GoToMeeting Review

GoToMeeting features a virtual whiteboard and drawing tools to facilitate collaboration among team members, share keyboard and mouse control and record meetings.

One major drawback of web conferencing is requiring an error-free data connection; any errors could disrupt meetings and become very frustrating for all participants involved.

Easy to set up

GoToMeeting is a popular meeting software, enabling you to easily host or join online meetings, webinars, and video conferences. Setup and usage are straightforward; access it from web browsers on desktop computers as well as apps on smartphones or mobile devices. For first timers to online meetings it may be beneficial to review the help guides and FAQs available from GoToMeeting’s website as well as signing up for their free trial plan allowing them to explore features available across plans.

Once registered, simply sign in using your email and password and visit “Plans and Pricing” to learn about each plan’s features. For instance, free plans allow up to two participants per plan, which might suffice for some people; tiered plans provide even more features, including HD video conferencing capabilities.

GoToMeeting makes sharing your screen or computer easy, providing attendees with an ideal way to discuss complex issues or demonstrate demonstrations. It is especially handy if more than one person is managing the meeting and allows participants to call in from outside locations; additionally, phone numbers can also be added for participant calls in.

GoToMeeting stands out among other meeting solutions by seamlessly integrating with popular tools, like Slack and Google Calendar. Both these applications are used by millions worldwide, so ensuring your team members can access your GoToMeeting session is crucial for its success. With Slack integration plugins and official Google Calendar support available through GoToMeeting’s numerous integration methods – its offerings compete head on with leading meeting solutions on the market!

Easy to use

GoToMeeting is one of the easiest video conferencing solutions on the market, offering HD quality audio and video conferencing for up to 25 participants at once. Users can share their screen and record meetings. GoToMeeting also features Smart Meeting Assistant – an AI program which creates searchable transcripts of meetings – however these features are only available with their Business plan subscription plan.

Solution allows remote workers to collaborate seamlessly using desktop and mobile applications. Furthermore, the software can easily integrate with third-party systems such as Salesforce or Google Calendar; its admin center provides robust yet intuitive capabilities and offers diagnostic reports for every call; it even helps create customized email invitations, reserve connections and integrate scheduling.

GoToMeeting stands out by its ability to adjust bandwidth for each participant, which is especially useful if your Internet connection is weak and causes calls to frequently fail; other video conferencing services might experience constant delays while GoToMeeting prioritizes bandwidth to guarantee a more enjoyable experience.

Security features of this platform are impressive as well, boasting a high-level encryption system and SOC2 Type II certified data centers. In addition, HIPAA and GDPR compliance is met as well as having an optional toll-free number that covers over 50 countries for reduced international calling costs.

It comes equipped with both Android and iOS apps for free use, both fully functional yet excluding features such as video conferencing and transcription. Ideal for small businesses who require an intuitive videoconferencing tool for customer meetings and client interactions.

Easy to share

GoToMeeting provides an excellent feature that allows users to record meetings. However, many organizations struggle with managing these recordings – they tend to get saved to a folder which becomes forgotten over time. Panopto provides an easier solution by automatically uploading all GoToMeeting recordings into an online video library where they can be easily searched and shared – this allows employees to easily locate meetings that they may need as reference material and saves valuable meeting time!

GoToMeeting recordings can be watched on any device – including mobile ones. In addition, users have the ability to share their screen, which can be particularly helpful for remote teams. GoToMeeting recordings save time and money by eliminating travel costs while providing participants with an easier means of communication; furthermore, this feature can enable those with hearing or vision loss to participate without needing live interpreters for meetings.

GoToMeeting mobile app is available on both iOS and Android, compatible with iPhone and iPad, with free trials offering meetings for up to three participants with multi-language support, HD voice/video quality, screen sharing capabilities and multi-participant capabilities. Ideally suited for small businesses as it can handle multiple participants easily from anywhere with Internet connectivity, this application makes collaborating easier than ever!

GoToMeeting makes life easy with integrations to popular third-party software like Slack and Google Calendar, enabling attendees to launch meetings directly from their existing workspaces. Furthermore, GoToMeeting’s Meeting Lock feature can keep uninvited guests out of meetings; it notifies attendees if they attempt to enter after they’ve been locked but won’t allow entry until you unlock it again.

Easy to schedule

GoToMeeting makes meeting planning simple. Simply use your desktop, Android, or iOS mobile apps, or even just the service with headset without installing apps – GoToMeeting can keep you connected with your team no matter where life takes you!

The software also features an admin center to help you monitor call and user performance at an individual level. Here you can view logs of calls made, changes made in your account, as well as troubleshooting issues. Its intuitive navigation also makes this an invaluable feature of this platform.

GoToMeeting goes far beyond basic features to offer additional tools that make collaboration between team members simpler. Slack is compatible, making team communication and document sharing much simpler, plus you can add a dedicated camera for an immersive experience for team members.

Audio quality on this platform is outstanding and recording video conferences is easy with one click of a button. However, poor internet connections could lead to crashes of meetings; should this occur it may be wiser to switch your provider altogether.

With a business subscription, you can gain access to many additional features that are unavailable in the standard version. These features may include one-click meetings, turnkey room equipment rental options, business webinar tools, real-time user diagnostic reports and voice commands. Furthermore, this tool can easily integrate with other tools in your tech stack such as Salesforce and Miro for seamless user integration and save both you and your users valuable time and effort.

Easy to manage

GoToMeeting provides a range of features designed to make business videoconferencing as straightforward and straightforward as possible, whether for small or medium-sized businesses. Starting out is free – so no matter your business size – and offers various integrations that can streamline operations such as using Microsoft or Google Calendars or Salesforce for scheduling meetings, as well as their mobile app to join video conferences on the go!

GoToMeeting allows you to share everything from what’s on your screen, documents and applications you want attendees to view as well as notes or highlight key points with one click of a button. Furthermore, you can assign a meeting facilitator, offer toll-free numbers for participants dialing in as well as password protecting sessions to protect sensitive information.

GoToMeeting makes another valuable feature of its service available to meeting attendees: its ability to record and save videos of meetings. This feature enables you to document meetings for sales calls or business meetings; in addition, participants will find it easier to recall meeting topics faster, helping avoid long-winded discussions that often lead to ineffective discussions.

GoToMeeting stands out from other conference calling solutions by being more intuitive and user-friendly, featuring simplified controls and tools designed for easy use by its users. Furthermore, its security is top notch with HIPAA compliance as well as government grade AES-256 encryption and SOC2 certified data centers; additionally this software also features risk-based authentication as well as single sign-on functionality for added peace of mind.

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