Happy Wheels Review

Happy Wheels is an engaging ragdoll physics-based game featuring characters and vehicles of different shapes and sizes, as well as lethal obstacles like spikes, mines, and sawblades that threaten to impale or dismember players. There are multiple levels that include these obstacles that pose great danger.

This game boasts an extensive level editor with over 10 million user-created levels to choose from and is widely known for its dark sense of humor and blood-filled scenes.


Happy Wheels is an addictive side-scrolling, physics-based game designed to test your precision skills. The levels are filled with deadly traps and obstacles such as explosive barrels, rotating blades, and falling objects – you must avoid these in order to reach the end without losing an arm or succumbing to death in the process. While its rules may seem straightforward enough, successfully playing through each level requires careful thought and precise movement as falling into pits, crushing by objects, or being impaled on spikes will result in instant death that forces you back to start over the level all over again.

Happy Wheels’ controls may seem simple, but mastering them takes practice. Left and right arrow buttons control your character’s speed while the up arrow button allows them to jump. Use directional keys or the F key (in case an obstruction blocks your view) to move the camera while using directional keys (when an obstacle blocks it) can move your view of what’s ahead.

Each character in Happy Wheels boasts different abilities that you can leverage to overcome challenges. Experiment with different characters until you find one that best matches your play style; practice will only help improve how well you control your character! Don’t be disheartened if a level goes badly – simply learn from past errors and adjust accordingly.

Happy Wheels features a vibrant community of players who collaborate to design user-made levels for one another to play in. Some levels are designed to show off specific characters or vehicles while others aim simply to test players’ skill – these may include Washington DC subway stations, Matrix-like environments or roller coasters where you must cover yourself from dangerous spikes with bodies from other people.


The game offers a diverse selection of characters to select, each equipped with its own vehicle. Every character comes equipped with strengths and weaknesses; picking the ideal character plays a huge role in successfully completing levels; certain characters may be better suited for certain levels than others, while some are more vulnerable to serious injury than others.

Jim Bonacci first created and released this online title, known for its dark sense of humor and large amount of blood and gore, in June 2010. Since then it has quickly become a hit.

Create custom scenarios using the game’s comprehensive level editor or choose one of over 10 million user-created levels from around the world to play. Your objective should be to bring your chosen character safely across to either reach the finish line or activate a trigger without falling victim to hazards and obstacles that litter each level.

Each character in the game possesses unique abilities and responses to failure. For example, Wheelchair Guy is a slightly ragged-looking older man with jet boost capabilities who is best used to tackle more challenging levels. Another popular character is Irresponsible Dad who often rides with his young son riding shotgun on his bike; when needed to reach goals faster or trigger traps he may eject him as part of an extra effort towards reaching them or trigger traps.

Explorer Guy can run quickly; Lawnmower Man can use his lawnmower; Santa Claus can travel via helicopter; Pogo Stick Man has the capability of leaping higher and farther by pressing or holding down on the space bar.


Happy Wheels is a physics-based platformer in which players take control of various characters riding vehicles with wheels such as bikes, wheelchairs, Segways and carts. Each level in Happy Wheels presents lethal traps and daredevil jumps – each level becoming increasingly more difficult until many become nearly impossible to complete.

The game’s vehicle system is extremely flexible, and many characters possess special skills that they use with their vehicle(s). For instance, Wheelchair Guy can speed up with his jet while Effective Shopper uses her Segway to jump. Leveraging these special abilities to reach the end of every level is key!

When playing, the player’s character is controlled by pressing buttons on the screen to lean forward or backward, with another one for jumping. These controls have been carefully tailored for touchscreen devices, making gameplay intuitive yet accessible to mobile device users. Although they’re easy to grasp and use, some users have reported minor bugs that cause characters to accidentally grab onto vehicles they shouldn’t.

The game also provides a vehicle tool, enabling the player to create vehicles. To use this feature, a group of non-fixed interactive shapes must first be selected and clicked in order to create vehicles; next click ‘Group Items’ before setting as Vehicle and finally click on ‘Set as Vehicle’ which makes them appear like cars which you can then ride if desired. You may use this vehicle tool for creating any type of wheeled vehicle but beware it cannot collide with any non-fixed interactive shape!

Featured Levels

Happy Wheels is an engaging action game perfect for adventurous players who seek new challenges. Players can select one of several characters, each offering its own mode of transportation, to reach the finish line safely without getting hurt; some levels may prove more challenging than others but all levels promise thrills and fun!

The game boasts over 10 million fan made levels created by players around the world and featured on its official website, each providing players with different scenarios that test their ability to overcome extreme challenges.

Some of these levels are highly original and comedic; one user-made level depicting Wheelchair Guy as a pedophile or Irresponsible Dad as a mouse are just two examples. Furthermore, the game also offers several levels with exploding body parts and spurting blood – these should only be played if players are 18 years or over.

Happy Wheels features an outstanding physics engine that allows players to execute many amazing tricks in each level of the game, including BMX_Park II, Obstacle Course?, Speed Bridge, Half Of Doolie’s Dawn of the Dead Series and Laboratory 1. Among its more popular levels are BMX_Park II, Obstacle Course?, Speed Bridge Half Of Doolie Dawn Of Dead Series 1 as well as Laboratory 1.

Happy Wheels has won gamers worldwide with its cartoon violence and gory images, yet remains highly addictive. Available for iOS, Android and PC browser versions alike. However, its future remains uncertain due to Adobe’s plans to discontinue support for Flash technology soon and the many games that utilize this technology becoming inoperable.

Getting Started

Happy Wheels was one of the first browser-based ragdoll physics games to explode online, becoming an instantaneous hit with users across platforms and browsers alike. Its unconventional physics make for an entertaining challenge when traversing levels with lethal hazards such as spikes, mines and sawblades which threaten your character limb by limb unless they can be avoided.

The game’s controls are fairly intuitive, yet mastering them may take practice. Your vehicle is controlled using the arrow keys on your keyboard – up will accelerate while down will decelerate. Left and right arrows allow you to tilt or change character position on tilting vehicles or changing position on characters; and use of controller’s directional buttons is available as another option to navigate different environments in the game.

As you begin playing Happy Wheels for the first time, it is recommended to begin on easier levels so you can gain an understanding of its controls and mechanics before progressing onto more challenging obstacles as you become comfortable with them. Furthermore, be wary of what obstacles might appear during each level; these could range from falling objects or swinging blades all the way through rockets and roller coasters!

Happy Wheels makes creating levels relatively straightforward, and you can even design custom tracks for others to play. However, for newcomers to the game it can be intimidating; fortunately there are several helpful guides available to aid your journey to creating your own levels in Happy Wheels.

Happy Wheels makes creating levels easy! Simply select an object you wish to link, and click the “Join Object” button. A small window will then appear containing two transparent circles – the larger circle can be used to rotate it while its smaller counterpart can move it around freely.

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