GoodSync Review

GoodSync offers multiple file backup and synchronization features, making the program suitable for a range of devices like Dell desktop computers and Apple laptops.

GoodSync differs from typical backup programs by only sending those segments of files that have been modified, saving both time and bandwidth in the process. This saves both effort and storage capacity requirements.


GoodSync is a file synchronization and backup software program that enables users to keep files up-to-date across devices, from desktops and web browsers, mobiles phones and smartphones – giving users access to their files anytime from any place – with its high security features preventing unauthorized access of sensitive information.

Software that detects changes and automatically propagates them across servers or devices allows users to work without worrying about file safety while keeping files up-to-date and updated, providing redundancy so their important data will always be accessible.

An important feature of the app is its capability of encrypting and sharing files across platforms, making it ideal for businesses that seek greater control over their data. Based on military standard AES 256 bit encoding technology, its encryption system requires entering a passcode before unlocking. Furthermore, there’s also client-side encryption support which provides local storage.

GoodSync offers solid backup and syncing functionality, but its other features could use some improvement. For instance, its interface appears dated and difficult for newcomers to navigate; its file explorer offers only basic navigation without offering drag-and-drop aesthetics like its competitors; thus making navigating large folders of files challenging.

GoodSync offers several other minor yet useful features as well. For instance, its software stores and displays revision history to assist users with distinguishing between data versions; copy extended attributes and symbolic links; detect unique file patterns to match; create virtual bookmarks for easy navigation through text files with Unix diff utility comparison capabilities; as well as store revision history in an easily searchable archive; copy extended attributes from source to target files and symbolic link copies from source to target; create virtual bookmarks as virtual bookmarks to compare text files line by line using this utility; copy extended attributes from extended attributes; copy extended attributes from source; copy extended attributes from source; extend extended attributes & symbolic links copied ; copy extended attributes from source data versions to version difference between them, copies extended attributes/symlinks between versions while keeping revision history accessible through storage/display history storage/display history/display history function to help determine differences in data versions; it can copy extended attributes/sym links accordingly, copy extended attributes/sym links copies them along with copy/sym symbolic link copy, as well as identify & match unique file patterns while matching unique file patterns along with virtual bookmarking capability it also compare text files line by line using Unix diff utility feature etc

Another useful feature is its capability of running in elevated mode, enabling the program to handle operations that would normally cause an Access Denied error and necessitate User Account Control elevation. Furthermore, this elevated mode enables copying various symbolic links and drill downs as well as using parallel threads for faster synchronization speed.


GoodSync is a software program from Siber Systems designed to protect, transfer, and sync files. Available across different platforms – servers, workstations and mobile phones – GoodSync also features an online storage option where your data can be securely stored online. While other cloud backup solutions may offer more comprehensive features, GoodSync remains a robust and dependable choice.

This software boasts many unique capabilities, such as its ability to synchronize files either with or without using cloud storage, schedule or manually back up and sync files, and keep all their important files safe at all times. Furthermore, the program supports block-level file transfers which save storage and bandwidth costs as well as detect changes to existing files to transfer only new data without duplicating efforts.

GoodSync can be utilized across servers, workstations and desktop computers – making it perfect for servers, workstations and desktop computers alike. The application’s main function is to automatically analyze, synchronize, backup emails contacts photos music financial documents other important data – whether that be done locally between computers, external drives and Windows mobile devices or remotely through FTP/SFTP WebDAV and Amazon S3 servers.

GoodSync may not be suitable for newcomers due to its complicated setup and use. Furthermore, its lack of web interface makes managing it even harder for novices. With that said, its high price tag can make up for its lack of unique features – perhaps something which GoodSync lacks altogether.

GoodSync offers a free version that lets you explore its features before purchasing, with limited sync/backup jobs allowed at one time. A one-time fee applies, however; multi-year subscriptions offer significant discounts off their price.


GoodSync offers exceptional reliability for its type. When backing up files, for instance, this software encrypts them using a password-protected key so only logged-in users can read them afterwards. Furthermore, multiple devices can be protected at once with this software which makes it ideal for frequent travelers who work from multiple locations.

GoodSync offers users an additional layer of data protection by backing up data to external hard drives and cloud storage services, providing peace of mind that their files and folders remain safe from threats. Moreover, GoodSync’s encryption features are top notch; users can encrypt files and folders using its built-in tools, providing an extra layer of security to the entire file system.

GoodSync offers another useful feature by detecting and resolving conflicts among different data versions of a file, saving both time and effort in the long run. It will automatically select the winning version of any conflicted files and overwrite them if any arise. Its innovative system ensures all data synchronizes properly across computers.

GoodSync offers an intuitive user interface for those new to syncing and backup, offering a straightforward process once installation has completed. Once they create their first synchronization job – whether backup or sync task – users are guided through creating their first job by way of a wizard which guides them step-by-step. Once they select which folders should synchronized/backed up and which should not, GoodSync analyzes both sources and destinations to identify any changes required in either direction.

GoodSync’s analysis process also involves identifying how much bandwidth each job should consume, an essential feature since many businesses rely on bandwidth caps to control costs and avoid overage charges. GoodSync will also pause jobs in case of network connection problems or restarted computers running them – thereby saving both time and money for business owners.


GoodSync is a file transfer and backup program, designed to synchronize files and folders across different operating systems. It can be used for backing up data on desktop or laptop computers onto flash drives, other external hard drives, network shared folders (FTP/SFTP/WebDAV/Amazon S3) or even cloud storage services such as Amazon S3.

It can simultaneously run multiple syncing and backup jobs at the same time, as well as controlling how much bandwidth each job consumes – ideal for users on limited Internet connections. Furthermore, this program detects whether files have been moved or renamed and automatically resynchronizes them without the need to recreate folder structures manually; additionally it transfers file security attributes, making this an indispensable tool for people working with sensitive information.

GoodSync offers another unique advantage by supporting network shares as sources and destinations folders. The software will recognize this automatically and offer to use its UNC path rather than the Windows drive letter when selecting folders for transfer between computers. GoodSync even offers special “size” and “time” matches within its “Include” filters for easy selection of files or folders requiring transfer between two machines.

GoodSync now features support for P2P file transfers between computers, an efficient way of reducing network traffic. This feature can be especially beneficial when sending large files such as logs, databases or email archives; GoodSync can transfer them by block instead of constantly sending the whole thing as soon as something changes – thus saving time and bandwidth usage.

GoodSync can be challenging for new users to set up, as its setup requires technical knowledge and uses an unfamiliar Left/Right terminology that may initially prove confusing. Furthermore, this software requires significant resources; therefore it will not run on systems with limited memory capacity.

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