Google Earth View Wallpaper


EarthView is an incredible tool that offers stunning, high definition views of our incredible planet. You can display the Earth as either a 3D sphere or flat view, complete with maps, city lights, atmospheric effects and clouds for local time display.

With this extension installed on your Chrome browser, every new tab you open will provide you with a different perspective of our vibrant planet Earth.


Google is an industry leader when it comes to online mapping, offering directions for cyclists, walkers and public transit users as well as traffic updates and street view. Now it has taken online mapping a step further with Earth view; offering users a unique 3D perspective of Earth itself.

The program allows you to zoom in on a selected location and navigate around it using Street View, similar to Google Earth software application. Furthermore, virtual fly-through of buildings gives an idea of their layout before visiting. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu/Fedora Linux operating systems.

EarthView allows you to explore our solar system’s planets and satellites, such as Mercury with its moons Venus and Phobos; Mars with Deimos and Phobos; Pluto with Charon as well as Pluto itself. Furthermore, named features on each planetary body – such as mountains or lakes – are displayed.

EarthView offers both free and paid versions. While EarthView free does not allow for the downloading of maps, its paid counterpart does provide access to high resolution images with detailed documentation available online.

Different kinds of maps are available, including standard satellite images and more realistic seasonal maps that display vegetation changes, snow cover and ocean ice changes. Downloadable on computers, the 3 km map takes up approximately 500MB on hard disk – make sure there is sufficient room in order to install it!

The standard satellite image is composed of 12 individual pictures taken around the earth each representing one month in the year; for more realistic seasonal maps, each day of the year requires 22 images; both provide detailed maps that provide insight into our world; this program even allows for different perspectives by tilting it 45 degrees!


The Google Earth View program is an exciting spinoff that offers users a different perspective of our beautiful planet. Utilizing satellite technology, users can take a close look at landscapes, oceans, islands and other places located throughout our gorgeous planet – which you can then set as wallpaper on their Windows PCs for free download!

Earth View collection now contains over 2,500 landscape images, and this update adds over 1000 more. Furthermore, search tools have been introduced for quickly finding images you can use as desktop wallpaper by browsing images by location or selecting colors from a map.

Once you select an image for wallpaper use, a web page with various customization options will open up for you to set it as your wallpaper. Here, you can change between day or night imagery of our planet Earth, adjust brightness levels and even add clouds! Additionally, custom frames may also be chosen or preloaded frames provided as options.

This app not only offers a vast library of images but allows you to add your own photos into the mix – they can then be set as wallpapers or downloaded directly onto your device to view in the background – making this an excellent way to customize and personalize your screen experience!

Add a weather display to your wallpaper so you can stay aware of current conditions, zoom in or out to view specific areas, and use this program on any screen device.

As well as adjustable settings and automatic wallpaper changes, cloud and lightning effects and color themes, it also features adjustable settings and automatic wallpaper changes, automatic wallpaper changes with timed updates, cloud and lightning effects and color themes. Multiple monitors can even be connected together and create a hyperwall to display images across them all; though this could require quite some space on your device as your collection could easily exceed several gigabytes.


EarthView is an amazing wallpaper and screen saver software which displays breathtaking photos of our beautiful planet in stunning high definition. It depicts scenes such as daytime scenes with day/nighttime imagery, clouds and weather conditions as well as 3D views that give an illusion of gazing upon it from space.

The application provides both free and paid versions for most Windows operating systems, including latest releases like Windows 10 and 7. It uses minimal system resources and is very straightforward. It can be used as desktop backgrounds or screensavers – and automatically activated after an inactive period has elapsed.

Wallpaper or screensavers that display different views of the world – from spheres to maps – with options to customize and personalize how the image appears on desktop computers are also possible. Users may select one or more locations as permanent landmarks and alter background, day/night view or clouds surrounding those locations; additionally, image refresh frequency and number of seconds that pass between activating wallpaper/screensaver and inactive moment can also be altered.

At your disposal are various maps with 10 km resolution and various customization features allowing for even greater control. In addition, the program features options enabling users to make images their own or even create original ones from scratch. Furthermore, the clock in the lower right corner shows current local time.

Recently, this software has been updated with over 2,500 landscape images that will expand upon its existing collection. These upgraded photos come from more locations worldwide, optimized to fit today’s high-resolution displays. Users can download these photos from the web and use them as wallpaper or screensavers on their PC – even configuring it to run automatically when Windows starts up! You can view full-screen or split across multiple monitors.


Clouds offer some of the most picturesque views of our planet. Clouds are a natural part of weather systems, created from water droplets or ice crystals in the air that combine to form beautiful patterns with stunning colors and shapes.

Cloud patterns are determined largely by ocean currents and their direction is controlled by Earth’s rotational pattern. Other influences may include height of clouds above the ground which in turn depends on temperature – cooler climates tend to have lower cloud cover while warmer regions experience more clouds above them.

These characteristics give rise to the names of different kinds of clouds. There are ten varieties, all which form at various heights above ground; cumulus, stratus and nimbostratus clouds form from water droplets but may also include fog or snowfall; while cirrus and lenticular varieties allow satellites to see through them more readily.

Clouds are an essential part of the environment, yet can pose quite the problem when imaging from space. Decades of research and astronaut photos indicate that most views from space of Earth are often obscured by clouds; fortunately, thanks to advances in technology it’s now possible to get clear satellite images.

Computer generated images differ significantly from photographic ones in that they consist of multiple overlapping images stitched together into one view – known as composites – which allow high-resolution views that don’t suffer from cloud degradation.

EarthView achieves these results by combining cloud maps with textures and adjusting brightness levels of every pixel to produce more realistic imagery, then combining this texture with world maps – providing wallpaper or screen saver wallpapers or screen savers with incredible detail. Google also offers Earth Engine which allows scientists and non-profit organizations to utilize satellite images as data analysis tools; for remote sensing purposes such as disease outbreak prediction or natural resource management.

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