Handy Backup Review

Handy Backup is an automated backup program compatible with modern storage media. It offers full, incremental, and differential backup options as well as folder synchronization both locally and across a network.

An intuitive wizard-based interface enables step-by-step adjustment of all backup, restore, and synch tasks. Backups can be created onto local drives, CD/DVD/BD media or FTP servers with encryption available as an optional extra.


Automatic Backup Program for Windows PCs that includes an extensive array of built-in functions. It supports various storage media types and provides various methods of backing up data – on-the-fly ZIP compression, 128-bit Blowfish encryption, running other programs before or after tasks, backup verification etc. Additionally, it can run as a service and has both command-line interface and presets and plug-ins to backup specific folders such as My Documents, Registry E-mail and instant messenger backup.

Hard disk image backup significantly shortens restoration times compared to file-based backup, which requires manually reinstalling an OS and applications. Instead, this program automatically saves a complete copy of your hard drive in a VHD format that can easily be restored on modern computers – especially handy for laptops and desktops that frequently get connected and disconnected. This functionality makes hard disk backup backup an essential asset when dealing with constantly shifting laptops and desktops that frequently get connected and disconnected.

Another essential feature is being able to synchronize files between computers. By doing so, you can keep the same information available across both machines, or use this functionality to synchronize home and work PCs so you can access your important files at any given time.

Handy Backup can create identical copies of selected data on both an FTP server and local computer, automatically updating both copies when any file changes are made on either one. When new or changed data appears on either machine, Handy Backup instantly or at an interval you specify will synchronize both copies instantly or according to a schedule you create.

The utility offers you the capability of backing up data to cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox and OwnCloud – even offering encrypted cloud backups for increased privacy and security. This feature can prove especially valuable for small business owners who must keep essential files backed up on-the-go.

Novosoft Backup Pro is an entirely automated tool, making setting up backup jobs simple in three steps. It runs daily, weekly or monthly backups and notifies you by email when complete – plus includes a built-in log that tracks activity for easy tracking. Technical support is offered via both email and ICQ (details listed on their website); registered users are guaranteed a two day response time from Novosoft!


Handy Backup is an all-inclusive backup and recovery solution, with powerful functions for automated data protection, activity logging, disk image creation and deployment. From home users to professional server network administrators alike, Handy Backup makes data protection quick and effortless – protecting files, folders, databases, FTP/cloud accounts (including websites) as well as special files like the registry.

User interface of Acronis True Image Pro offers a flexible and well-thought out experience for creating and controlling tasks in both simple and advanced modes, including creating and controlling all tasks without interrupting or disrupting them in any way. Furthermore, Acronis can synchronize files and folders on typical storage media as well as take complete hard disk image backup for rapid system restoration, while running backup/synchronization tasks as a Windows service without user intervention – helping reduce system downtime due to interruptions while backing up and restoring data.

Handy Backup offers various plug-ins to extend its functionality, such as the Disk Image plug-in which saves a binary image of any logical or physical drive or partition in an understandable format, enabling it to be restored onto another system as an effective replacement of its original disk. Furthermore, this program can create bootable CD/DVDs which come in very handy if your disk fails unexpectedly.

Handy Backup can create backups of virtually every type of disk, including USB sticks, external hard disks and NAS drives. Additionally, it can create virtual machines on which backed-up data can be run and also serve as an effective cloning solution; perfect for testing purposes or quickly restoring old versions of systems.

This program can also perform hot backups of MS Exchange Server data, MySQL databases and ODBC-compatible databases such as Oracle and IBM DB2. Furthermore, it clone websites to another server or host, helping protect websites against server crashes while saving and restoring emails using IMAP servers.


Handy Backup is an efficient backup program with an uncomplicated user interface and abundant features. This versatile solution can back up everything from files and folders, Windows libraries, registry, FTP content, ODBC databases and virtual machines; making it suitable for both home and business use alike. Furthermore, its reasonable pricing makes this a fantastic value option with excellent tech support available at all times.

Handy Backup can synchronize data between different locations. This feature enables you to maintain two identical copies of identical information that, when one changes, both copies will instantly reflect. This is particularly helpful for updating large databases. Handy Backup also can synchronize files across computer hard disks and external USB drives as well as commercial cloud services (Amazon S3, Google Drive etc) and WebDAV clouds; forcing “master-to-slave” sync is supported as well as various other types of sync.

Setup and running this software are both simple, with an easy step-by-step Task Wizard designed for simple or advanced modes. A variety of tasks with different schedules and options – multiple backup cycles, compression, encryption – can be created. All activity related to backup activity is recorded in an extensive log file and this program also performs bare metal restores, disk image backups and network backups.

Handy Backup comes in multiple editions for home, professional, small server and server use, with the latter including disk imaging capabilities and SFTP backup as well as advanced Disk Clone, System Recovery and Disaster Recovery modules. Novosoft stands by their two-day response guarantee with free technical support via e-mail and ICQ (addresses can be found on their product website). Each version supports backing up to modern storage media like HDDs, SSDs, USB drives, and optical discs. Backup Exec can also perform hot backup of databases like MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL. Furthermore, it offers support for various FTP servers to back up to LAN or SFTP storage as well as IMAP servers, providing protection from email back up in Gmail, Yahoo Mail iCloud services.


Small business backup solutions provide invaluable protection from ransomware attacks and hardware failure. It can protect you against accidental deletions or sudden authority inspections as well as restore data to other locations or computers quickly if disaster strikes – thus helping keep operations running smoothly during an emergency situation. Unfortunately, they can be quite expensive without the appropriate software but fortunately there are ways to lower their cost significantly.

Set up scheduled backups at nonworking hours when the system is less busy. Automatically compress and encrypt Interbase backup files using this program. Select from all tables or specific ones you need backed up. Another useful feature is running it as a Windows service – meaning it will start up at startup time and execute all scheduled backups without user intervention required to run them.

Handy Backup can also easily and rapidly restore your business data, thanks to its advanced architecture. Multi-threaded transfers allow it to quickly move large files while using minimal disk usage; making this an excellent option for businesses with limited server resources. Plus, the software offers external backup locations and ZIP compression to reduce file sizes; plus it sends out email notifications about backup status to team members!

Handy Backup’s unique benefit lies in its ability to preserve file formats during backup, greatly decreasing storage and restoration times. Furthermore, Handy Backup provides access to an extensive library of advices and manuals for planning business data backup. In fact, this solution can even create backup images of physical or virtual servers and support various types of virtual engines such as Hyper-V, VMware, and VirtualBox – saving even more storage and restore time!

Handy Backup’s cost depends on the licenses purchased and features enabled; for a single user license this costs $30; bulk purchase orders qualify for 15% discounts.

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