Handy Backup – The Easiest Way to Back Up Files and Folders With a Single Click

Handy Backup

Backing up files and folders quickly with one click has never been simpler! Simply follow the 3-2-1 backup rule for peace of mind when protecting your data!

Handy Backup is an efficient and quick utility designed for home, office and business workstations alike. Supporting modern storages while combining advanced technologies for optimal performance – Handy Backup provides peace of mind.

Easy to use

Backup data can be one of those tasks we know we should do but often procrastinate on, with potentially devastating repercussions if left undone. Handy Backup makes the task more manageable by offering an intuitive user interface – making the task manageable even for novice users.

This backup software makes it easy and safe to backup files, system and bootable image backups as well as schedule them and control them with activity logs and strong encryption. Plus, its wide array of alternative storage methods such as modern external hard drives, NAS systems, memory cards are fully compatible.

Flexible backup types enable you to easily create full, incremental, and differential backups which only save files with changes since their previous backup – thus reducing data to back up while making restoration more rapid than a traditional full backup method. In addition, this program can backup and restore system boot records for full system image restoration.

Backups can be stored to local disks, CD/DVD/BD or FTP/WebDAV servers. The utility supports advanced plug-ins like backing up tables of databases such as FoxPro, MySQL and Oracle through their respective ODBC features; additionally it can backup MS SQL server images as well as Hyper-V and VMware server images, plus NAS arrays.

This program can also run as a Windows service, handling scheduled backups without disrupting system operations. Furthermore, Hyper-V images and VMware VMs can be copied during “hot mode”, allowing you to keep working with the same machine while safeguarding its data.

Handy Backup offers users looking to secure their data in the cloud an array of integrations with popular services, including Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive for Business. In addition, it features advanced features like on-the-fly zip compression and 128-bit blowfish encryption as well as on-demand zip compression and 128-bit blowfish encryption – and backups can all be tracked in an extended task log with detailed online help and notifications sent when backups complete or errors arise.


Handy Backup is an automatic backup and synchronization software program for your computer that offers comprehensive protection, mirroring data between drives on the same PC, LAN computer or FTP server. It features various backup options tailored specifically to meet your individual needs – for instance it can save backups in ZIP format with 128-bit Blowfish encryption; incremental/differential backups save both space and time by copying only new or changed files since its last backup; it even performs incremental/differential backups by only copying new or altered files from previous backups – saving space while time and saving space by copying only new/changed files since previous backup.

Additionally, this program boasts several other features to make it one of the most dependable backup solutions on the market: for instance, it can perform a bare-metal restore or disk cloning; back up MySQL, FoxPro, and other database tables; backup email content downloaded by local email clients such as Outlook Express, The Bat!, and Thunderbird; backup the Windows registry; run as a service on your system and provide command-line interface access; automatically report backup activity via e-mail – among many more features!

Handy Backup is an easy-to-use and feature-packed program, boasting a Wizard-based interface which makes the backup/synchronization tasks straightforward. You can perform hard drive cloning, compress/encrypt backups as well as restore them easily. Furthermore, Handy Backup supports many modern storage media including CD/DVD drives, external and internal HDDs as well as shared drives on LAN networks as well as FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers and WebDAV services – as well as popular online services like Dropbox/Box/Google Drive etc.

Handy Backup represents great value for its price. Packed with useful tools and an intuitive user interface, as well as plugins available at additional fees to backup Outlook, ICQ and Registry files – not to mention its 30-day fully functional trial – Handy Backup makes an ideal choice for both home and office users alike – unlike similar programs which insist upon upgrading to a paid version after only some period of time has elapsed.


Handy Backup is an intuitive data backup software solution with secure capabilities that ensure reliable file protection for you, your family or small server. Support for various storage media – CD/DVD-RW devices included – enables it to compress backups as they’re saved to save both time and disk space, while its robust scheduler enables easy use. Available editions of Handy Backup include Home, Professional and Small Server editions plus a 30-day free trial version with all features unlocked for use by any user.

The software allows users to back up files to local hard drives, external USB disks or shared network resources. It also features support for S3 or WebDAV cloud services as well as plug-ins to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Amazon S3.

Software used to back up Microsoft Exchange Servers, Lotus Notes/Domino servers, SQL databases and ODBC applications; its advanced versioned backup and incremental backup features make it ideal for business environments; the program can even run as a Windows service to provide added security and convenience.

With its flexible scheduler, backup and synchronization tasks can be performed automatically at predetermined or customized intervals of minutes to months, as well as being initiated from command line windows directly.

The software can be easily installed on either a Windows client or server and has been thoroughly tested to work across a wide variety of hardware and software configurations. With support for VMware and VirtualBox virtual machines, it can backup VM hosts and arrays as well as individual virtual machines backed up to remote databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle etc. Additionally it features an inbuilt SFTP server for fast, encrypted transfer to FTP/SFTP/FTPS compatible servers; furthermore synchronization files between desktop computers, laptops/notebooks without additional storage devices being needed


Handy Backup provides an integrated set of tools for automatic backup and recovery with flexible scheduling, activity logging, data encryption, disk cloning/restoring images/backing up files to external HDDs/NAS devices/FTP servers etc. Also included is command line backup/restoration capabilities as well as email notification services and notification of backup/restoration events from external HDDs/NAS devices/FTP servers and features like backup from My Documents to Windows Registry Backup to Outlook mailbox backup etc.

This user-friendly backup utility boasts a user-friendly wizard-based interface, making its various functions clear to all. Available in three editions for just $39 Home use, $99 Professional version and $599 Small Server edition; these each provide different functionalities such as supporting SFTP or backing up to NAS devices respectively, with Pro adding support for SFTP backup and the Small Server offering advanced database backup features like Microsoft Exchange Server, Oracle or others.

Synchronizing folders makes it simple for users to maintain consistent data across multiple computers, and two laptops can even be synced so that data updates simultaneously – an especially helpful option for businesses which must ensure all employees have access to up-to-date information.

Another outstanding benefit of this software is that it maintains the original file formats when backing up, making restoration of backed up files much faster and simpler when needed. Furthermore, disc spanning can allow it to back up large amounts of data in just one session.

Handy Backup stands out as an exceptional data protection software program because of its incredible reliability, as it can be trusted to deliver exactly as promised. Not only that, but its affordable cost makes it the ideal option for anyone who requires frequent data backup. Unfortunately, however, updating of index files may take some time which may prove frustrating for those needing to start work quickly.

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