Hard Disk Sentinel Review

Hard Disk Sentinel

Hard Disk Sentinel is a software solution that will assist in protecting your valuable information by monitoring disk performance and reporting any disturbances that might arise.

This software supports internal and external hard disks, SSDs, hybrid disk drives, NAS drives and RAID arrays; additionally it also supports industrial (micro )SD cards and eMMC devices.

Real-time monitoring

Hard Disk Sentinel is a program that monitors hard disks, alerting you of any disturbance. Additionally, it displays ratings of health and performance for each hard disk in real-time to monitor health and prevent data loss; working 24/7 to detect problems before they cause data loss. Furthermore, this tool can even clone hard drives for less costly storage needs – an indispensable resource on desktops, laptops and mobile devices alike!

This software leverages the SMART (Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology) features of modern hard disk drives to monitor their status and condition. It regularly assesses all SMART attributes and reports changes in them – showing not only how often a drive has been used but also its temperature, power consumption and other aspects.

Workstation application works on Windows computers and supports communication with all IDE, Serial ATA, NVMe, SCSI and SAS drives as well as most USB hard disks (HDD), SSD and hybrid (SSHD) hard drives as well as RAID arrays and LTO tape drives.

The main window displays the current status and available space of any selected disk, color-coded to reflect its quality: green means good; yellow indicates warning; and red represents error. Furthermore, there is also a text area which provides more details regarding each status change including tips or other helpful tidbits.

Hard disks are essential components of PCs and their failure can have disastrous repercussions, so it’s vital that they remain healthy and perform at their optimal levels. One effective tool that makes this possible is the Hard Disk Sentinel: an intuitive yet reliable program which will provide all of the data necessary for keeping your computer secure.

Alongside real-time hard disk monitoring, this program can also run in service mode to operate independently from any logged-in user. In this mode, the service mode program will send email and network message alerts, display tray icon bubbles with sound notifications, shut down computers to prevent further degradation of their system and backup/execute external applications as required.


This program displays an array of information regarding the health and performance of your hard disk drives, such as SMART data fields and degradations, warning of possible failure in advance and helping prevent data loss. Alerts such as system tray notifications, text messages and sound notifications may be provided as well as running backup or external applications in case there are issues. It also supports SSDs and hybrid drives for monitoring purposes.

Hard Disk Sentinel can send a status email to users on a scheduled basis that displays all current configuration and status details about all hard disks. This feature is particularly beneficial to companies using multiple computers as it eliminates time spent checking status manually on each one. You may configure Hard Disk Sentinel to store statistics and settings in different folders; however, doing so may impact its performance adversely and result in delays to sending your messages.

This software also has the capacity to automatically shut down the computer on hard disk drive failure or overheat, making it ideal for companies that rely on hard drives for critical operations. Furthermore, the program detects and displays hard disk revision numbers and buffer sizes which is extremely helpful when working with data storage systems.

To avoid false detections, the software checks the disk power state before each detection and does not wake a sleeping drive to update its status. This feature is especially beneficial as certain drives (and disk controllers and drivers) provide incorrect power states which cause false positive detections as they might lead to the software thinking it is active even though it actually is inactive.

The program can also detect new SMART attributes and record them into its log file for later analysis, which is useful in detecting problems not caught by standard SMART tests as well as alerting users if a bad sector is discovered.


Hard Disk Sentinel is a hard disk drive monitoring and reporting tool that monitors multiple drives at once to report on their status, predict imminent failures and degradation, provide early warnings of data loss and provides advanced warnings when problems are detected before they cause irreparable damage – all with ease! Featuring an easy user interface with clear results displayed concisely – Hard Disk Sentinel also automatically backups files when problems are identified so your data remains safe!

This software can detect and report on numerous issues with your hard disks, such as temperature spikes and signs of degradation. Furthermore, it can even pinpoint issues that would otherwise be difficult to detect using other tools – for instance reallocated sectors which indicate potential hard drive failure, as well as error rates which indicate potential performance issues.

All of these reports can be easily accessed from the main window of the program. In addition, an optional system tray icon displays current hard disk status at all times and offers in-depth details on each individual hard disk such as manufacturer and serial number information.

Hard disks degrade over time, and it is crucial to monitor changes in their health in order to protect yourself against potential data loss. Hard Disk Sentinel offers detailed reports about SMART data on each of your hard drives for peace of mind.

Many SMART attributes provide graphs that allow you to see how their attributes have evolved over time, which is especially useful for detecting abnormal behavior or potential problems. Since many graphs display values in hexadecimal form, you will need to convert these to decimal to view them accurately.

The software also displays raw data for each SMART attribute in a table format, giving you direct visibility into actual measured values rather than estimates based on manufacturer and configuration variables.


Hard disk monitor software can play an essential role in keeping your data safe. By alerting you if the hard drive becomes overheated or operates slowly, saving any potentially lost files before they go bad. Furthermore, this piece of software provides real-time status of how much work the hard disk is performing in real time allowing easier identification and correction of any anomalies or disturbances that arise on desktop or laptop computers – an absolute necessity!

This software comes packed with features and is very straightforward to use, offering an overview of all mass storage devices on your system and providing notifications and alerts when issues are detected – for instance email and SMS can be sent directly to you if an issue with hard drives occurs.

This program allows for monitoring of both internal and external hard disks, SSDs, USB e-SATA drives, RAID arrays and NAS devices – even testing of S.M.A.R.T attributes of disk drives selected to run tests – you can select type of test you would like run, along with number of read/write operations you wish to perform; after which results of that particular test are displayed in MBps by the software.

Once installed, this program generates a desktop and quick launch bar icon (on both English and Hungarian versions of Linux), which can be launched by clicking or typing “HDSentinel”.

This tool should be an indispensable part of every computer user’s toolbox, as it monitors the condition of all mass storage devices on your system and helps prevent data loss caused by issues with hard disks or operating systems. Furthermore, this safeguard protects sensitive information against external threats.

Downloading software from its official website is easy, and comes complete with a lifetime license and tech support for maximum convenience. Installing this portable version onto both a Windows and Mac system is quick and effortless; its full version also supports multiple languages for optimum use away from a computer – while being compatible with most major hardware brands.

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