Handy Backup Review

Handy Backup is an application specifically designed to backup data onto virtually all storage media types. It supports all popular file formats and offers various backup operations – including mirroring two folders so their contents match exactly.

Software like Synchronize Data allows you to synchronize data so if anything goes wrong during copying, it doesn’t force you to start over from scratch. Furthermore, encryption files provide added protection and ensure secure storage.

It offers a variety of backup options

Handy Backup offers an array of backup options to secure your computer data, from system disk image backup to synchronization, mirroring and versioned backup. Furthermore, Handy Backup supports partition cloning capabilities as well as features a comprehensive set of restore functions.

This program offers an intuitive user experience, making it suitable for home users as well as businesses of any size. Compatible with any Microsoft operating system and requiring no extra hardware or software installations. SyncData Pro can even synchronize data across multiple computers simultaneously allowing you to update files on one and instantly have them appear on all other machines connected through it.

Not only can it back up standard file and folder backup, it can also back up NAS/FTP content, ODBC databases, VMware images and various other types of special data types. Users have the option to make cloud backups with encrypted backups – they also benefit from accessing an extensive task log and email notifications.

Your backup can run at an exact time (like early morning when it won’t disrupt you) or upon an event such as logoff. Furthermore, it can synchronize files across two PCs, keeping both up-to-date.

Handy Backup can provide additional data security by protecting backups with 128-bit encryption and password protection, helping prevent ransomware attacks and other threats from emerging. In addition, it also offers other backup and restoration capabilities, including automatically restoring backups when they move locations as well as speeding up the restoration process.

When backing up files or folders, you have several backup cycle options to select from: single, incremental and differential backup cycles can help save both space and time by only copying changes since the last backup; you may also encrypt backups and select whether or not they should be compressed for additional space savings. When necessary, these backups can then be restored back into their original formats or copied elsewhere before processing by appropriate tools or file management systems.

It allows you to synchronize data

Handy Backup is an incredibly effective backup program with synchronization features, capable of protecting files, folders, databases and much more besides. Users can sync their data across various storage devices like hard drives, memory cards and network drives; making Handy Backup an ideal choice for small business backup and restoration.

This program boasts an easy-to-use, user-friendly user interface that makes it ideal for beginners. It can easily backup data and files in various formats – including ZIP files protected with 128-bit encryption – as well as back up an entire website or database in just a single step. Furthermore, two computers using identical backup settings may synchronize data simultaneously.

Novosoft HBDrive cloud solution. Additionally, backups can be stored locally on CD/DVD/BD, FTP server or even an array of alternative devices like USB flash drives and portable NAS. Multiple plug-ins exist for Dropbox and Google Drive backup, while with Professional edition of this program users have the capability of more advanced backup solutions such as Amazon S3 or Novosoft’s HBDrive storage solutions.

Handy Backup allows users to synchronize data by copying files from one folder to the next, or between computers; its synchronization tools also allow for mirroring folders so as to automatically update their contents.

Users have the ability to choose between full and incremental backups, with the latter only copying any changed files since their last backup operation. Furthermore, this software allows them to select where restored files will be stored if their original data becomes lost or corrupted.

Along with backing up and restoring data from local drives, this application also supports online synchronization using WebDAV, FTP and SFTP protocols. With its support for latest NTFS security features as well as robust file compression on demand, it makes an ideal solution for businesses.

It offers a convenient interface

Handy Backup is an advanced data backup and restoration application, designed for automated use. It offers complete protection of folders and files on computers, external hard drives, NAS servers and FTP servers; data synchronization between computers; supports numerous file formats with an intuitive user interface and can schedule backups at the most suitable times of the day – saving both time and energy!

At its core is support for several advanced plug-ins, such as hot backup for Microsoft Exchange, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and ODBC databases; website cloning; simplified website security measures; powerful disk image backup feature; as well as support for backup/restoration from popular cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3.

This program can backup virtually every type of file or folder imaginable – system files and Windows Registry included! Creating an image of your entire drive enables you to recover lost files or disks without needing to reinstall operating systems again. Furthermore, advanced backup features like on-the-fly ZIP64 compression and 128-bit Blowfish encryption offer you more advanced recovery solutions while backing up entire disks or partitions using mixed cycle of full, incremental, differential and mirroring backups are provided as standard features.

Handy Backup provides another beneficial feature – automatic synchronization between folders on PC, external hard drives and NAS, or over the internet – perfect for small businesses that need their data consistent. Furthermore, this program can sync emails, instant messengers, e-mail clients as well as data from other programs synchronize as needed.

Handy Backup’s user-friendly design makes it incredibly intuitive to use, eliminating confusing terminology and commands and keeping only those essential functions that matter. Plus, it works with any hardware such as external hard drives, NAS servers and FTP/SFTP/FTPS servers!

This program can also be run as a service, providing continuous backup and updating of your system. Furthermore, it can back up computers remotely ensuring your data remains protected against disasters like viruses and ransomware attacks.

It offers a variety of storage options

Handy Backup provides multiple storage solutions for protecting, restoring and syncing data. It can backup files to local drives, external USB disks, FTP servers and the cloud; create recovery drives in virtual mode; and mount them free of charge – making Handy Backup an indispensable data management software solution. The intuitive interface of this product was designed for both experienced users and novices. Step-by-step wizards allow for step-wise configuration while editing can take place directly through a multi-paned dialog window. Backup Exec offers full, incremental and differential backup; compression to encrypted ZIP files; creating versioned backups with timestamps; cloning; running other programs before or after tasks; as well as mirroring which updates data sources as they change. Home, Professional and Small Server editions of Backup4All are each priced differently and feature distinctively; Home users will enjoy automatic NAS backup, while Professional add disk imaging and SFTP backup. Furthermore, Small Server provides support for ODBC database backup as well as other enterprise-level features.

Its extensive synchronization capabilities let you easily maintain multiple folders or entire drives up-to-date. Furthermore, it synchronizes files across different computers so you can work on your laptop while having access to the same information at home if desired. Compatible with most major operating systems (including Windows), including making copies of entire computer systems or partitions/hard drives; additionally it has plugins available for integration into other software programs.

Handy Backup offers an expansive array of storage media via its plug-ins, making it easy for you to select the ideal option for your needs. Choose between online and offline storages; such as built-in PC drives and external USB units) and remote (FTP servers and NAS units); however, remote solutions tend to be faster depending on Internet connectivity parameters; handy Backup also supports cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox as well as private clouds supporting WebDAV.

Handy Backup offers data copies in their native formats on an external storage, unlike some other backup utilities that require special software to recover them. Furthermore, this tool lets you encrypt and compress data as you go along and can even back up specific data types like databases and virtual machines (VMs).

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