gSyncit Review

gSyncit provides an alternative solution for Outlook sync. It enables you to link your Outlook calendar with Evernote, Google Calendar, Dropbox and Todoist services for calendar sharing and task tracking.

Sunset maintenance update. Officially ended development and support for gSyncit v4 as of June 15, 2018.

Fixes issue with syncing Informant events with rich formatting (HTTP links & location). Also addresses formatting issue for Google Contact Photos as well as some smaller items.


gSyncit is an application used to sync calendar events, contacts and notes between platforms and devices. It offers integration options that allow users to sync Outlook data with many services and features that increase productivity while simplifying customization. While gSyncit does have its advantages, there are a number of alternatives that provide similar functionality at reduced prices.

Downloading the unregistered version of gSyncit from its official website to evaluate it is free, however it has a number of restrictions such as displaying a pop-up window on Outlook startup which prevents use for 15 seconds and limits sync entries to 50. Furthermore, only both directions of sync are supported and not support for import/export of calendar data synchronization is supported; registered versions of gSyncit do not impose these limitations and offer more user friendliness.

gSyncit is available on multiple operating systems and mobile devices – Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile. Designed to integrate Microsoft Outlook seamlessly and easily with other programs and increase productivity across platforms and programs by increasing interoperability between platforms and programs, and increasing productivity through increased interoperability between them all. Furthermore, its intuitive and user-friendly interface make the gSyncit program simple to install and use.

gSyncit is capable of syncing with Google calendars, Toodledo, Todoist, Evernote, Pocket Informant Online and Toodledo accounts, among others. Furthermore, CalDav/CardDav support enables synchronizing Outlook/Google calendars to mobile/tablet devices such as mobile/tablet phones/tablet devices as well as the removal of duplicate items in Outlook folders, multiple accounts with Google Sync accounts with Outlook calendar events colors as well as synching Outlook/Google calendar events/categories with Google Calendar event colors synchronization capabilities.

gSyncit can also synchronize Outlook notes with Google Drive. This process works by mapping an Outlook note with a document in Google Drive; every time an Outlook note is saved it will be written directly into Google Drive as text document. Please be aware that this feature may change or disappear altogether in future releases; thus it’s essential that it is tested thoroughly prior to using it in production environments.


gSyncit is an Outlook add-in designed to synchronize Outlook calendars and contacts with Google Calendar, offering flexible configuration options and multiple calendar/contact support. In case a single event changes both Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar simultaneously, conflict resolution features offer effective resolution options – plus its user friendly design offers free trial version!

The add-in works by syncing both one-way and two-way data between platforms, ensuring all changes reflect across them in real-time, thus eliminating double entry and real-time updates. Synchronization takes place over a secure encrypted connection for maximum privacy and security, and works seamlessly with Toodledo, Fruux, Pocket Informant Online, Evernote Simplenote as well as many cloud services including iCloud GMX Yahoo ownCloud Memotoo etc.

Even though gSyncit provides various integration options, some users may still seek alternatives for various reasons. These may include needing more comprehensive options or different pricing structures; those seeking alternatives should look for products which meet these needs and requirements.

SyncGene and gSyncit v5 are among the top alternatives to gSyncit, each providing unique sets of features and integration options that provide reliable synchronization services. Both products also offer convenient free trials to help potential customers determine whether these solutions are the appropriate option.


gSyncit is an intuitive software solution for syncing Microsoft Outlook data across different services and platforms, compatible with most devices and offering a user-friendly user interface. Its dependability makes it a fantastic choice when looking to sync Outlook data with Google Calendar or other online services.

Staying current is key when using gSyncit, and always download the most up-to-date version as this will contain fixes for any potential issues that might arise during use. Furthermore, making sure your computer runs the latest versions of Windows,.Net Framework and Microsoft Office is advised in order to reduce risk of gSyncit crashing due to outdated components.

The latest release of gSyncit brings with it several bug fixes and enhancements, the most notable of which is an update to the recurring event exception sync workaround, which addresses an Outlook bug when handling recurrence patterns. Furthermore, Informant contacts now sync using their full name field rather than the nick name field as default settings and it now syncs gMail folder locations of Informant events in similar manner as its sync of email addresses.

Other bug fixes include improving the retry logic when syncing with Google services in order to address “rate limit / quota” errors. This includes retrying with reduced rates if the server returns an incomplete request in an acceptable timeframe and improving CardDav sync work flow to address cases in which a contact record may not have been marked deleted correctly from CardDav sync service.

gSyncit now supports Google Contacts through a new API called PeopleSyncit, replacing its old People API that it previously utilized. Additionally, this update updates gSyncit to sync Outlook FileAs fields using full contact names rather than nicknames or company fields; although the migration should be seamless. A full sync may be required initially to initialize this change.


GSyncit offers its users a number of support options. One such is an intuitive Outlook-integrated toolbar which makes accessing and configuring various sync settings simple and hassle-free; additionally it can assist when things do not sync as expected.

This software has been specifically tailored to work with various services and protocols, including Google Calendars (one-way syncing), Toodledo, Todoist, Wunderlist, Pocket Informant Online as well as supporting cloud notes (gCal) from services that use CalDav or CardDav (such as iCloud, AOL Yahoo! ownCloud etc). Furthermore, it features an additional function for finding and removing duplicate items across different folders within Outlook.

There are a few common issues associated with using gSyncit that should be resolved before seeking technical support. First and foremost is making sure the correct bit version of gSyncit has been installed, and is being used with Outlook according to your version (this can be found by going into File-> Options-> Advanced and selecting “Bit Version”.)

Check your Windows regional settings to make sure the AM/PM symbol or Digit grouping symbols have been set appropriately; these settings are essential to the smooth running of gSyncit as they’re used internally when searching Outlook calendar events.

If gSyncit is synching deleted items or trying to delete events that you didn’t delete, this may indicate an issue between your Google and Outlook accounts. In such instances, an adjustment to your Google sync mapping may help prevent further item deletions.

Lastly, if gSyncit is copying Outlook task due dates into ToodleDo tasks (particularly MYN users) then the ToodleDo due date sync mapping may need adjusting; as discussed above however, one more reliable solution would be simply ignoring this field for MYN tasks.

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