GTA Vice City Review

GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City features the same open world experience players have come to know from previous titles in the series, yet is significantly improved upon by adding several dynamic interactions between gangs and police in dynamic ways with their environment; even V-Rock radio station and Love Fist band parody various aspects of 1980s pop culture.


After the success of Rockstar North’s first 3D GTA title, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was quickly released. Moving away from Liberty City and toward a fictionalized version of Miami during the 1980s, Vice City marked an amazing visual leap with neon art style buildings that truly captured its look – as well as offering greater control of your environment!

Rockstar had their engines revved up for the game for the first time ever with this title; the developer wanted to stretch their capabilities using PlayStation 2 hardware. As such, polygon budgets for both environments and character models increased significantly over their predecessor; in fact, according to developers double the polygon count in each character model was used compared with its original game!

Even though the graphics don’t quite live up to modern standards, they still give players a noticeable increase in game graphics quality. Draw distance has also been significantly improved and there is no sign of pop-in like in the original game. Rockstar appears to have made minor modifications to improve lighting system as no shadows now fade in and out while you traverse the world.

If you want to push the visuals of your game even further, ICEnhancer is one of the most popular mods that can assist. It improves colors, adds shadows, mixes textures, and more for an updated feel without impacting performance on PCs.

Project2DFX is another fantastic mod, adding various effects to the game like coronas, increased fog density and weather conditions, as well as breaking through some restrictions Rockstar placed on certain features (for instance burning through car tires with fire or smashing glass cars with melee attacks).


Music in a GTA game is equally as crucial, setting the scene and helping players become immersed into its world. Vice City is no exception – its soundtrack includes 103 songs spread among seven radio stations for an immersive gaming experience.

GTA Vice City radio stations feature a mix of music, DJ chatter, and humorous advertisements. Most of its playlist is contemporary 1980s music; however there are also songs from the 50s and 60s available. These stations appear both in GTA Vice City itself as well as its prequel Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Each radio station in the game features its own playlist and theme; for instance, Wave 103 features DJ Wildstyle who specializes in hip hop and period electro music, while other radio stations cover various genres including classical, country and rock music. Players can access these playlists when entering a vehicle via radio interface.

Players can create their own customized radio station using the “MP3 Player” option in the Audio menu while their game is paused, using this easy process. They can select their song of choice from an available list to customize the soundtrack of every playthrough of the game.

GTA Vice City adds an unexpected, fresh twist to the GTA series and provides a welcome change from the repetitive pop songs typically found in most other games. Its music fits seamlessly with its comic setting and atmosphere – no wonder so many people enjoy listening to its soundtrack!

iTunes now has the entire Vice City soundtrack available, featuring every track from GTA Vice City. Perfect for anyone who appreciates 80s music!

GTA games’ music can often be criticised, yet it remains enjoyable to hear some classic tracks like Vice City’s soundtrack which remains at the top of Google searches due to its catchy songs that keep us coming back for more!


The game’s world is stunningly realistic and immersive, offering you an engaging city full of traffic and boats cruising the waterways, news helicopters flying overhead, gangsters and police patrolling their respective turfs, as well as daily life taking place within its confines. You could easily spend hours exploring it all – taking in its violence as you go along!

Vice City takes place during the 1980s, prior to GTA 3. Tommy Vercetti is an outlaw gangster recently released from prison after 15 years. Upon arrival in Florida’s seedy Vice City – just across the border – Tommy finds himself drifting aimlessly among violent, money-driven landscape. Tasked with finding out who dumped him while also combatting established criminal elements present there, Tommy must quickly learn what led up to his release and manage ongoing operations as best as he can.

This title offers more refined gameplay than its predecessor, featuring a stronger protagonist with more varied missions. Players can enter buildings for example and access many new options (not forgetting you can purchase property in this game!). There’s also more weapons and vehicles on offer as well as enhanced graphics.

Vice City offers more than the standard mission types with Rampages that require players to quickly kill multiple gang members within a set time. These challenges provide added fun while adding some variety to gameplay.

Vice City boasts an extensive soundtrack from artists like Lionel Richie, Wang Chung and Ozzy Osbourne that bring its world to life and set it apart from its contemporaries. The music in Vice City really adds depth and authenticity.

GTA Vice City remains one of the most beloved Grand Theft Auto titles ever, selling over 17.5 million copies worldwide and even being featured in WatchMojo’s video ranking all Grand Theft Auto games ever made.


GTA Vice City takes place in an idyllic version of the 1980s characterized by neon, sunrays and energy. Rockstar Games did an outstanding job recreating that atmosphere within their virtual reality game world.

Vic’s more involved participation makes him easier to identify with as an antidrug fighter, giving the player a deeper involvement with his battle against corrupt political leaders and drug lords. The plot itself is captivating with some subtly nodding towards Miami Vice, such as its Lamborghini Countach driven by Tommy Vercetti and its use of small green “tiki statues” filled with cocaine reminiscent of what drug traffickers use when transporting illegal substances on that show’s pilot episode.

This game also showcases a more prominent nod to Al Pacino’s Tony Montana character from the 1983 movie Scarface, with several locations such as Vercetti Mansion and Malibu Club being directly inspired from scenes featured in that film. A chainsaw used in one blood-stained bathroom also serves as an ode to one of Scarface’s iconic scenes where Montana is dismembered using one.

As with the previous games in this series, players can undertake side missions that support but do not advance the main narrative. This allows almost endless playability and gives an opportunity for exploration should you hit any roadblocks along your story path.

GTA Vice City development began shortly after Grand Theft Auto III’s release in late 2001, though executive producer Sam Houser noted that this game wasn’t meant to be an expansion pack and would have been released separately; rather, its team saw it as an opportunity to add a more mature and detailed setting into their franchise. Released initially for PlayStation Portable then later for PS2, both versions support six player multiplayer game play via wireless ad-hoc mode on PSPs.

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