Goose Goose Duck Game Review

Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck is a roguelike survival game where players choose between playing as either a goose or duck and each has specific abilities and restrictions; for instance, Cannibals may consume one corpse per game, Demolitionists may plant bombs on geese and Astrals can send their spirit through walls.


Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game that demands careful strategy from players. Although it may be tempting to automatically lynch all who appear guilty, it’s essential that each vote be deliberated upon carefully before casting it. There are certain roles which allow a player to kill freely like Vigilante and Avenger while other have more negative outcomes like Cannibal and Assassin; when killers assume these roles it would be wise not to immediately punish them by voting them out of play.

As geese, players can use air vents to hide from rivals and escape crime scenes. With their smartwatch, they can use damage parts of the ship and sabotage rival geese for extra points. Finally, using their scout role they can observe game play and report any suspect birds that come their way.

As even when one goose dies, its ghost can return and continue playing the game. Although no longer attending meetings or participating in meetings, its ghost can still perform tasks and help its team of geese win! Playing with friends allows players to collaborate on strategies while making them laugh!

This game provides players with different modes, such as single-player campaign and multiplayer matches, as well as a tutorial designed to get them acquainted with its various gameplay mechanisms and roles/mechanics. Watching the tutorial before beginning a campaign gives an advantage over players who bypass it.

Game modes

Goose Goose Duck offers several distinct modes to choose from, each calling on specific skill sets from players. Completing tasks or surviving geese attacks are two examples; another option is that each mode introduces different mechanics and roles that alter how the game is played.

Tastes Like Chicken mode features two teams, red consisting of killer geese with morphing abilities versus blue team geese playing the role of vulture; blue team geese can assume their vulture roles by eating dead gull corpses to impersonate vultures; while the red team must kill all opposing geese to win.

Based on the mode, players will be assigned one of 24 Goose roles. These can have a dramatic impact on how the game is played; abilities can range from investigating corpses for clues as to their predeceased roles to planting bombs on geese that will explode after some seconds; others even enable you to telepathically sabotage other geese or even mutes them during meetings!

Other roles can temporarily turn invisible for a short period of time, although this comes at the cost of not being able to see anything around them, including themselves. Other abilities available to players are an avenger who is able to kill other geese when they witness someone being killed while birdwatchers can see through walls at the cost of normal vision; additionally bodyguards, sheriffs and party gooses provide protection during rounds as well.


Roles are the various powers available to players when they select their character to play with, each having a distinctive effect on gameplay. Depending on the mode chosen, certain roles may make tasks easier or harder, or provide special abilities that add excitement.

Demolitionists can plant bombs on other ducks that will start ticking away until either they explode or someone attempts to pass them around – providing an assassin with another way of killing instead of just stabbing their opponent, adding another dimension of gameplay that may lead to some hilarious moments!

Other role options include an engineer who can temporarily access vents to detect living ducks causing sabotage; bodyguard can protect players for bonuses; tracker can identify other players on the map through an arrow that points in their direction; lover is available if both lovers survive; should either of them die, the other wins.

Neutral roles can also be very intriguing and allow players to assume any character in the game without fearing detection by other players or being known by them. This allows for exciting combinations like surprising other players by becoming someone new, or using it to protect your identity as no one knows who really you are! A morphling can shapeshift into any duck on the map, making people believe they’re dealing with someone else. Additionally, corruption tokens provide access to additional tasks and roles. Pregame roles that can be chosen before the game begins include an Assassin, who may kill during meetings twice each round by guessing roles, Cannibal who can consume corpses to remove evidence, and Vigilante who can kill once without incurring a point penalty.

Corruption tokens

Goose Goose Duck is a free-to-play game that gives players the chance to customize their character by accessorizing with hats, shirts, farts, pets and fart noises. Players can participate in different games and tasks in order to earn silver and gold coins that can then be used to unlock cosmetics in the customization menu; these coins must either be purchased with real money or Colored Tokens before being unlocked in this way.

These tokens can be earned by completing random tasks and fake tasks in any of the other Goose Goose Duck game modes, and as part of daily rewards given every third, tenth, nineteenth and twenty-eighth day of playing the game – but earning them may take some time since they’re only awarded when players play it properly.

In addition to these new roles, this update also brings some minor tweaks and adjustments to gameplay and settings. Players no longer see other player names in chat; also, the day/night cycle has been adjusted so that players are no longer seen as Demons at night.

TapTap’s team has added many features to Bloodhaven in this update in order to increase challenge and excitement on its map, such as Initiate roles, High Priest roles, Inquisitor roles, Assassin roles, Demon Hunter roles Saint roles and Crow roles.

Getting started

Goose Goose Duck is a fun variation of the popular social deduction game “Among Us.” Using similar gameplay mechanics, players enter a lobby with up to 16 other gamers and assume one of two roles – impostor or crew member. Your goal should be to complete missions that help speed up timer’s expiration rate so as to survive until its timer runs out!

Once you’ve joined a lobby, your tasks will appear in the top-left corner. It is best to prioritize nearby tasks before venturing further afield; this way you’ll complete your mission more quickly while avoiding suspicion from other players.

As important, it’s also essential to realize that simply completing all tasks won’t guarantee victory in a game like Goose, as special sabotage actions exist to aid your cause and help ensure a victory. As the Goose, one effective tactic may be killing an enemy player before quickly fleeing through a vent to avoid capture by their pursuit.

Goose Goose Duck offers multiple game modes, and it’s important to understand each before beginning play. For instance, special roles (Dodo and Vulture) have different criteria for winning than Geese and Ducks do, so be wary about quickly reporting other players as “Geeses” without evidence that supports your case.

Geese are silent creatures that communicate via farts alone. While this means they cannot speak directly with players, you can still interact with them through sending silent messages using the fart icons in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Press ESC to close