HomeGuard Pro Review

HomeGuard Pro

An investment in home security systems can provide peace of mind. But, if it causes false alarms, expensive fees could ensue and local police departments could respond slowly when emergencies arise.

The ERA HomeGuard Pro is simple to set up and monitor from your smartphone, providing an access log that displays who accessed your property at what times – making it easy for you to revoke access as needed.

Easy to install

HomeGuard Pro is an intelligent alarm system which offers straightforward home protection via a cloud based hub connected to WiFi and set up directly from a smartphone app. Modular in design, additional sensors, cameras and remote controls can be easily added as required – plus there’s battery backup just in case power goes out!

This smart alarm system from ADT SMART Monitoring offers 24/7 home protection and is easy to set up on your own without needing professional installation services. The DIY kit comes complete with a central control panel, motion detectors, door/window sensors, key-ring remote control and wireless alarm siren; further devices such as doorbell cameras or PIR sensors may be added as necessary to expand this security solution.

Your ERA HomeGuard Pro can easily be monitored with a free app available for both iOS and Android devices, providing access to live alarm data as well as arming/disarming it easily. Furthermore, this app enables you to assign access and admin rights for other people as either timed access or anytime access – giving them complete freedom in managing it at your discretion.

Alongside its smartphone app, this system comes equipped with key-ring-sized remotes that are easy to use and feature three buttons: Home / Alarm / Disarm. These can also be paired with compatible accessories, like Yale smart locks and cameras and Philips Hue lights – meaning you can set your alarm when leaving and turn off both lights and speakers automatically!

The smart alarm hub is an attractive, well-built device. Featuring a touchscreen interface, two USB ports, an ethernet port and an optional rechargeable battery with up to four days of life support, you can connect up to 50 sensors, 10 remote controls and any number of IP cameras with ease.

HomeGuard Pro is an ideal home alarm solution for anyone searching for an easy, cost-effective security solution with 24/7 ADT SMART monitoring that’s simple to set up and use. Among its many features are auto arm mode, built-in microphone, support for multiple smart devices and easy installation/use procedures.

Easy to use

HomeGuard Pro is a home security system that enables you to remotely monitor your home with the convenience of using a smartphone app. It can help set timers, arm and disarm alarms, check in on pets or remotely monitor family members; or control smart devices like lights and speakers through one app.

This system can connect with other smart technology, including Yale lock and door sensors as well as Philips Hue and Lifx lighting solutions. Setup is straightforward without wires being needed – simply connect wirelessly to your WiFi with an app setup setup process, using separate door, window, movement sensors (which may later be added if required), plus other accessories like video cameras or sirens if required. The kit contains a hub, separate door window movement sensors (which may later be added later if desired), plus other accessories like video cameras or sirens should you require extra protection!

Era HomeGuard Pro’s motion detectors will alert you as soon as anyone attempts to break in, setting off an alarm. Their sensors are pet-friendly so your cat or dog won’t accidentally trigger them! Plus, its app notifies you if either your sensors detect movement or you have set off the alarm – an invaluable way to feel safer in your own home!

HomeGuard Pro provides another valuable benefit in its ability to protect your home network from cybercriminals. With its built-in firewall that blocks access to devices or applications, hackers will find it more difficult to penetrate your security and infiltrate it. Furthermore, this feature can prevent unauthorized apps from being downloaded onto home computers or mobile phones – protecting both you and your family from unwanted software.

HomeGuard Pro stands out with its powerful functionality and sophisticated design to give your website an impressive professional appearance. Fully responsive and retina-ready, it supports all screen sizes and modern devices – as well as featuring an attractive full-screen Nivo slider to showcase impactful images for added visibility of your business – plus there’s even a blog section designed to promote home security services!

Easy to monitor

HomeGuard Pro is an easy and convenient monitoring tool that gives you visibility into what’s happening in your home. It records everything that happens on the computer and enables you to set rules to block certain websites, programs or games; while tracking time spent on each program and keeping an eye on mouse clicks, keystrokes, bandwidth usage. HomeGuard Pro’s interface makes using it accessible from any internet-connected device – it even lets you monitor websites during their upload/download processes!

To begin using HomeGuard, download and register an ERA app on your phone, adding your HomeGuard hub by either scanning its QR code on its back or by connecting to its WiFi hotspot and following its instructions. Once the system is up and running, you can control it from any location using this remote access application.

Upgrade your HomeGuard alarm system by adding sensors, cameras and more. One great benefit of HomeGuard’s modular design is that it enables you to add parts as you require them without spending unnecessary funds on upgrades. By building an alarm system that fits your specific needs while staying within budget constraints you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have security at all times.

This system is easy to monitor thanks to a smart alarm hub which connects all security gizmos. With up to 50 sensors, 10 remote controls and unlimited IP plus cameras it offers maximum protection. Plus it can easily be expanded with additional sirens, water and vibration detectors at any time for additional peace of mind. Furthermore, Lightwave solutions such as lighting heating and power solutions further complete its smart home experience.

The ERA HomeGuard Pro provides straightforward home security through a cloud based hub connected to WiFi that allows setup from any smartphone app in an effortless and straightforward process. Compatible with Lightwave heating and lighting technology and offering 24/7 professional monitoring support, the HomeGuard Pro makes a smart alternative to more costly and feature-packed solutions such as SimpliSafe that does not require contracts for purchase.

Easy to upgrade

Homeguard works transparently by offering one agreed price for alarm installation and ownership outright; then an annual charge (or twice annually for audible only systems).

Programming the system so that each person who enters your home has an access code can make life much simpler, and temporary codes for days, weeks or even months may also be created if needed.

As of now, integration between Lightwave and HomeGuard Pro only runs during ‘Armed’ and ‘Disarmed’ events; however, customers can alter this setting so it runs whenever a ‘Home’ event occurs – turning lights on/heating up etc.

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