GoPro Webcam – Can You Use a GoPro Action Camera As a Webcam?

GoPro Webcam

GoPro comes equipped with an inbuilt webcam mode, compatible with popular video chat services such as Zoom, Google Meet, YouTube Live and Microsoft Teams for Chrome users – as well as certain streaming applications.

Make sure your GoPro has the most up-to-date firmware installed, either through GoPro Quik or manually, before connecting it via USB to your computer.

Video Quality

GoPro cameras are known for producing stunning HD videos, but the company has also made it possible to use one as a webcam. You can use either a GoPro HERO11 Black, HERO10 Black or HERO8 Black action cam as a webcam in programs like Zoom or Skype while recording video using Zoom or Skype Webcam software – you’re even able to adjust resolution, frame rate, field of view for optimal livestreams and meetings!

Make use of your GoPro as a webcam is simple: connect it via USB cable to your computer, open any program that supports webcams such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams and connect with any program that supports webcams (Zoom/MS Teams are good examples), then plug your camera in. A blue dot will indicate its connection, while when recording or streaming is initiated the dot turns red to indicate its activity.

The software also allows you to select various “digital lenses.” These options change how your image is captured by the camera and can make an enormous difference to how you appear on camera. It is an invaluable feature that helps create more professional-looking videos without purchasing additional equipment.

Overall, the GoPro Webcam app features an attractive design and is user-friendly. However, be mindful that if you opt to mirror rather than use in regular webcam mode, resolution may be limited to 720p. Also note that on Hero5 or later models make sure OSD (On Screen Display) option in Preferences is disabled as it displays timestamps onto viewers’ computers which could prove distracting to viewing experiences.

One of the key aspects of any webcam is its ability to provide clear audio. GoPro Webcam software offers advanced audio controls to maximize microphone use. In addition, its settings automatically adapt based on environmental conditions to provide you with optimal sound. This saves both time and effort when setting up for live streams.


GoPro HERO7 Black cameras feature high-resolution images that are ideal for webcam use, including 4K image sensors that produce crisp and clear footage, along with higher resolution enabling improved editing/enlarging quality when editing/enlarging videos. Lower-resolution webcams like those found in laptops may produce fuzzy or blurry pictures; higher resolution allows for smoother frame rates when recording video footage.

The HERO7 Black and later models come equipped with a wide angle lens, offering a broad field of view for filming scenery or individuals from afar. However, its wide angle lens may present challenges when recording close up video. If using it as a webcam for example, mounting it on a tripod will keep its lens 10 feet from your face for optimal use.

GoPro cameras come equipped with vertical orientation that can help capture flattering footage that better depicts their subjects’ faces, as well as slower frame rates that help create slow-motion shots. Furthermore, some models of GoPro offer low-light mode to increase video quality in low lighting environments.

When using the HERO7 Black as a camera, the SD Card slot allows for convenient storage of photos taken with it.

As with any webcam, when streaming or recording it is wise to be mindful that there may be a slight delay caused by its internal processor; this delay can be reduced by decreasing resolution or frame rate.

The HERO7 Black comes equipped with several features to enhance video quality, such as white balance, exposure compensation and ISO settings. These can be adjusted depending on lighting conditions and types of footage being shot.

HERO7 Black cameras feature an HDMI port that can be used to connect them to computers or other video capture devices, like recorders or capture cards. An HDMI cable should be connected using its smaller connector next to the USB-C port and connected by wire to establish this connection. Once this link has been made, users can then use applications like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and YouTube Live with ease.

Frame Rate

Frame rate of videos determines how smoothly images play back. A higher frame rate can help capture fast-moving subjects more effectively while lower frame rates work well when filming static scenes; ultimately, however, your choice will depend on both content and goals.

High frame rates provide smoother motion and enhanced realism, but may increase file sizes significantly and may not work on all devices. Your decision between high and low frame rates should align with both your video style and audience preferences.

GoPro cameras feature frame rates ranging from 24 fps to 240 fps for 1080p resolution cameras; however, your maximum frame rate depends on which standards your model supports NTSC or PAL.

24 frames per second is ideal for documentaries as it creates a cinematic look and feels more natural than lower frame rates. Furthermore, this frame rate makes for efficient recording of quiet scenes such as interviews or landscapes.

30 frames per second is an optimal frame rate for action vlogs and sports videos, as it eliminates motion blurring while clearly presenting all details of gameplay.

An optimal frame rate of 60 frames per second (fps) is optimal for capturing dynamic scenes such as sports videos. Furthermore, 60fps reduces camera shake while creating time lapses.

GoPro boasts not only frame rates but also various features to improve video production. For instance, its Spot Meter helps ensure proper exposure by focusing on areas most essential to the image – which is particularly helpful when shooting in low light conditions. Furthermore, GoPro’s Quik app lets users edit videos by altering bitrate, frame rate and resolution; you can also stabilize shaky footage, remove wind noise/background noise as well as correct fisheye distortion, rotate/split/merge videos while adding watermarks, subtitles etc.


GoPro action cameras often produce inconsistent audio quality when used for fast-paced activities like biking races. Unfortunately, their audio can often become muffled or distorted – this is especially disappointing given that good audio adds so much impact to a video clip.

GoPro has added an innovative feature that allows you to use its camera as a webcam via USB, making OBS work by using GoPro as a camera input source and mirror or flip its output as webcam input. Select “GoPro Icon in Status Menu” within OBS to use as webcam source.

Utilizing this technique, it’s simple and cost-effective to utilize your GoPro camera as a webcam for Skype, Teams and similar video conferencing apps such as Adobe Connect or Zoom. This is an ideal option for those wanting to save money without forgoing HD video capability in their webcam solution.

GoPro’s latest firmware upgrade adds some great new features that enhance user experience, including 10-bit colour processing – giving you over one billion shades of colour recording capability compared to their earlier release which only supported 8-bit recording capabilities.

Quik now allows users to switch between digital lens options, expanding on what GoPro first offered in SuperView mode back in 2013. SuperView compresses everything on the camera sensor into 16:9 aspect ratio videos that make first-person footage feel faster and more immersive, making first-person shooting feel faster and less tiring. Now GoPro offers HyperView for an even fuller viewfinder experience without panning and zooming.

GoPro HERO 8 Black action camera is one of their finest and most capable offerings ever, boasting features like 4K resolution, multiple recording modes, high frame rates and direct WiFi streaming.

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