Google Hangouts Review

Hangouts is a cross-platform messaging, video calling and meeting app provided by Google Suite, offering text chat and phone calls as well as group video calls.

Easy and accessible across a range of devices, it allows users to share photos and create groups.

Video Calling

Google Hangouts is an all-in-one communication tool that lets you instantly message or video chat with one person or an entire group, on multiple platforms – such as desktop and mobile phones. Synced across your devices signed into one Google account, Hangouts makes communication seamless; phone calls may require additional fees.

Launch a video call from either your computer or mobile device by clicking the video chat icon (resembling someone holding a camera). When asked for permission to access your microphone and camera, allow it so other users can hear and see you clearly. Your call will then open up in either a window on your desktop computer or as a video conferencing program on a mobile phone device.

Once you’ve opened a conversation in Google Hangouts, just click a person’s name to initiate video chatting. On desktop and laptop computers, click the camera icon at the bottom of your screen to activate your webcam for this call. With Google Hangouts video calls can accommodate up to 25 participants; when someone starts speaking their video view will shift automatically so no-one is left out of a video call conversation.

Once your video chat session is over, click the two square and one circle icon to end it. Keep conversing using text chat – as well as share your current location by tapping the map icon at the bottom of your screen!

Google Hangouts allows desktop and laptop users to text using a text chat field at the top of the screen, by either typing directly into it, or clicking the smiley face icon for emoticons and emoji you can use during conversations. In addition, this window also enables them to share photos and videos.


Google Hangouts provides users with multiple chatting options, from instant messaging to video calls. The app is user-friendly and synced across devices for seamless messaging access.

Google offers features for sharing photos and videos, as well as the capability of face-to-face conversations between users. Virtually anyone can join a Hangout call; calls within the United States and Canada are free, while international calls have reasonable per minute charges.

Google launched Hangouts as an integrated communication solution in 2012, merging its instant messaging tools (Google Talk and Google+ Messenger) with it to form one single communications hub. Since then, features and apps have been added.

To send a message, click on the person icon at the top of your screen. A chat window will open; if they don’t already belong in your contacts list, just add them by providing their name or email address and they can join directly as new contacts in this conversation thread. During conversations you can type text or even make phone calls directly!

Your chats can become even more engaging by adding emoji, which allow you to customize the message or express a feeling. Access this set via the smiley face on the left side of the chat window (on computers) or an icon (mobile phones).

Alternately, you can share images that have been saved to your phone, computer, or taken with a camera. Once uploaded, photos will automatically upload into conversations; alternatively you can select albums in Google Drive and Google Photos or search online for an exact image.

Chats are organized into rooms, much like channels in Slack, with users selecting which conversations they wish to follow. If you are used to threaded conversations in other chat tools, this might take some getting used to.

The new Google Hangouts chat feature is now available across various devices and platforms, from the Android and iOS Google Apps and Chrome browser on computers to desktop browsers and Gmail integration. There are even third-party applications like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat available as ways of using this new service.

Group Chats

Google Hangouts is a comprehensive communication solution, offering texting, messaging, calling and video chatting with multiple people simultaneously across devices. Compatible with Gmail, YouTube and more – and free! – Google Hangouts makes communication effortless!

Group calls can provide live instant captioning to assist with understanding what everyone is discussing during meetings, which can be especially helpful if any members speak a foreign language or you have hearing loss. This feature may also come in handy for hearing aid users or those hard of hearing who might otherwise not catch everything being said during conversations.

Google Drive documents can be shared via Hangouts so all participants can collaborate simultaneously on editing them. In addition, links and files can also be shared among group participants – making Hangouts an excellent way to collaborate on projects or just chat with friends and family!

Hangouts is a free, user-friendly communications tool offered by Google that integrates with many other services. Available across various platforms – desktop computers, smartphones and tablets – Hangouts is an invaluable resource for businesses that need to communicate with employees, customers or other stakeholders effectively.

Google Hangouts’ greatest strength lies in its universal compatibility across Android and iPhone devices. Setup and usage are simple, providing users with an easy way to remain in contact no matter their location or device of choice.

Google provides an ideal means of communicating with friends or coworkers who live far away, making digital communication effortless. Google began as a search engine but has grown into a central component of our lives over time.

If you don’t already have one, Google Accounts makes creating one simple. Once signed up, Hangouts allows instantaneous communication among up to 10 people at the same time and offers free voice and video calls from mobile phones and computers alike. There’s even an Android and iOS mobile app as well as use within any web browser!

Screen Sharing

Google Hangouts is an effective communication platform, enabling users to text and video chat between platforms – mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers with Chrome web browser, or built into Gmail accounts! Users can text or video chat through Hangouts! It offers texting/video chatting capabilities across devices for text and voice calls/chat. It is available across devices including smart phones/tablets as an app; desktops via Chrome web browser as a program or as part of all Gmail accounts!

One of the best features of Google Hangouts is screen sharing. Paired with video calling, screen sharing can make meetings more productive and effective – especially when working together on projects or giving presentations. Within a Hangout you can share all or specific windows on your computer screen; if you’re having difficulties using this feature make sure your browser is up-to-date, restart it, or contact your host who may have temporarily disabled it during a meeting (they might just enable it again for you!). If screen sharing still doesn’t work for you contact your host as they might enable it for you before continuing this step!

To begin screen sharing, click the present icon on your computer and select which type of sharing option you wish to perform – Your entire screen, A window or A tab. When choosing the latter, a pop-up window will appear for you to select which application window should be shared; once this has been completed, all participants will be able to see it on their screens.

If someone else is sharing their screen, your own will be minimized, but you can still view their content by clicking on ‘Resume Presenting’ button on the top right of your browser. If this option doesn’t appear for any reason, that could indicate your host has disabled screen sharing during a video call or the meeting has concluded.

Google Hangouts is an invaluable platform for business collaboration and communication, but if you’re having difficulty with making the most of its features, reach out to a reliable Google Partner like Promevo for help! As one of the premier partners, Promevo can assist with all of your Google needs from device management solutions to Workspace administration.

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