Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Game Review

Gta San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was the fifth mainline iteration of GTA, and featured an expansive early-1990s urban setting spanning an entire state. Additionally, San Andreas introduced innovative gameplay elements like an adaptable protagonist who could customize his clothing and tattoos as well as gain or lose weight through diet and exercise. Furthermore, new vehicles could also be purchased.


San Andreas is one of the largest maps ever seen in GTA games and hosts some of the most iconic locations from across its series. Each district in this sprawling metropolis offers something distinct to its residents; yet all share one thing in common – crime!

Grove Street is perhaps the most crucial location in the entire game. Players encounter it first when entering, and many important characters such as Ryder, Sweet, Johnson family and Doherty Garage reside here – it even marks where CJ begins his entrepreneurial ventures!

Other key locations are Ganton, Glen Park and Idlewood – each area offering something unique; such as Ganton with Old Reece’s barbershop and Well Stacked Pizza Co – an establishment Ryder has attempted multiple times to rob.

Glen Park is home to a group of Ballas gang members and it serves as their territory. Grove Street Families attempt to overtake it during one of the game’s most engaging missions here.

Area 69, inspired by real-life Area 51, provides another distinctive spot in the game. Here, players can discover interesting and challenging missions as well as enjoy fantastic panoramic views across the map.


GTA San Andreas introduced many intriguing characters into the series for the first time ever, including an engaging family dynamic which makes its story stand out from its siblings. Carl Johnson (CJ), 24 years old at this point in time and returning home following the death of his mother as well as an altercation with Sweet and their former street gang – Grove Street Families – who has returned after having left Liberty City temporarily following an encounter.

He soon realizes that power in his gang has been taken away by rival gangs and must seize control himself with help from Maccer and Ryder, two close allies who provide invaluable assistance along the way. CJ stands out among protagonists due to his highly customizable wardrobe of clothing, tattoos, hairstyles, body mass changes (something which later 3D games did not allow) as well as changing body mass through body modification – an ability which later 3D games failed to replicate successfully.

There are also other gang members and criminals to assist players during missions, like Frank Tenpenny of Los Santos Police Department who leads C.R.A.S.H (counter-gang unit). His presence signals to players that this story and missions will go beyond simply gang warfare and corruption alone.

OG Loc, played by actor Jonathan Anderson, is a fictional hip hop artist modeled loosely after late Compton rapper Eazy-E from N.W.A. His hairstyle features a classic jheri curl. Additionally, his crew includes Maccer and young Ryder who has short haircuts.


GTA San Andreas features an expansive collection of vehicles, spanning motorcycles, cars, trucks, BMX bikes, boats, helicopters and planes. Not only are the new and old vehicles beautiful to look at but their driving experience is unparalleled thanks to an innovative physics engine and enhanced handling system.

While GTA San Andreas gangs may resemble those from previous games, they’re much more aggressive and exciting to encounter. Their members can use various means of attack such as toppling cars and crowding the streets; some might even sabotage vehicles to cause trouble for players.

One of the game’s many new vehicles to note are its muscle cars. One such car is the Sabre, which looks similar to a Ferrari Testarossa and can be upgraded using TransFender garages with upgrades such as nitrous oxide and hydraulics. Another popular choice is Bravura which offers adequate acceleration and durability but cannot compete with high-end sports cars for speed.

Some vehicles from past GTA games make an appearance in San Andreas, including police cars, garbage trucks, fire trucks and ambulances. Entering police or ambulance vehicles will trigger special missions; CJ can even get in a burglary van and steal items without making noise!

There are also a variety of trailers that can be bought at garages. One such trailer is the Bobcat pickup, which spawns in Ganton Los Santos and can be used to complete Burglary missions (press R3 while driving). Another available trailer in this game is Rat Rod, a moderately-paced vehicle built for rough terrain conditions.


If you want to deal a lot of damage quickly, few weapons can compare with the shotgun in terms of effectiveness. While it might not be as accurate as some alternatives and it might overheat occasionally, if your aim is good this weapon can make short work of enemies in groups.

A sniper rifle is an ideal option if you prefer taking a more tactical approach to firefights, being capable of one-shotting most targets provided you take enough care in aligning your shot through its scope. Unfortunately, however, its range limits close-quarter combat.

A molotov cocktail is an extremely effective thrown weapon that can be used to quickly clear out an entire house with just one throw. Not only can it create panic among enemies who attempt to enter it, but its flames also act as an instant deterrent and are sure to shock any that try entering!

When you want to eliminate multiple enemies quickly and decisively, the minigun is your weapon of choice. Although slow to reload and susceptible to overheating issues, this firearm makes an impactful statement in late game firefights.

A spray can may seem like an innocuous piece of graffiti equipment, but in San Andreas it can actually be an extremely useful weapon. Not only is it fast and effective at marking territory for another gang but can even be combined with other weapons for additional effect.

A shovel is a durable weapon that deals a fair amount of damage without risking collateral damage when used effectively, making it perfect for sneak attacks on enemy encampments without risking collateral damage.


San Andreas features an abundance of missions and jobs for players to engage in, providing a great way to immerse oneself into its world while earning both money and experience. Some missions even boast unique gameplay mechanics: For instance, one mission requires you to board a large boat and blow it up, an exciting and enjoyable task with user-friendly controls on board; another task involves driving an explosive car into a drug factory and watching it explode – both are rewarding missions which provide money and weapons in abundance!

GTA San Andreas provides players with missions that help them build up respect within their gang and fight other gangs for control of territory, marking GTA San Andreas as the first in its series to feature gang warfare – making gameplay more tactical than ever! There are various missions which involve competing against rival gangs; some more difficult than others; many require using vehicles, but it is best to select vehicles with good handling to make traveling around easier and complete multiple missions successfully.

Some missions are more interesting and challenging than the main story missions, while some side missions provide even greater reward. While you may choose not to play these side missions, we suggest they should make use of them so as to gain maximum enjoyment from their experience. In addition, races or casinos provide extra thrills and money-making opportunities while Ammu-Nation provides ammunition supplies as well as searching out hidden weapon caches throughout the city.

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