GTA Vice City Highly Compressed For PC

GTA Vice City

Rockstar Games returned to Vice City only one year after GTA III with their sequel: Vice City Vice. The Forelli crime family send Tommy Vercetti from Miami (the city for which the Rockstar game stands in for) on a drug deal which quickly goes south.

The game draws heavily upon Miami culture, including Cubans & Haitians, biker gangs & the 1980s crack epidemic. Alongside missions, players can roam a large map that looks strikingly similar to Miami and perform insane jumps or rampage thugs for sheer entertainment purposes.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is an action-adventure game and the tenth installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, first released for PlayStation Portable in 2006. This GTA title stands out by not offering multiplayer capabilities and as it was released late for PS2.

The plot of Miami Vice is inspired by multiple real-life people, events and locations within Miami, Florida during the 1980s, including its crack epidemic; Cuban, Haitian and biker gangs; Mafioso drug lords of Miami; dominance of glam metal music and more. Development was heavily influenced by classic films and television of that era such as Scarface.

Vice City Stories stands apart from its 3D predecessors by featuring darker tones and more violent gameplay, and heavily influences by 80’s music from artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Donna Summer – providing an iconic soundtrack that fits perfectly for its setting. Vice City Stories may well be one of GTA titles’ darkest, edgiest and more realistic efforts ever created!

Tommy Vercetti, a mobster sent by his boss Sonny Forelli to Vice City by Sonny Forelli to oversee an important drug deal between Ken Rosenberg and an unknown assassin, and nearly caught off guard, but narrowly escape. Tommy’s revenge mission includes discovering who is behind this attack as well as exacting revenge upon those responsible – while freely exploring two main islands and numerous smaller ones during an era marked by widespread sexuality, drugs, and violence.


The game features numerous iconic figures from both crime and 1980s pop culture, such as Tommy Vercetti a mobster just out from jail who wants to build his own criminal empire in Vice City. Sonny Forelli initiates his involvement by sending him on an illegal drug deal mission which goes awry at the beginning of the game.

After leaving his old life behind him, he begins building his own crime family with Lance and several associates. He becomes an expert trader of weapons and drugs; additionally he owns a luxurious Infernus sports car he frequently trades; furthermore he’s known for club promotion in Vice City nightlife scene.

Sonny is angry that Tommy has taken control of Vice City’s drug trade without consulting with him first, so he sends in gangsters to forcefully collect money from Lance’s businesses. Once he learns he betrayed them and joined the Forellis, Tommy kills both Lance and Forelli as revenge for betraying him.

Ken Rosenberg is Tommy’s attorney, as well as working for the Liberty City mob. According to VCBI files, Rosenberg cheated his way through law school and has represented Mafia members in court cases.

After meeting Tommy after an engagement at his mansion, he quickly convinces him to become his right-hand man. Tommy is a weapons expert with multiple gun clubs throughout the city under his control, dealing weapons as well as producing boomshine.

Umberto Robina, leader of the Cubans gang involved in their longstanding feud with Haitians, is an ultra-macho warlord intent on unleashing full-scale warfare against them. After an attempted drug deal gone awry goes wrong, Umberto and Tommy meet.


Vice City is packed with vehicles reminiscent of GTA 3 and San Andreas, from sedans, sports cars, pickup trucks and even motorcycles! There is something to suit any taste or gameplay function here; many can just be for looks while some even offer faster transportation solutions such as motorcycles which provide quicker movement while remaining easier to control than cars.

The Blista Compact may not seem that remarkable next to a Lamborghini, but this little hatchback is fast and agile – not to mention sporting an eye-catching two-tone paint job which sets it apart from many similar vehicles in its class.

Rockstar Games’ initial attempt at an in-game police car, The Infernus is inspired by Ford LTD Police cars used widely across North America during the seventies and eighties. One of the fastest in-game vehicles, it can easily keep pace with any law enforcement vehicle it encounters.

Vance can find the Infernus parked outside his mansion during Back Alley Brawl and Guardian Angels missions; however, its use outside those missions is strictly limited as its lack of siren prevents high-speed pursuit.

The Sandking SUV is one of the fastest vehicles in the game. To drive it, complete all three garage checklists at Sunshine Autos and park in front of Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company once owned in Little Havana.


Vice City offers players an abundance of weapons for them to collect. With such an arsenal at their disposal, players will easily wreak havoc and complete missions efficiently. In addition to weapons, there are various vehicles they can ride such as taxis, firetrucks, ambulances, and police cars which will unlock missions that provide money bonuses or cash rewards for hopping aboard one.

As well as weapons, there are also collectibles hidden throughout the city that can be collected for rewards. These small green pickups resemble Maori Tiki statues in appearance; their locations can be seen by looking out for any arrows pointing to green Tiki statues on your map. Discovering all 100 hidden packages will earn $10000 in rewards!

This game includes several references to the 1980s television show Miami Vice, from obvious ones (Miami Vice soundtrack, pastel clothing and the hedonistic nature of Miami) to subtle ones (such as using a Lamborghini Countach for one mission that mirrors an episode where Cuban and Haitian gangsters pursue him using an identical vehicle) as well as references in character names reminiscent of characters featured on Miami Vice like Tommy Vercetti, Lance Crockford and Sonny Crockett – among many others.

An intriguing collectible in this game is a chainsaw hidden within a blood-splattered bathroom – a nod to Al Pacino’s 1983 film Scarface which also references Tommy’s mansion being invaded by goons during its final mission. This item makes an interesting collectible!


Gta Vice City Highly Compressed For PC boasts some of the finest audio in any game. This immersive and captivating soundtrack from iconic artists like Foreigner, Blondie, Flock of Seagulls and Run DMC adds further depth and charm to Vice City. Plus it even comes complete with hilarious radio programs and commercials for added depth!

Additional songs from the game’s soundtrack can also be heard through its radio stations when entering vehicles and during certain cutscenes; for instance, Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” can be heard when entering their car at the beginning.

Sound effects in Vice City are also superbly executed; cars drive by with great noise, boats sail across the water and news helicopters fly overhead, all adding to a sense of realism in this realistic game. Rival gangs will attack one another on the street and traffic accidents often end in fights between crooks and cops – something rival gangs tend to do on occasion!

Vice City is an incredible game that should not be overlooked for fans of GTA series. Though some critics have called it a rehash of GTA3, the production value and amazing graphics make this an enjoyable game to experience. There is something exciting happening every moment with a wide range of activities, an engaging story, and breathtaking graphics – don’t miss this incredible experience!

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