degree and virtual reality video formats, giving users access to immersive experiences without needing an expensive VR device. Furthermore, it offers customizable options and advanced playback controls – such as changing speed of playback or repeating sections of videos – plus taking screenshots.

This program comes in both free and paid versions; with the former offering advertisements-supported playback while its premium counterpart supports 4K resolution playback ad-free and without ads. Furthermore, paid versions include advanced features like video recording and cloud storage connectivity as well as mobile versions designed specifically for Android and iOS devices.

GOM Player can be an excellent solution for many users; however, its use may place undue strain on system resources and cause performance issues on lower-spec computers. If this is an issue for you, there are other media players on the market which could provide improved performance.

Keep in mind that GOM Player software may download third-party software that could contain malware. Therefore, when downloading any piece of software or service from an unknown source it is essential that only trustworthy sources be utilized.

Supported File Formats

GOM Player supports most popular media file formats, including FLV, MOV, MPG, MKV, TTS, AVI Divx, and Apple Quicktime MP4. Furthermore, the software features an extensive list of codecs so that even damaged or incomplete videos can be watched easily; should a video type not supported be identified by GOM Player itself then it offers a built-in Codec Finder which searches online to locate further information and download any necessary codecs automatically.

GOM Player not only supports most major video formats, but is also capable of playing back locked media files – this can be especially helpful when watching videos that you are downloading, without waiting until it completes before watching it! Furthermore, this program supports playback of AVI files with broken indexes and real-time index rebuilding while you watch.

This program supports various subtitle formats, such as SMI, SRT, RT and IDX. Additionally it can search and sync subtitles automatically as well as support karaoke subtitle mode with customizable user interface features like hotkeys and key remaps for quick access on-the-go. A mobile version allows users to stay informed while on their travels with this powerful program.

GOM Player stands out with its ability to preview 360 degree VR videos, which is especially helpful when watching movies or videos on YouTube. GOM Player also provides features that allow you to search online for VR content on YouTube, as well as stream it directly onto your computer.

GOM Player boasts support for numerous media file types and features a comprehensive set of other popular functions, including drag-and-drop movie playback, HTTP streaming, enhanced filters and subtitles library support. Although there may be an initial learning curve associated with using it, once familiar it’s incredibly straightforward. One thing worth noting: GOM Player may try to install third-party software during installation so take your time with initial setup process by opting for custom installation to minimize such additions.

Codec Finder

GOM Player is an all-purpose video player, supporting various media file formats and offering various ways to view them. It has its own Codec Finder function for searching missing codecs while its screen capture feature enables users to take high-resolution screenshots.

This app can read virtually all file formats, even damaged ones, making it one of the most versatile multimedia players out there. Furthermore, it supports multiple subtitles and reverses them for optimal audio track compatibility; 360 and VR videos can be played back seamlessly while it boasts an advanced video editor.

Not only does MediaPlayer boast advanced file support and multiple subtitle options, it also boasts an intuitive user interface which makes it user-friendly. Furthermore, unlike other multimedia players it consumes less system resources while being relatively lightweight on disk space compared to others. Furthermore it comes equipped with various skins to customize its look and feel as well.

Furthermore, it can also serve as a torrent client, giving users the capability of downloading media files from various sources without needing additional software installations. However, torrent features may sometimes prove unreliable if files come from unsafe sources – yet another feature worth exploring!

Although GOM Player is an effective multimedia player, some users may be wary of installing it due to advertising and privacy concerns. It is strongly advised to utilize an anti-adware application when installing this program as it could potentially install third-party tools or toolbars without your knowledge during setup. Alternatively, there are numerous free alternatives that offer better overall experiences that can be downloaded for free and provide better overall experiences.

GOM Player download is an excellent free video player offering extensive customization features. With its built-in codec system and superior features such as A-B repeat, display screen seize, Media Player seize, playback pace management and skinnable interface and advanced filter controls, GOM Player is designed to meet all of your video streaming needs.

GOM Remote

GOM Player Plus comes equipped with a remote control app for iPhone and Android that makes launching and shutting down video player easy, opening locally stored multimedia files or playing playlists, controlling video or audio playback with next/back buttons, taking frame screenshots and configuring PC timers, taking frame screenshots as well as placing programs onto another screen with one tap, using touchpad as mouse cursor, or managing power sources on PCs.

GOM Player stands out from other media players by not needing external codecs in order to support a wide array of media files. Instead, its built-in codecs cover most common file types and are compatible with popular video codecs such as H.264, MPEG-4, DivX and WMV – plus it detects and downloads missing codecs for improved performance.

GOM Player boasts an intuitive, well-designed user interface. The main window offers a dark theme with yellow tints, and an appealing menu concealing most important options behind a clickable button at the top. Furthermore, you can personalize its appearance further by choosing from two skins in the preferences section.

Another key feature of the program is its capability of streaming videos across local networks and the Internet. You can create a link for any video that is currently playing and share it via email or social networking sites with your friends – you can even set your own password for better protection from unauthorised access!

GOM Player may offer many useful features, yet its high-definition video playing capacity may take its toll on system resources. If your PC has limited performance resources or often experiences performance issues, alternative media players that provide a better user experience with less system resources usage could be worth exploring further. Luckily, you can always uninstall GOM Player with Revo Uninstaller Free should it become necessary; but keep in mind that doing so could cause irreparable damage to the performance of your computer.

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