gSyncit Review – Synchronize Your Computer, Phone and Tablet With Google Calendar, Contacts and Tasks


gSyncit is software designed to synchronize your computer, phone and tablet with Google Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. Resource efficient yet offering advanced features – gSyncit offers comprehensive coverage.

Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks can all be synced both one- and two-way using CalDav/CardDav services such as AOL/Yahoo! etc. Support for synching is included too!

Sync Google Calendar

Google provides a free Outlook plug-in that offers one-way synchronization between Outlook and Google Calendar, but only supports synching a single calendar at a time – not including contact synchronization. Third-party utilities such as gSyncit provide solutions by enabling multiple calendar and contact sync between programs; these utilities also feature conflict resolution options to avoid duplicate entries being created in both programs.

An alternative method for syncing Outlook and Google calendars is using a free service called iCalendar, which is easy to install and configure but comes with certain limitations – for instance, only providing snapshots rather than actual calendar data imported directly in iCalendar format and necessitating manual transfers between Google calendar and your computer each time your update your calendar may not be ideal for those active across both calendar apps.

To avoid duplicating tasks between Outlook and ToodleDo, gSyncit allows you to assign categories for every sync mapping, which allows the sync process to identify which calendar each Outlook task should sync with. Calendar events also use this technique; using Outlook categories helps select which Google calendar they should sync with; for best results use Outlook categories on each event as you sync each event individually. However if your ToodleDo site already contains years worth of tasks it would be wise to delete completed ones prior to initiating its first sync – as these could significantly slow down its initial sync process.

gSyncit is an excellent solution to sync Google calendars with mobile phones and offers users the flexibility of viewing them anywhere at any time. Furthermore, this software also syncs notes on Droid devices.

gSyncit is available in both free and paid versions, the former offering only one calendar synchronization and showing an occasional pop-up window when Microsoft Outlook starts up, while its successor can synchronize multiple calendars, contacts and notes simultaneously.

Sync Google Contacts

gSyncit enables the synchronization of Outlook calendars, contacts and tasks with your Google account or other CalDav and CardDav servers, including mobile device sync via supported cloud services (Toodledo, Todoist Pocket Informant Online Evernote Nozbe). Furthermore, gSyncit will detect and remove duplicate entries within each Outlook folder it synchronizes automatically.

This program can also synchronize two network computers. This feature is especially beneficial if you want to maintain identical data on multiple devices without manually synchronizing each of them. Furthermore, it supports different versions of software (allowing you to switch easily between 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Outlook for example).

Once installed, this program will appear as a new tab or menu item in Outlook. To initiate synchronization, click its new button; from here the settings window will appear where you can customize its options: whether or not to synchronize all items, only ones modified recently, certain categories or all. Furthermore, its time range and default availability/visibility settings can also be set accordingly.

One great benefit of gSyncit is its ability to synchronize notes in Outlook with Todoist or Evernote accounts. Furthermore, Gmail accounts can also sync their notes through this program; however, please be aware that “Other Contacts” lists do not sync due to Google transferring this feature into another API scope and thus making the function unavailable.

gSyncit is an extremely handy tool for those who combine Outlook and Google. Setup is quick and simple; 2-way sync between programs can take place effortlessly; as well as other useful features – it is worth giving this a try – although automatic syncing may be disabled in its free version; registration keys may be purchased from its developer’s website for a small fee; plus, this application does not cause system slowdowns or glitches!

Sync Google Tasks

gSyncit synchronizes Outlook calendars, contacts and tasks with Google services as well as many popular online applications like Toodledo, Todoist, Evernote Pocket Informant Online Nozbe iCloud AOL Yahoo! The free version offers limited features while its paid counterpart comes with more configurable options and technical support.

gSyncit is an innovative program that uses WebDAV to connect to Google services. It syncs data between Outlook and WebDAV-capable mobile devices for easy access on mobile devices using any application that supports WebDAV. gSyncit offers many advanced features such as color-coding calendar events and merging duplicate entries as well as selective sync-ability for individual items or whole categories of items – plus sync notes between Google Docs and applications using SyncToDoNotes API support!

gSyncit is designed to make life simpler by syncing calendars, Outlook contact photos with Google contacts and two-way synchronizing of contact details such as emails. Although simple in its use, full utilization requires some knowledge of Google People API in order to achieve full potential of its capabilities.

gSyncit stands out from other Google-related software in that it does not require an account on their services for it to operate; its web browser interface and Google Tasks website allow for access. Although its user interface may not be as slick as Google apps, it does offer an intuitive UI and does not experience performance issues like some Google-related programs do. Google doesn’t provide as much support for third-party apps, which may present difficulties for some users. Tech support is only accessible via a form on their website, with responses taking up to 24 hours before being made available. Additionally, the free trial version only allows 50 syncable entries before it requires a subscription for it to continue working after this period has elapsed – this poses a problem for users requiring more comprehensive features and frequent usage of the program.

Sync Google Notes

gSyncit is an established Outlook add-in that offers two-way syncing of Google Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks with Microsoft Outlook. Additionally, this software can connect with other Web services including Toodledo, Evernote and Informant online. Downloaded free of charge from its official website, this software features numerous configuration options for advanced users; however technical support must be requested through filling out an online form on the company’s site and may take time before being answered.

gSyncit allows you to choose which service will serve as the primary source for each of your sync mappings, making this feature particularly important if multiple computers running Outlook connect to a single cloud service such as Google CardDav or CalDav at once; its primary source will determine which computer currently has the latest information; any changes made locally will only propagate back out if its primary source changes too.

This software also enables you to select which categories to synchronize for each of your events, which can be beneficial when dealing with events that fall under multiple calendar categories – for instance, synching only specific events to Google Calendar while keeping others separate in Outlook.

Google Calendar email reminders are a fantastic way of keeping track of important appointments, birthdays and milestones – you can set reminders for doctor’s visits or anniversary dates, for instance.

gSyncit also gives users the option of synchronizing email messages and attachments, so you’ll always have an archived copy of any correspondence with friends or colleagues should anything become lost or misplaced – an especially helpful feature for businesses that need to stay in contact with clients.

The program is user-friendly and features an automatic backup and restore feature for all of your settings. Furthermore, a large community of developers and users offers advice to solve any problems that might arise.

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