Handy Backup Review

Handy Backup

Handy Backup is an automated scheduler backup solution for files, folders, databases and disk images that offers all plug-ins freely during its 30-day free trial!

Backup data flexibly using full, incremental and differential backup, Virtual Machine backup (VM backup ), versioned backup (versioned backup ) and other options. Automatically launch programs or batch files before or after running backup tasks!

Easy to use

Handy Backup is a software program that enables computer users to set up reliable data protection on all types of computers ranging from personal PCs to business servers. It provides comprehensive solutions for backing up files and folders, popular databases (MySQL/ODBC), email, Windows/Linux virtual machines/disk images as well as options for synchronizing or copying between two computers or servers. With its intuitive design and abundance of functions that cover beginner to IT specialist users alike.

This application offers user-friendly step-by-step wizards for creating backup, restore and sync tasks. Settings can easily be modified via multi-paned dialog boxes in this application’s interface, while jobs can be scheduled to start automatically at any date or time and recorded in log files. It supports most modern external storage devices including CD/DVD-RWs or NAS devices as well as file compression in multiple formats with multi-choice ZIP encryption as well as advanced features like full, incremental and differential backup versions as well as rotating backup versions – among many others!

Restoring data backed-up via any of the available restoration modes is possible. The program allows for the restoration of entire folders, sets of files or individual files – even mirroring original source and destination folders so they remain identical – or to another computer or an empty directory without saving any original backups to their target location.

Handy Backup Professional edition can support FTP servers using both SFTP and FTPS protocols, making it perfect for those wishing to secure FTP server data backup. Furthermore, its dedicated plug-ins allow users to store Gmail and MS Outlook emails via IMAP protocol for safe keeping. Its Amazon S3-powered cloud storage can back up and save information as well as synchronize with Google Drive, Dropbox OneDrive for Business as well as any other cloud.

Easy to schedule

Handy Backup is an automatic backup program that enables you to schedule backup copies at regular intervals. It features various options, such as creating full, incremental and differential backups as well as rotating saved versions and running external programs before or after backup tasks. Furthermore, Handy Backup encrypts its backup data – making it an invaluable asset for business owners seeking to protect themselves in case of disaster.

This program supports various storage media types, from external USB drives and NAS devices to modern cloud services like Amazon S3, WebDAV-driven clouds such as Google Drive/OneDrive for Business/OneDrive for Personal/Dropbox/OwnCloud and OwnCloud. Furthermore, its interface is user-friendly, making learning how to use this software straightforward for any computer user.

Handy Backup can synchronize files, folders, databases and entire systems seamlessly with its step-by-step wizard, making the task of backing up easy. Each task features customized settings allowing for the selection of data or specifying a destination folder – making the program an invaluable companion to protect critical assets and ensure their survival.

Automation software can also be used to automate processes that usually require manual intervention, such as moving files between locations. By eliminating errors during file transfers and saving both time and effort in doing so, this method of file transferring proves particularly helpful when dealing with large datasets that are challenging to manage manually.

This program can help businesses implement various backup strategies, from the simple 3-2-1 strategy to more sophisticated techniques such as Grandfather-Father-Son. It can even perform mirroring backups – which create identical copies of data across two folders – making life easier when working across multiple computers and keeping all their information current and up-to-date. Furthermore, the database backup feature makes information even more secure by automatically encrypting it on the fly for added peace of mind.

Easy to synchronize

This program makes creating and editing synchronization tasks simple through step-by-step wizards, with all its options easily editable directly in a multiple-paned dialog. Select which files will be synchronized, where they should be copied, how they should be treated (replace with existing copy or keep both copies), use filename masks to control syncing behavior based on several parameters etc.

Handy Backup makes the syncing process safe and reliable; should any issue arise during copying, Handy Backup will stop copying and resume only copying those files that were not copied to or changed on the destination folder – making this software highly suitable for synchronizing between two computers, like notebook and desktop PC, or home and office computers.

Handy Backup can synchronize files and folders between computers as well as with cloud storages like OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. With its WebDAV-based synchronization technology, Handy Backup also lets users synchronize data via accounts on these services as well as private or esoteric cloud using API protocols like Amazon S3, S3, Windows Azure etc.

The software employs strong, fast and secure connections when syncing data sources. Furthermore, it supports advanced encryption methods for data protection as well as providing an option to compress backup files on-demand to save space.

With our convenient Recovery Wizard, it is possible to quickly and easily restore complete or partial copies of backed up data, in case any problems with original files arise; such as virus/ransomware attacks, software malfunctioning etc.

Handy Backup’s different editions provide the ability to easily backup not only files and folders, but also popular databases (MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL), virtual machines (VM) and other data types. Furthermore, its professional version offers even greater versatility allowing synchronizing via SFTP/FTPS servers; physically secure USB drives; S3-driven business cloud storage services; Amazon S3 interfaces as well as other options.

Easy to backup

Questioning how to change backup and recovery locations for copied files is a common one among IT professionals and PC users alike, with solutions often coming from inventive methods or homemade recipes. There’s an easier solution available – get yourself a new version of Handy Backup to change restore paths quickly and effortlessly!

This software enables storing data to virtually every modern storage, such as local and external drives, USB flash disks, FTP servers, commercial clouds (e.g. Amazon S3, Dropbox or Google Drive) WebDAV-driven private and public clouds as well as WebDAV-driven private/public clouds and even another hard drive cloning. In addition, auxiliary functions include E-mail notifications of user, running the backup/restoration process even when not logged into, automate execution of programs prior to or after creating/restoring backups/restoration processes etc.

Handy Backup stands out from similar programs by maintaining native data formats during backup without compressing or encrypting files, which enables direct use of the data through related tools such as Windows Explorer. Furthermore, Handy Backup features full differential and mixed backup techniques to minimize storage requirements when backing up data.

Handy Backup can also synchronize files between different computers automatically, copying only changed or missing files to save both time and space for backups. This feature can help synchronize work and home computers, keep notebooks up-to-date between desktop computers, or transfer information within corporate networks.

Handy Backup’s latest version allows for the backup and restoration of email messages, settings, attachments, and accounts on most common mail management applications such as MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird. This provides a quick and reliable method of recovering all data in case of accidental account deletion, hardware failures or ransomware attacks; additionally, backup copies can easily be shared across services.

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