Grand Theft Auto V – A Tribute to Three Real People

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is an action game about robbing banks, stealing cars and shooting cops – but also features three characters who feel like real people, even if their behavior can often be questionable.

Take-Two has updated and expanded GTA V to work on new consoles ten years after its initial release, but is it worthy of its praise?


Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is one of the most beloved franchises in gaming history, boasting double-crosses, film productions gone wrong, and sinister government conspiracies – making its narrative much richer than expected from an auto theft game. So let’s take a look at some notable heists and their characters that tie into this crazy journey!

Once you complete the main story in GTA V, you will have plenty of money at your disposal to use towards purchasing exciting cars; one such standout being the Vapid Bullet. Unfortunately it can be hard to come by; however there is an indirect way of getting one: first complete mission 50 of Construction Assassination mode then Lester will give you his Sultan RS car which you can then drive over to this location shown below and use this tactic both online and Story Mode versions of the game! This trick works!

Driving has always been a core feature of GTA series games, and GTA V is no different. To use vehicles in-game you can use these keys:

Enter and exit vehicles: Press “Triangle” (Playstation), “Y” (Xbox), or “F” (PC) to access vehicles. Accelerate by pressing R2 (Playstation), “RT” (Xbox), or the left stick button on your controller for acceleration; reverse and brake by pressing L2 (Playstation), LT (Xbox), or right stick button for reverse/brake while driving.

Shooting weapons in GTA V is another essential mechanic, and to fire weapons effectively use these key combinations:

Your mini-map in the lower-left corner can help you stay on course and avoid becoming disoriented when exploring. Use it also to mark destinations that the game should automatically take you towards; to jump, press “Square” (Playstation), “X” (Xbox), or spacebar on PC; activate heavy melee attacks with “A”, “X”, or left mouse button respectively (PC only).


Grand Theft Auto has long been celebrated for its exceptional character development, and Rockstar has once again delivered. Each protagonist in GTA V has their own distinct persona that make them easy to relate to; Trevor displays psychotic behavior but remains loyal towards Michael, while Franklin is the street gangster with hustler traits – these three comprise GTA V’s main trio along with an ex-bank robber trying to find some high-paying jobs before retiring outright and staying out of trouble.

Beyond the three protagonists, other characters play a pivotal role in the story as well. This includes friends, family and associates of the protagonists as well as heist crew members; random passerby who spew out their opinions or promote conspiracy theories around Los Santos; random people that wander the city soapboxing their views or sharing conspiracy theories; as well as side missions involving interaction with these characters.

Lamar Davis is Franklin’s close companion who plays an essential part in the early game. His presence serves to highlight Franklin’s more subdued demeanor; other prominent traits include being very tall (which he often reminds Franklin about) and working for Devin Weston, an billionaire who owns multiple legal and illegal businesses across Los Santos.

Brad Snider is another key member of Michael Townley’s former crew and an integral figure in their Ludendorff cash depot job during the Prologue. Although difficult to like, his dedication and loyalty towards Michael and Trevor remains undiminished.

Stretch, Lester and Wade are three other crew members that you can interact with as part of a heist team. You can hire them as bodyguards during heists or for random encounters in the open world from either NPC menus in-game or through random encounters – and can upgrade their strength, stamina and driving skill through upgrades as well as customize them through clothes purchases or by altering hairstyles or getting tattoos.


GTA V is filled with vehicles designed for mischief. From sleek sports cars to roaring choppers, there are countless vehicles for players to use at will – from sleek sports cars to roaring choppers – but for dedicated secret hunters willing to put in extra work there exists a treasure trove of rare vehicles scattered throughout Los Santos and Blaine County that hold special stories that reward those able to track them down.

This car was introduced as part of the 1.11 Business update. A hybrid-electric car, it can reach incredible speeds within seconds – one of the fastest vehicles in the game! Additionally, this vehicle can be purchased for relatively reasonable amounts compared to some of the more costly options in game.

While it may be impossible to own all of the cars available in a game, dedicated players can often have several of the fastest ones in their garage. Thanks to all these different vehicles available within it, every player should find something they enjoy in this experience!

Race enthusiasts will appreciate this game’s extensive list of tracks and missions that allow them to race around the city, some offering huge cash prizes! Or take on more casual challenges scattered around such as nightclubs, arenas or any number of other locations on your travels through town – there is sure to be something exciting waiting!

Add some flare to your garage by taking advantage of special vehicle workshops accessible through Gunsmiths menu. These workshops allow modification of Weaponized Vehicles so they can perform unique and powerful tricks – for instance, the BF Ramp Buggy can become a stunt jump vehicle and has its own weapons system equipped with minigun and missiles!


GTA players can find themselves engaging in numerous side missions during their travels through the map of Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar Games has made sure to include an assortment of engaging missions, guaranteed to entertain and keep players on their toes – some require being certain characters while others offer different degrees of difficulty depending on what action is required from them. Mission giver initials can be found by opening up the mini-map.

Players can earn medals in missions by fulfilling secondary objectives. These may range from completing them within a certain time limit to hitting certain headshot targets or attaining high shooting accuracy – these awards will then be posted on their Social Club accounts after completion of each mission.

Michael, Franklin and Trevor all participate in some of the most captivating missions available in this game. One such mission requires them to help FIB heist Ferdinand Kerimov – this mission marks their debut together and offers all three characters an opportunity to show what each can bring: Trevor pilots the chopper while Michael rappels down from above and kidnaps him; Franklin waits in wait with a sniper rifle on standby if required.

Nervous Ron is another fantastic mission in Franklin’s arsenal, asking players to do some undercover work for Simeon Yetarian (Franklin’s boss at the start of the game and provider of many early missions). To complete it, one must sneak into a luxurious house to steal an actress’ car!

Once at Lifeinvader’s office, players are given an assignment: hack into a cell phone prototype that will explode when called. Michael wears casual work attire while engaging with weird tech individuals on his mission. It’s quite fun!

There is also a selection of exciting missions, such as Merryweather Heist, Bureau Raid and Big Score that are fun and rewarding to complete – players may even revisit past missions if they wish to increase their medal counts in future attempts!

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