HomeGuard Pro Review

HomeGuard Pro

HomeGuard Pro is an all-in-one cloud-based alarm system controlled from your smartphone. This smart security solution features a hub, door/motion/PIR sensors (including pet friendly PIR), IP cameras, water detectors and vibration sensors – everything needed for 24/7 protection!

Apps from Nest enable easy arming and disarming, quick property checks while traveling abroad and activity monitoring as well as web content filtering, computer time restriction restrictions and screen capture functionality.

Easy to use

The system works effectively and its app is user-friendly, enabling you to monitor multiple locations from a single account – including home, office and garage – from one convenient interface. Furthermore, you can select who gets access and remove it at will as needed; additionally, this alarm will record who entered and when – giving you peace of mind.

The ERA HomeGuard Pro is a smart alarm system that integrates all your security gizmos into a central hub, complete with mobile phone app for monitoring and control. Thanks to its modular design, additional sensors, cameras or components can be added as necessary – you’re free to add as many sensors, cameras or accessories to your kit as necessary!

One of the best features of this system is that it allows you to arm and disarm your alarm remotely via mobile app, as well as check on your property remotely using live stream of cameras. This makes sure that both family and pets are secure when you’re away.

HomeGuard Pro offers you an array of customizable accessories to meet your security needs, such as PIR sensors (both pet friendly and not), magnetic door/window sensors, siren, hub, rechargeable Li-ion battery backup backup. Furthermore, additional IP cameras, water detectors and vibration detectors can be added for further expansion of your security setup.

One great feature of this alarm system is that it can integrate seamlessly with other systems like Amazon Echo and Google Home, allowing you to manage it from a single device while accessing information about your home, such as energy usage. This makes saving money on utility bills and cutting carbon emissions simple.

Liberty Home Guard is a relatively new entry to the home warranty space, yet they provide three service plan options that cover both systems and appliances in your home. Their System Guard plan covers air conditioners, water heaters and other major home systems while Appliance Guard covers a wider variety of appliances – each plan can also offer month-to-month or extended contracts to fit into any budget.

Stealth mode

HomeGuard Pro is an activity monitoring software for home networks. It records network activity and automatically blocks adult or inappropriate material. Sites can be customized as needed, while lists or filters can be created based on file types such as executable downloads or online Flash games.

HomeGuard Pro operates in stealth mode, making it undetectable by other users. It can run either as a service or application on the computer and be controlled remotely through any web browser; additionally it can notify users if something gets blocked – and cannot be uninstalled, disabled, or bypassed via proxy servers.

HomeGuard goes beyond stealth mode by recording keystrokes and taking screenshots, monitoring printer tasks and USB connections, as well as having a built-in firewall to block file transfers to external devices – an especially helpful feature for parental control in workplace or school environments.

This user-friendly program can be utilized by anyone. It records detailed reports on program usage, such as active usage time, run time, bandwidth utilization, mouse clicks and keystrokes. Furthermore, you may block or limit specific programs and games from running simultaneously; additionally it records any keystrokes entered into chat messages or emails such as usernames and passwords and can even track what window was open at the time they were entered.

HomeGuard’s recording feature is one of its greatest strengths, providing parents and employers alike the capability to monitor and record audio and video sessions in high quality – ideal for monitoring online activities of children as well as monitoring employees. It can even record in real-time!

HomeGuard Pro differs from TeamOB in that its installation folder does not hide. While this feature can help protect children from potentially malicious software and malware, it may make finding and uninstalling programs more challenging for some people. Therefore, anti-malware software should be utilized after installing to ensure no unknown installers remain hidden within Windows program directories.

Web content filtering

HomeGuard Pro can prevent sites with pornographic and other inappropriate material from accessing your computer by employing predetermined rules to identify patterns and block URLs corresponding to them. In addition, it filters images that contain inappropriate text strings; rules can be customized based on keywords, patterns, wildcards or Perl regular expressions – HomeGuard can even block searches for specific words or phrases and enforce Safe Search on YouTube!

Web content filtering can also prevent businesses from data breaches and reduce remediation costs by blocking websites with high risks of malware infections. Furthermore, this practice prevents employees from downloading illegal or unwanted material that could harm the company computer network as well as using unsecure Wi-Fi networks at work – often the source of infection for malware infections.

Content filtering software may seem like it can only ever act as Big Brother-like surveillance software, but in reality it can boost productivity and provide a safer online environment without spying. Filters can filter out inappropriate material that distracts staff members and hampers their ability to complete their jobs effectively; and prevent adware/virus infections from spreading on employee computers that would eventually affect other systems on the business network.

HomeGuard is an easy-to-use parental control and activity monitoring tool with several features, including screen capturing based on activity, keystroke logging, gaming time restricting, hardware (e.g. printer and USB) monitoring/blocking as well as blocking websites/programs with offensive content for specific times each day or permanently blocking them altogether; additionally it can limit bandwidth use per user as well as prevent file sharing between accounts.

HomeGuard Pro can be downloaded and installed from either its developer’s website or through a reputable software distribution site, although some versions come bundled with potentially unwanted applications that should be avoided through custom or advanced installation options. Unfortunately, such apps have been known to infiltrate web browsers using dubious promotion techniques in order to spread themselves.


HomeGuard Pro is an easy-to-use activity monitoring solution designed for home and office networks, designed to track website activity. It records web activity while automatically blocking adult content in websites; customize website block/allow lists based on file types (exe downloads/flash games); records detailed reports on usage including active usage time, run time bandwidth used mouse clicks/keystrokes typed each program/game as well as options to block or limit certain programs or games; monitor printers/USB devices as well as filter emails & chat monitoring/filtering as well as Internet time restrictions while regularly recording screen captures/events as needed.

Liberty Home Guard is an ideal solution for homeowners who wish to secure their appliances, systems and other equipment with an easy plan selection process and 38 add-on options for customized coverage. Liberty also provides roof leak coverage and ceiling fan fan protection as standard features in its plans; base plans cover most built-in systems but exclude high-end appliances.

LHG offers more than just standard warranty packages; in addition to upgrading packages and an inspection. Their plans start from $49-60 a month and include a service call fee similar to an insurance deductible that must be paid before an engineer can fix issues.

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