Goose Goose Duck Game Review

Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck is a 2021 social deduction game similar to Among Us that features an original universe of civilized birds drawn in an anthro-style drawing style.

Social reasoning gameplay is well known, yet many other details about its world and characters may remain hidden to players. Here are some such secrets:


Goose Goose Duck is an engaging social deduction game developed by Gaggle Studios with various modes to keep players engrossed. Similar to popular titles like Among Us, but featuring unique elements – its gameplay is fast-paced and engaging for instance!

Once you start a game, you have two options to join a random lobby or create your own. Either way, your task will be to complete tasks while avoiding getting killed; use the tutorial tab for further understanding how the game works and all its elements.

As you play, you’ll see other player names and their role within the game. There are multiple sub-roles that each have unique abilities and winning conditions – for instance an assassin duck can kill a goose by correctly guessing their role at meetings; if they guess incorrectly however, they risk death instead.

Another fantastic aspect of the game is its ability to call for meetings at any time, which is particularly useful if suspicious activity arises, such as someone acting strangely absent or appearing out of nowhere. Unfortunately, only so many meetings can be scheduled at once so make the most out of each opportunity!

Developers have enhanced the game beyond its basic rules by including several additional features to make it even more challenging for players. Some can see other player’s ghosts, while others can detach from their spirit and roam walls to track targets. Rounds in this game tend to last longer and maps are larger; making it harder to hide bodies without them being discovered by other gooses.

Steam’s most-played game at present, having broken its record for simultaneous players at one time is currently BTS: Arcade Edition, an action RPG available free-to-play that promises to keep fans of genre busy for some time to come.


Goose Goose Duck has quickly become a fan favorite on Steam and provides an unexpected party game experience. Although its rules are relatively straightforward, social deduction and speed will likely be required to identify which players are geese and which are ducks – it also features fun twists for added entertainment value!

Players can win by completing tasks around the ship in various ways and filling a green meter, which is visible to other players and visible even from far away. Any attempts at venting or other suspicious activity will immediately make you stand out as an “Duck”.

The game features several roles with unique abilities that can be activated through the menu, such as Snoop allowing for discreetly hiding among corners or Cannibal who can check other player roles once per game; Detective can check other player roles once every game; Hitman gets a bonus at game’s end if they kill any specific players while Silencers can mute one person at every meeting.

Each role can have its difficulty grade adjusted by clicking and choosing one of five grading levels – each will affect how many points are possible to win during a game! Furthermore, you can check which roles will be available at game’s start for all players involved.

It’s very straightforward to join, yet can be challenging to succeed if your playstyle is off track. As this game primarily relies on social deduction and sabotage, picking your spots carefully is essential to winning – killing a goose openly in broad daylight or dismantling life support without warning would be major giveaways; therefore it’s vital that players can navigate their airship discreetly by using vents stealthily.


Goose Goose Duck’s graphics are gorgeous, particularly how its characters move across the ground. This game utilizes high-resolution texture maps that create realistic environments and details, as well as dynamic lighting systems which produce shadows and highlights for added realism and depth. Furthermore, there are multiple fun animations in which players can participate that add extra entertainment value.

The game offers an assortment of add-ons that allow players to personalize the appearance of their character, from adding custom voice options and distinguishing themselves from other players to selecting new hats, shirts, pets and add-ons for them. In addition, voice chat and private lobbies are available within the game itself.

If your microphone in Goose Goose Duck is experiencing issues, it could be related to either its settings or hardware. Try restarting and running the game again before concluding if this fixes it; additionally open the Sound menu and make sure the Microphone setting corresponds with the appropriate device.

Another cause could be an interference from another application or program that uses your microphone on your computer, resulting in conflict with it. In such a situation, try uninstalling other programs which use it; additionally you could attempt updating its drivers if the issue still persists.

Goose Goose Duck by Gaggle Studios is available for both PC and Mac computers with relatively minimal system requirements; at minimum 2 GB of RAM must be installed to run this game, as well as an adequate graphics card for best results.

This story follows the adventures of Peng, an irrepressibly freewheeling bachelor goose who becomes attached to two charming but demanding ducklings who latch onto him much to his displeasure and together embark on a road trip that will transform their scrappy trio into an inseparable family unit.


Goose Goose Duck was developed by Gaggle Studios and heavily inspired by mods for the popular 2018 teamwork game Among Us. It offers multiple game modes with both private and public game lobbies for players on PCs and most mobile devices; over 200,000 downloads were achieved within just the first month after release! Furthermore, praise was heaped upon it for its quirky gameplay and unique sound effects that set it apart from its competition.

Goose Goose Duck players must first download and register with Steam in order to play. After creating their account, gamers may either start a new game or select an existing one – this game also comes equipped with a comprehensive tutorial covering gameplay as well as tips for success; viewing it is highly recommended if they hope to be successful at this game!

The game’s soundtrack combines elements of electronic, rap, and rock music. Artists such as Jesse Joyner and Timbaland are credited with various tracks; one song in particular features Joyner playing organ. “Gasp” by these two was released for sale in 2022.

Gamers in this game can use air vents to hide and travel, or lure geese towards their hiding spots. Furthermore, there are various cosmetic options to help players look like real geese!

Utilizing air vents is an excellent way of subduing rival geese. Doing so allows players to keep a low profile while upholding their goose facade, and prevents other geese from becoming suspicious about what they’re up to.

As a goose, your best strategy should be working with another goose; this will keep the duck from realizing they are actually playing a goose and allow you to complete tasks unnoticed. Wearing a jacket may make them appear larger and more intimidating to other geese.

Goose Goose Duck users looking to improve the sound quality can adjust microphone settings in its options menu; specifically, disabling its “No Mic Mode”.

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