GoToMeeting Review

GoToMeeting is an intuitive web conferencing system designed to meet the requirements of business meetings. Providing high levels of reliability and user-friendly tools that allow participants to focus on discussion points rather than being bogged down by an unpredictable system, GoToMeeting helps participants stay focused on discussion rather than worrying about a glitchy system.

The platform also includes key account management features such as the Admin Center and Meeting Diagnostic Reports, while users can download a mobile app to manage meetings on-the-go.


GoToMeeting is an online meeting software solution that offers HD video conferencing and screen sharing to facilitate smooth virtual meetings. With its user-friendly interface and customizable meeting experience options like muting/unmuting participant audio/video streams and locking the session as well as inviting new attendees, GoToMeeting ensures all parties can join from their preferred device – whether Android, iOS, Chrome OS Linux and macOS users can join meetings seamlessly!

GoToMeeting stands out from its counterparts by offering an integrated chat feature that enables participants to communicate during a meeting, which allows for faster responses and ensures everyone stays engaged during it. Furthermore, there are multiple recording methods available which may prove invaluable as training tools or review opportunities in future meetings.

GoToMeeting stands out among its competitors as being among the easiest to navigate, thanks to its user-friendly interface and dashboard that features links to personal meeting rooms, dial-in numbers for meetings, scheduling future ones and all necessary tools. In particular, GoToMeeting’s dashboard contains everything needed for running successful meetings with multiple speakers – such as transcription services for use when required.

GoToMeeting provides companies with an effective online conferencing tool; however, sometimes issues arise such as audio/video quality issues and security concerns. GoToMeeting has several troubleshooting resources and diagnostic tools available to them to overcome these hurdles, and provide users with a pleasant meeting experience.

GoToMeeting also boasts easy integrations with other business software platforms, including Google Calendar and Office 365, to allow businesses that use these programs to quickly schedule and join video meetings with just the click of a button. Furthermore, GoToMeeting also offers add-ons that automatically import meetings into calendars from mobile devices.

GoToMeeting boasts a vast knowledgebase with step-by-step tutorials, feature guides and educational videos as well as active forums where users can post questions and receive answers directly. This makes it easier for them to resolve any problems without contacting support representatives constantly for advice or resolution.


GoToMeeting has become an essential technology in modern workplaces, making it one of the first choices people look to when upgrading or replacing existing tools. GoToMeeting stands out as a leader in real-time virtual communication by offering HD video and high-quality audio streaming, making meetings feel more connected when held remotely. Users also have multiple payment plans available such as tiered pricing plans with tiered price increases as well as add-on options available a la carte.

GoToMeeting’s intuitive user interface makes it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals looking for a dependable platform that meets their needs, from remote team meetings and webinars to business presentations and collaboration tools. GoToMeeting boasts several stand-out features that make it stand apart from its competition – including commuter mode and smart transcription – plus its conferencing features are compatible with various mobile devices.

GoToMeeting offers prospective customers a free trial, and their standard plans are priced competitively; their basic plan starts at $12 per organizer per year (billed annually ) for up to 150 participants; business tier is more expensive and offers features like unlimited cloud recording, meeting scheduling and shared screens; plus you can host ad-free live webinars of 100 attendees with zero ads! Additional services, like toll-free numbers or Call Me numbers can be purchased separately.

GoToMeeting prices may be competitive with its rivals; however, their rates do not compare as favourably to some. Google Meet is one such competitor which provides lower pricing and more feature-rich services than GoToMeeting; thus making it ideal for smaller businesses and startups looking for cost-efficient options rather than an all-encompassing UCaaS solution that includes voice, video conferencing, chat capabilities and internet fax capabilities.

GoToMeeting stands out with its competitive pricing and global presence, providing local numbers in over 190 countries worldwide. This makes it an attractive option for companies whose employees work from remote locations or work at home or while traveling, while its product integrations and customer success manager help businesses make optimal use of this tool.


GoToMeeting is an all-in-one video conference call platform, featuring an array of features designed to simplify remote working and meetings online. However, its use may prove challenging for those unfamiliar with its software – requiring costly add-ons in order to maximize its potential.

GoToMeeting, an online meeting platform, allows attendees to join conference calls from any computer or smartphone using either its desktop app or its smartphone app. Users simply click the meeting link or enter its nine-digit meeting ID number in order to join. Furthermore, mobile apps for iOS and Android devices make connecting with sessions even simpler from anywhere on earth.

GoToMeeting meetings are recorded, stored securely in a private cloud and easily accessed through user preferences pages. Furthermore, an AI program creates searchable transcriptions of meetings; however, these advanced features are only available with GoToMeeting Business plans.

GoToMeeting may be HIPAA compliant, but may not fit all healthcare settings. While its software allows doctors to communicate with their patients virtually, it doesn’t replace in-person office visits – something which may prove frustrating for doctors who rely on virtual meetings for diagnosing health conditions in patients.

Furthermore, this facility lacks a waiting room that helps patients queue up for telemedicine appointments – something which may cause difficulty for physicians with busy schedules.

GoToMeeting provides robust security features, including encryption both during transit and at rest of cloud recordings, transcriptions, and meetings notes stored on cloud storage services such as Dropbox. In addition to being TRUSTe Verified and SOC2 Type II + BSI C5 certified, the software supports two-factor authentication for enhanced protection measures.

GoToMeeting provides secure transmission of electronic Protected Health Information through Amazon Web Services to meet HIPAA compliance standards, with access controls preventing unauthoried users from gaining entry to data during transmission, while logs track all activities to meet regulatory compliance.


GoToMeeting is an ideal option for business meetings requiring high-quality audio and video conferencing. The software also features collaboration tools to facilitate group discussions and teamwork. Meetings can be recorded, making it simple for participants to review discussions later or share them with absent team members. GoToMeeting works perfectly on Windows 10, iOS and macOS operating systems.

To ensure meetings are secure, the software utilizes multiple layers of encryption to safeguard them against hacking and unauthorised access. This includes transport technologies like Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), which protect data from being intercepted, modified, or deleted without authorization. Moreover, meeting hosts may choose to hide participant names on screen to safeguard participants’ privacy.

Meeting Lock is another effective way of ensuring only authorized participants attend your meetings, preventing unwarranted intruders from joining and disrupting sessions. Plus, an administrator can dismiss anyone from joining by simply dismissing them.

LogMeIn’s GoTo suite of remote software solutions provide organizations with a unified communications and collaboration solution for working with geographically remote offices, personnel or clients. Web conferencing features include online meetings, virtual desktop sharing capabilities as well as additional tools that support collaboration remotely.

This platform supports HD video and crystal-clear audio to enable participants to participate in meaningful discussions. The software adjusts itself automatically according to changing LTE and network conditions to maintain call quality; mobile optimization ensures an ideal experience; video codec support ranges; as well as integrations that allow users to start video meetings directly from their calendar application.

HIPAA compliant software with encryption features such as AES 256 bit encryption, SOC 2 certified data centers and secure socket layer encryption is provided as standard features of this product. Furthermore, risk-based authentication and single sign-on are provided as security measures against privacy risks to safeguard patient confidentiality.

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