Grand Theft Auto V Review

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto may not be for everyone; its depiction of crime, greed and violence, with mature satire and stereotypes likely misread by younger players, makes this video game too mature to appeal to everyone.

Gameplay is absolutely spectacular with thrilling heist missions reminiscent of Hollywood blockbusters and classic gangster movies, yet with an undercurrent of misogynist aggression running throughout.


Grand Theft Auto is one of the top-selling and critically acclaimed game franchises ever created, selling over 90 million copies worldwide. While its Online component tends to draw most of the attention, the campaign of Grand Theft Auto can still provide a thrilling and immersive experience.

GTA V brings GTA series to a whole new level in almost every way imaginable, from larger environments and immersive storytelling, to its variety of activities such as hunting, golfing and diving.

It marks the first time in series history to use 4K resolution, as well as introduces a groundbreaking graphical system called HDR that gives it a stunningly realistic cinematic aesthetic that rivals Hollywood blockbusters. Furthermore, controls have been revised with an improved shooting mechanic and mini map which displays player position information such as health/armor status as well as where shooter shot his gun.

Rockstar provides a glimpse of some of the vehicles featured in their game, such as helicopters, jets and cars. Furthermore, the trailer provides an idea of multiplayer interaction; showing a character peer out from an apartment building while other gamers look on while a fighter jet flies by overhead.

GTA V will introduce a brand-new gameplay style called Heists. Players must team up with three other players and embark on daring raids against banks, museums or any other targets such as an art gallery – these may range from simple armed robberies to intricate plans which involve creating an attack team with arms in hand before carrying out the heist itself.

The trailer reveals that Grand Theft Auto V’s story will be as engaging and exciting as ever, featuring double-crossing, film productions gone wrong, and devious government conspiracies. While its plot may appear complex at first, it makes for a gripping and exciting ride – one sure to delight fans of the franchise and compete for Game of the Year status!


Grand Theft Auto is a series of open world crime games developed by Rockstar North. The games are widely known for their expansive worlds, sprawling cityscapes, colorful characters and intense violence and drugs use. Furthermore, these titles take an often humorous yet satirical view at American culture featuring ditsy celebrities, intrusive social media use and the desire for money as themes within these titles. Grand Theft Auto has proven extremely popular over its nearly two decade lifespan generating massive revenue for Rockstar North.

Grand Theft Auto V is the latest installment of GTA franchise and one of its most ambitious titles to date. Set in Los Santos – an imagined version of Los Angeles – Grand Theft Auto V features three main protagonists and numerous side missions; its story unfolds via flashbacks and first-person perspectives.

This game can be highly engaging and it is easy to lose yourself in playing. However, it is essential that you manage your money carefully in order to avoid falling into debt and complete all missions successfully. Therefore, saving up some cash before beginning may also enable you to purchase top weapons and vehicles more affordably.

To get the most from your GTA experience, it is vital that you use all the available features. For instance, be on the lookout for new heists and side missions; use your mobile phone to connect with friends; find new job openings.

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Grand Theft Auto’s characters have long been an icon of its series and a source of immense player engagement. Each one offers depth and realism that allows players to empathize or hate them for their actions, with Rockstar having accomplished much through character movements, physics, reactions and integration to form one cohesive whole.

Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips serve as the main protagonists in this game. Each has unique character traits that help round them out into well-rounded characters; Michael being a bank robber/cartel member with an ever-evolving moral code who’s joined by Franklin (his protege) and Trevor (former best friend).

Trevor Philips Enterprises – Trevor is an airman who was injured in an accident, leaving him psychologically unstable. Now living in Sandy Shores in Blaine County surrounded by meth addicts and biker gangs in a trailer park full of meth heads and biker gangs he runs his own business named Trevor Philips Enterprises which runs dangerous operations; Trevor Philips Enterprises also hosts its own talk show on local radio station which often delves into conspiracy theory topics.

Steven Ogg is an ideal choice to portray Trevor. With vast experience playing unhinged characters on shows like Better Call Saul and Westworld, as well as having a powerful voice suitable to the part, Ogg brings his experience in portraying unhinged individuals to bear for this role. Additionally, his psychotic behavior and loyalty towards Michael is perfectly balanced by Franklin’s hustler characteristics.

Molly Schultz is an executive at Devin Weston’s empire and often acts as mediator between Devin and his three protagonists and Molly herself. However, many players may dislike her presence.

Trevor stands out among the three main characters as my personal favorite. His rage skill enables him to deal more damage and even become invincible at certain points during gameplay, while his unconventional behavior and lack of morals makes him one of the more interesting and dangerous characters in the game.


GTA V has been out almost two years, yet it deserves your consideration. This more mature entry in the series features full frontal nudity, torture scenes and a more extensive music selection than previous titles; additionally, GTA V introduces a first person mode which elevates gameplay significantly.

Rockstar has taken an innovative approach in structuring its action between three protagonists. You can quickly switch between Michael, Franklin and Trevor in real-time as you transition between missions – it’s smart choice that doesn’t diminish their impact as much.

Niko Bellic, for instance, is easier to sympathise with as an immigrant fighting his past; once he becomes rich and successful – yet inexorably drawn back towards old patterns of violence – this sympathy wanes somewhat; though GTA V’s three protagonist structure helps alleviate some of this effect slightly, although there still remain contradictions in character behaviour and an unnecessary streak of misogynist hostility.

GTA V’s heists are among its most exciting gameplay elements, providing players with an engaging open world mission experience. You may approach each heist differently; perhaps as an infiltrator to infiltrate buildings or taking on the role of an armed security guard to infiltrate and take over facilities. Heists offer an unforgettable adventure experience that stands up against anything in open world gaming today.

Other upgrades to the game include haptic feedback for PS5 (and Xbox Series X) that makes cars feel different when driving fast and acoustics that allow sounds to appear from where they originated, giving an authentic experience. Furthermore, natural sounds such as birdsong or traffic noise have also been included to further add immersion.

Grand Theft Auto V boasts the best sound experience in its history. The three volume Music Of Grand Theft Auto box set provides a range of tunes from various radio stations as well as previously released songs and the original soundtrack, while audio quality is enhanced via 3D sound on PS5 and special audio on Xbox Series X, further adding to its realism.

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