Greenshot Review – Capture Full Screen Or Select Region of Window With Ease

Greenshot is an open source screenshot and image annotation tool, enabling you to capture either full screen captures or select regions of windows for annotation purposes.

With the integrated graphic editor, it is also possible to highlight or obscure specific parts of a screenshot. However, depending on your computer’s performance and any blur effects used may decrease editor speed.

Easy to use

Greenshot is an easy and lightweight screenshot software program for Windows that enables you to capture either full screen images or selected regions quickly and effortlessly, with options to annotate or obscure portions of them as needed. Furthermore, this versatile piece of software can also help create tutorials as well as capture images for use in documents and presentations.

Greenshot can be easily accessed via either the toolbar or task tray icon, providing easy access. Once opened, you can customize how the screenshot process is initiated by selecting from predefined keys or creating a custom keyboard shortcut. Furthermore, you can set it to automatically open a specific editor window each time it executes and can resize its size accordingly based on what type of image is being made.

Based on your preferences, Greenshot allows you to decide between automatically cropping the image or leaving it alone. Furthermore, adding graphics by simply dragging and dropping an image file onto screenshots is possible as well as using its Edit menu for resizing width and height changes. Furthermore, Greenshot comes equipped with a simple yet useful image editor which can highlight or obscure parts of any screenshot for easy manipulation.

Another feature that this software offers is the capability of recapping areas you previously captured, making this particularly helpful when creating sequences of screenshots for specific activities. Furthermore, you have several methods for exporting your screenshots such as selecting image files or printing directly.

Greenshot’s image editor is considerably simpler than SnagIt’s, yet still provides useful features to make screenshots pop out from their crowd. One such tool is its option to obfuscate an entire section of screen by blurring or pixelating it – which can prevent others from accessing confidential information such as passwords and emails.

Capture full screen or a selected region

Greenshot’s primary function is taking screenshots, whether that means an entire screen capture or simply one window. Users can access this software by pressing a combination of keys on their keyboards and can choose whether to save their screenshot as an image file or paste it directly into another application. Furthermore, Greenshot enables scrolling website capture for gamers looking to record and share game play or website content.

Greenshot provides more than its basic screenshot functionality; it also comes equipped with an easy-to-use image editor for convenient annotation and shape addition to screenshots, highlighting or obfuscating sections as needed, which makes Greenshot especially suitable for showing confidential data such as bank account or personal details.

Greenshot software can be configured to accommodate various hotkeys. For instance, pressing both Windows key and Prt Scr button simultaneously creates a screenshot of an entire screen; other keys more relevant to user workflow may also be utilized as needed.

Greenshot automatically opens an image editor when taking screenshots, but if this feature is no longer necessary it can be turned off via the options menu. Greenshot offers several plugins which provide additional functionality such as annotation or drawing on screenshots.

Greenshot image editor can be easily accessed from any computer location, making it ideal for collaborative work and remote workers alike. Furthermore, multiple users may use it at the same time to access its features simultaneously and create PDF documents they can share with one another.

Greenshot goes beyond typical screenshot programs by providing users with advanced annotation tools that enable them to draw arrows or text annotations, add shapes such as circles, ellipses and arrows as well as free-form outlines. Furthermore, this program also has the capability to blur sensitive text for added security.

Edit your screenshots

Greenshot is a lightweight tool designed to offer key annotation features without being overburdened with features you might or might not need. You can capture windows or regions, obscure parts of an image and add text annotations for important elements within screenshots – plus there is even an image editor built-in so you can further edit before exporting!

Once your screenshots have been edited, there are multiple destinations to which they can be sent once finished: save as – Save to your desired location and format (this can be altered via Greenshot settings); copy to clipboard – Paste directly into programs or applications without saving first; print – Send your screenshot to printer; Microsoft Outlook – Share via Outlook and open in OneNote

Send your screenshots using a free cloud storage service like Dropbox to share them with anyone you like; this feature can be especially beneficial when working in teams on projects. Lastly, upload them directly to Imgur, which is an image hosting site popular among consumers.

Greenshot offers another fantastic feature – easily cropping screenshots! By using its Crop function, you can shrink both width and height of your image without losing resolution; making this tool ideal for creating tutorials. In addition, its various editing tools such as text tool, shapes tool and lines make editing simple.

Greenshot is an excellent solution for all of your screen capturing needs, offering lightweight functionality with user-friendly features that makes it simple and straightforward. Ideal for creating tutorials and documentation alike, its user-friendly features make Greenshot an attractive choice both professionals and casual users. Moreover, its customization options can allow you to tailor it specifically to meet the requirements of each unique situation.

Send your screenshots

Greenshot is a free tool designed to capture images for sharing or archiving purposes, offering various features like annotating or highlighting parts of an image, supporting multiple file formats, exporting to files, printers, clipboards or emails for upload to photo hosting services such as Flickr or Picasa and being compatible with various programs like Microsoft Office.

Greenshot makes taking screenshots quickly and effortlessly simple, whether selecting an area to capture, clicking your mouse button to start taking shots, or both! Greenshot even works to capture entire websites or windows scrolling by. Furthermore, GIFs can be created from these screenshots for use in presentations or tutorials.

This program allows you to set screenshots to automatically save in a designated location, or capture and transfer images directly to text documents or clipboard. This feature can be particularly beneficial for teachers looking to quickly capture images in classroom settings. Furthermore, it works seamlessly with notepad and paint programs as well.

Greenshot is a highly efficient screenshot-taking and editing software, featuring options to adjust size, brightness, contrast, annotate features such as rectangle shapes and circles, as well as the option to censor out sensitive texts for privacy protection.

Additionally, it is possible to customize hotkeys and the destination folder where screenshots will be stored. By default, screenshots are saved in an established folder on your computer – however, dynamic path setting offers another possibility for saving images.

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