Hotstar Review


Hotstar, as an over-the-top streaming service, has quickly become one of India’s go-to choices. One major draw is their rights to major sporting events like IPL and ICC World Cup tournaments.

Other hits on the platform include the popular drama Boston Legal and fast-paced thriller The Patient, both featuring talented actors in compelling plotlines. However, certain content may be geo-restricted outside India – connecting to an Indian server via VPN may help alleviate this problem.


Hotstar has it all when it comes to online movie viewing: from recent blockbusters to older classics and everything in between. From Hindi, English, Kannada movies and foreign flicks – as well as regional Indian languages like Telugu and Tamil films!

As part of Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox in 2019, Star India-owned streaming service became Disney+ Hotstar and now counts its subscribers among those of Disney’s SVOD service, which boasts 73 million users worldwide. Offering original content from Disney/Pixar/Marvel/National Geographic among others; as well as an array of international movies and television series from across all platforms.

Sci-fi horror fans shouldn’t miss this film from director Guillermo del Toro, and its cast is one of its many draws – Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Octavia Spencer and Doug Jones all star as part of an exceptional ensemble cast. Not to mention it looks amazing visually while featuring breathtaking action sequences!

This drama is inspired by true events that occurred in Noida, Uttar Pradesh in 2018. It follows the story of a domestic helper and her son who were shot to death by their own parents; an emotional story sure to make you tear up. Watch it for an experience you won’t soon forget!

Animation in this film is amazing. Set within an 11-year-old girl’s consciousness, each emotion (Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust) are represented by different characters portrayed by some of the finest comedians including Robin Williams (deceased).

No matter the movie list you find yourself viewing, Toy Story should always top your list. As one of the iconic trilogies of our generation’s childhoods remade for modern audiences in 2019, its special effects and heartwarming narrative will stay with you long after its initial viewing. Plus, here you’ll also find other titles from its franchise!

TV Shows

Hotstar boasts an expansive catalogue of television shows and films from Hollywood movies to Indian series. But its English TV shows may just be some of the best on the internet. Once home to an extensive library of HBO content, Hotstar recently removed all such programs due to its increasing focus on sports programming.

Hotstar’s most-watched show is The Sopranos, an award-winning mafia drama which follows mobster Tony Soprano and his family through a decade-long career of crime. A true classic with phenomenal acting and writing. Additionally, Billions by Showtime explores capitalism versus socialism with US Attorney Billions pursuing hedge fund billionaire Bobby Axelrod as an antagonistic force against capitalism vs socialism.

Another intriguing option is The Patient, a psychological thriller about an emotionally abusive patient who kidnaps his therapist and demands private sessions with him alone. The 10-episode series keeps audiences on edge throughout.

Hotstar also features other captivating shows like Five Days, which follows a mother who vanishes without trace with her children in the middle of the night, leaving behind an enigma that only the police can solve. This captivating drama boasts some of the finest acting seen anywhere on television and provides an enjoyable binge-worthy experience.

Hotstar boasts some lesser-known gems as well, like The White Lotus – an engaging social satire following staff and guests at an upscale Hawaiian resort as they experience life-altering week. Critics have given positive reviews to this show.

Black Monday is an economic drama that offers a humorous take on the investment world, featuring Don Cheadle as Maurice Mo Monroe, an aggressive stock trader who attempts to drive down market values on Black Monday. Although slow-burning crime drama, this series is well worth your patience.


Hotstar is an Indian streaming service offering sports and Disney-owned entertainment to desktop computers, mobile devices, and television sets. Users can download it for free to enjoy ad-free HD streaming in multiple languages with built-in chat feature to make viewing even more social!

This app provides live streams of popular sporting events. It serves as the official broadcaster for both ICC Cricket World Cup and Indian Premier League tournaments, along with providing exclusive content for fans of Indian football and badminton fans, detailed match data analysis services available worldwide including India, United States and others.

Hotstar makes watching cricket matches simple in the US; all it requires is a VPN and device with internet access, then connecting to one of India’s servers to enjoy games without interruptions or hassles. Other sports events available to be streamed include UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga and Serie A games; plus there is also an extensive library of full-length matches as well as highlights.

Racing fans can stream Formula 1 races on Hotstar for free with English and Hindi commentary, video clips of races and interviews as well as free streaming in the US, UK and Canada – however outside these regions there may be restrictions which require VPN service in order to enjoy them uninterruptedly.

Hotstar was previously only available within India; however, recently announced its global expansion by streaming ICC ODI Men’s Cricket World Cup and Asia Cup free to over half-a-billion users of Hotstar. This expansion should help Hotstar maintain its user base while competing against JioCinema who have the rights to broadcast IPL 2023 tournament matches for free on its platform.

The Walt Disney Company recently purchased Star India, the creator of Hotstar. Since taking ownership, they have been working to increase their global footprint; specifically targeting Africa and Southeast Asia regions. Furthermore, Disney+ will launch in late 2022 for US viewers.

Live TV

Hotstar is India’s leading over-the-top streaming service, boasting more than 18 million subscribers. Its library consists of Bollywood films and television shows, English language content from Disney and Warner Bros, international cricket matches as well as streaming football matches from major leagues such as UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, and Serie A – making this platform immensely popular with Indian viewers even surpassing ESPN in reach in this country.

Hotstar’s live TV feature is currently only accessible in India due to strict censorship laws that prevent OTT platforms from broadcasting live events without prior government approval. Although Hotstar is working towards bringing back this feature, it may take some time; subscribers can still watch movies and shows by connecting to a VPN server until then.

VPNs can help you to get around Hotstar’s restrictions and watch its content from any country around the globe, by changing your IP address to match that of your chosen country of access. For instance, if you live in Japan and want to access Hotstar from India via VPN server connection – once this has happened Hotstar will recognize this connection as coming from there and allow streaming.

Not only can a VPN change your IP address, it can also increase your internet speed to reduce latency and enhance streaming experience. Plus, they protect your privacy by encrypting all of your data!

To take full advantage of Hotstar, it’s essential that you understand its privacy settings and policies. Read the terms and conditions carefully prior to using the service; you’ll find a link to Hotstar’s privacy policy at the bottom of its website. If any doubt arises regarding these provisions, contact customer support or read through its FAQ page for assistance.

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