GoToMeeting Review


GoToMeeting is an intuitive virtual meeting solution, featuring HD video conferencing, screen sharing capabilities and various other features for meeting online.

Participants can join meetings by clicking on either an app installation link provided in their invitation email, or entering a nine-digit Meeting ID number into the Join URL. In addition, this platform also features a comprehensive knowledgebase with step-by-step tutorials and feature guides.


GoToMeeting provides healthcare professionals with an abundance of features, such as unlimited cloud call recordings and automatic transcripts, Smart Assistant note taking capabilities, automatic transcripts, risk-based authentication to flag any unusual logins and more. In addition, healthcare professionals can utilize GoToMeeting’s built-in security feature which uses 256-bit encryption, stores their data at SOC2-certified data centers, as well as risk-based authentication to detect any unusual logins – making implementing HIPAA compliant video meetings much simpler for healthcare professionals than before! This feature makes conducting HIPAA compliant video meetings easier while healthcare professionals can use its built-in security feature which helps ensure compliance with regulations while using SOC2-certified data centers while protecting privacy & compliance.

GoToMeeting’s interface is easy to navigate and the service works seamlessly across mobile and desktop computers, making video conferences simpler regardless of your location. Meetings can also be scheduled quickly and rescheduled on short notice – making the software an excellent solution for remote employees. Furthermore, GoToMeeting’s highly customizable nature means you can add your logo or customize colors according to your brand aesthetics.

GoToMeeting’s other useful feature is its ability to allow presentations for up to 250 participants simultaneously. Furthermore, this platform offers various screen sharing options, such as full-screen and split-screen views; users can present from any device; multiple presenters are supported as well as collaborative tools like whiteboard and drawing tools – an extremely valuable feature indeed!

GoToMeeting stands out among online meeting platforms with its advanced security infrastructure, boasting features like 256-bit encryption, secure data centers and an in-house team of cybersecurity specialists. Furthermore, this service features multi-factor authentication to prevent hacking attempts against data.

GoToMeeting stands out as a single sign-on service that removes the need to log in each time you attend a meeting, with its Call Me feature enabling attendees to join without an access code and its toll-free numbers offering savings on long distance fees. Furthermore, multilingual support provides remote contractors an advantage; one feature even lets them instantly change language of interface interface!


GoToMeeting is one of the premier options when it comes to video conferencing software, offering various pricing plans and compatibility for desktop computers as well as mobile devices. Plus, its user-friendly interface enables high-quality audio/video streaming along with features that enable sharing screens and files among participants.

GoToMeeting’s platform is integrated with LogMeIn tools that assist remote workers, helping to keep business meetings productive and secure. Furthermore, HIPAA-compliant GoToMeeting is suitable for use by doctors or other medical professionals who must communicate with patients.

GoToMeeting is also used by sales teams to connect with potential clients. The program allows sales representatives to schedule meetings and present presentations directly through live chat sessions or audio conference calls, share documents and screen capture your computer for participants to see exactly what you are discussing.

GoToMeeting makes starting up easy – simply sign up for a two-week free trial! During this period you can test the product and determine whether or not it meets your needs – no charges apply when cancelling this plan!

GoToMeeting differs from most competitive products by not requiring downloads in order to join meetings, making the meeting platform accessible via browsers or smartphones with identical functionality across both. Furthermore, GoToMeeting makes finding and scheduling meetings much simpler than Zoom.

Citrix recently introduced an expanded GoToMeeting offering, the GoToMeeting Essentials product, in response to customer feedback. Designed specifically to attract those not needing all of its features and capacity of its standard version – GoToMeeting Essentials allows up to five attendees and one presenter for $19 monthly subscription fees.

GoToMeeting Pro and Plus packages provide additional features that make GoToMeeting even more beneficial to large businesses, including recording sessions, cloud transcription services, and an app enabling note taking during meetings. These features make this already great product more competitive with others like Google Meet.


This web conferencing software features an efficient platform that does not consume too much data, making it especially suitable for those using mobile phones. Furthermore, its real-time chat feature enables participants to communicate smoothly during video conferences while its direct message capability helps teams stay in contact while working together during meetings. You can even send direct messages directly from within the app making getting tasks completed more efficient than ever!

GoToMeeting makes meeting recording simple by saving it to your cloud for easy access anytime. Playback meetings at your own pace or share them with colleagues of your team – plus, make notes in the recording for later analysis of results of conference call!

GoToMeeting app boasts many other great features, such as being able to share one single screen. Unlike other video conferencing services which require downloading an app in order to access this functionality, GoToMeeting allows this feature via any Chrome web browser – ideal for users in software-restricted environments or those without access to install apps on their devices. Furthermore, its support for multiple languages makes this an invaluable solution when working across borders.

GoToMeeting is an excellent solution for businesses that need an easy, dependable platform; however, it has its own set of downsides. One such disadvantage is the absence of a whiteboard feature; though there is a drawing tool which allows users to create shapes and notes similar to an actual whiteboard; unfortunately it lacks an option for hiding notes and drawings which can be frustrating at times. Another setback of GoToMeeting is only providing transcripts in English – an issue for companies operating internationally or with multilingual workforces operating abroad who need transcripts of meetings held there.


GoToMeeting provides a robust set of tools that ensure meetings remain secure. Its 256-bit AES encryption protects data at rest while its meeting room lock feature prevents unapproved participants from joining video conferences. Furthermore, GoToMeeting adheres to key security and privacy regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA as well as offering one-time passwords, meeting locks and auto-lock features for added peace of mind – ideal for organizational meetings of up to 3,000 attendees.

GoToMeeting was built for use across multiple devices, from smartphones and tablets to PCs and MACs, and boasts features designed to facilitate interaction across devices – smartphones and tablets alike. Users can share screens, highlight pertinent information and draw directly on the screen using built-in features; additionally it supports multilingual calls as well as providing multiple international dial-in options – and its user-friendly interface ensures teams quickly start utilizing it as soon as they begin using GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting is an ideal solution for remote workers, offering robust collaboration tools that make working together easy regardless of location – saving employees from travel costs, wasted transit time, and scheduling meetings at unfavorable times.

GoToMeeting stands out among other options due to its excellent customer service and free trial with unlimited cloud storage space, making it an excellent option for businesses evaluating this platform before investing in full subscription plans. Furthermore, its mobile app enables meeting participants to join from any location while its integration with Google Calendar enables conference scheduling on-the-go.

GoToMeeting can also provide a seamless video conference experience even on slower internet connections, which is essential because such slow connections often result in lag and quality losses. Furthermore, users have the freedom to select their meeting resolution for improved overall experiences.

GoToMeeting was specifically created to meet the demands of business meetings, which require more system reliability than personal meetings. It features HD video and crystal clear audio as well as intuitive tools that ensure meetings run as effectively as possible; especially useful for post-pandemic businesses that embrace remote work arrangements.

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