How Does novaPDF Work?


novaPDF serves as a virtual PDF printer driver, converting any printable document into PDF and allowing users to print to it just like they would print to any physical printer.

This software features link creation, watermarks, compression and additional security (passwords and signature support). Furthermore, private profiles with different settings may also be defined within its confines.

Easy to use

novaPDF acts as a virtual printer driver, enabling you to easily create PDF documents from any Windows application that supports printing. Be it email messages, MS Office documents or website pages – whether emails are read online, printed out or archived for later use – novaPDF can transform them all into high-quality searchable PDFs that can be viewed, printed or archived as needed. Customizable features of final PDF file output include resolution, security profile bookmarks and text/image compression settings.

Secure your documents using full 40-bit and 128-bit encryption, giving you full control of who can view, print, copy or modify their PDFs. Furthermore, this ensures unauthorized modifications won’t alter or modify original documents.

Make the PDF files you view look exactly how you want by customizing options like start page, orientation and viewing preferences. You can even set fonts and colors when viewing PDFs.

Add extra information to your PDF documents by including XMP metadata in their properties and help search engines find it when searching online. Choose from predefined XMP tags, or create your own!

If your PDF documents will be accessed over the web, it’s essential that they be optimized for viewing on mobile devices and browsers alike. With novaPDF’s linearization capability, they’ll download quickly when viewed online – eliminating the need for viewers to install an additional software program just to access them!

User interface was completely revamped to offer a more organized layout and WYSIWYG design for managing PDF settings. Furthermore, new novaPDF now checks for updates automatically and notifies users when there are available releases so they can update with one click.

novaPDF is fully compatible with Adobe Acrobat, allowing you to open and read PDFs generated by this program. In addition, its highly efficient tool novaPDF enables you to quickly convert large PDF documents without using up excessive system resources; even combine multiple PDF files or pages into a single PDF with just the click of a button!

Easy to install

novaPDF works like a virtual printer driver; any document sent through it will be converted into PDF format and stored in a hidden folder specified during setup. As it’s an install-and-forget solution, it is often utilized by large corporate environments.

novaPDF offers additional benefits during installation by including addins for applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Furthermore, deployment via Microsoft Group Policy Management Console makes for centrally controlled printing solutions.

It supports various document properties, converts web links to actual links and can create watermarks. Furthermore, it can merge multiple documents into one PDF file and email created PDFs automatically as well as compressing files, setting page size limits, password protection settings and electronic signature capabilities (password protection and electronic signatures).

novaPDF’s start page offers easy access to a comprehensive selection of features and settings, while offering an intuitive user experience. With it you can quickly create PDF files by selecting documents from a list and clicking “Create.” Additionally, this function can also be set to automatically save PDFs in a predetermined folder.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to set different printing profiles for individual users. This means you can tailor documents only to print the most essential sections, reducing print costs while making documents more useful – an especially handy feature in corporate environments where employees have differing needs.

PDF Author also gives users the option of adding additional copyright metadata that will then appear in a document’s properties, including preset text such as “Copyrighted/Public Domain” or user-specified texts – this feature can prove especially helpful if using PDFs commercially.

novaPDF can also be utilized on terminal servers or through Remote Desktop Connection, and even shared as a network printer so all machines connected to that particular network can create PDF files by simply sending their documents over.

Easy to customize

novaPDF offers wide support for multiple file formats and provides features to easily customize how it creates PDF documents. You can easily add a personalized watermark, merge documents and emails, set private printing profiles and page sizes, define private printing profiles as well as optimize PDFs for search engines by setting document information and linking PDF file links directly into real web files – this way search engine spiders can access content more effectively and faster.

Use novaPDF to turn any printable document into PDF, including documents in Doc, XLS, PPT and Image formats. It’s even great for server environments as a remote computer can use novaPDF to create PDFs remotely! novaPDF makes an excellent alternative to Adobe PDF software since its installation, configuration and use are hassle-free!

Converting to PDF allows you to choose which fonts to embed, which ones to leave un-embedded and whether or not automatically underline text – helping reduce file sizes without compromising quality or readability. Compress text and images when viewing on screen or print to improve performance when viewed either online or printed out – plus it checks if links to external files that were connected during conversion are still functional – plus linearizing PDFs which is especially helpful for websites.

The Manage Predefined Forms window allows you to browse, add, copy and delete predefined forms (page sizes/formats). These may either be system or custom forms – with system forms being available across applications without being deleted while custom forms created by users may be edited or deleted at any time.

The Printing Preferences dialog in novaPDF stores the settings it has discovered when printing documents, such as profiles you use to override paper settings from printing applications. You can enable overrides by checking “Profile settings override paper settings from printing applications” within this dialog. Alternatively, if you would like to export these settings for use with another installation of novaPDF then clicking on the Export button will bring up an Export Profiles window that can be opened directly from within Printing Preferences dialog.

Easy to share

novaPDF creates a virtual printer that is shared over the network (just like any printer), so PDF files created on one computer in the network can then be sent out by any other. Email notifications also make this program extremely helpful for businesses. Furthermore, merging multiple PDF documents together, compressing them, adding watermarks and watermarks makes them more recognizable while increasing security – in addition to turning hidden hyperlinks into real web links, so users can click them in PDF documents directly.

PDF creation software enables businesses to efficiently share information across offices by easily creating PDFs from any printable document, including word processor documents, emails, websites, images and many other formats. Viewable on any computer equipped with a PDF reader – as well as mobile phones through an Adobe app – PDFs are viewable anywhere at anytime for easy and secure communication of information between employees.

In addition to the standard features of novaPDF, its Professional edition provides more advanced options like merging and watermarking PDF documents. Furthermore, this edition can compress PDFs as well as set up private profiles which allow different settings such as page size, compression rate, security measures and signatures to be applied directly to individual PDF documents. Furthermore, several add-ins for Microsoft Office applications enable one-click conversion into PDF while recognising links or URLs and turning them into working links in the PDF document.

A novaPDF installation package contains both 32 bit and 64 bit drivers and interfaces, and automatically detects the operating system to ensure the appropriate version is installed. Furthermore, users can configure it as a service; additionally the installer also features a script for creating a desktop shortcut to novaPDF that makes accessing it simpler.

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