How to Create a Video Project in PowerDirector


PowerDirector is an easy and user-friendly video editing program tailored to home video makers, designed specifically to deliver professional-grade videos and slideshows suitable for online sharing. Available only on Windows computers, PowerDirector can produce high-quality videos suitable for online sharing with ease.

Ultimate version of PowerDirector offers one feature exclusive to audio scrubbing preview, allowing users to quickly locate scenes for editing with pinpoint precision.

Creating a video project

Cyberlink PowerDirector simplifies video project production. Its main features, the Import Media Files button and Import a Media Folder option, enable users to import single files or folders easily. Once imported, PowerDirector displays them all in its Media Room for viewing.

Once your media has been imported, it can easily be placed in the timeline to create a new project. Editing audio tracks, adding effects and using video mixing features are all very simple tasks with this software, which supports MPEG-2, DV and AVI file types as well as SRT file creation for embedded subtitles.

PowerDirector offers an impressive variety of effects and themes. Additionally, its storyboard mode displays clips as thumbnails – helpful when planning out complex projects. Particle effects and picture-in-picture effects are organized for easy finding.

Key tools included motion tracking and keyframe editing can help create professional-looking videos. While the software is free for download, developers regularly release updates that enhance its product.

Importing videos

To import videos into PowerDirector, first select the video file you’d like to use and tap on its import button. Your file will then appear in the timeline with a blue vertical bar at the bottom. Once imported, your clips can be edited by dragging and dropping into their proper positions; you may also trim unnecessary footage off clips, add transitions between clips, or add a soundtrack – giving you plenty of editing opportunities!

PowerDirector’s ability to overlay images over videos is an excellent feature that makes presentations or editing promotional videos simple and effective. Simply drag and drop an image over the frame in its desired location for an overlay effect; adjust length by dragging the edges.

PowerDirector can also be used to edit audio. The AUDIO tab displays your audio content, while using the audio quaver icon allows you to record voiceover over video. Furthermore, other levels in your project’s audio can also be adjusted; for instance if you wish to increase or decrease volume by simply clicking its graphic in the timeline.

Creating a timeline

As you work on a video project in PowerDirector, clips can be edited separately in their own timelines for easier organization of clips and creating professional-looking movies. Use the top left arrows to move a clip forward or backward one frame while the slider allows for movement at another point on the timeline.

PowerDirector offers a library of transition effects you can integrate into your video productions. Simply drag one from the FX room onto your timeline – double-clicking will let you adjust its duration and behavior!

PowerDirector can also be used to edit audio and image files. This program makes use of an external application for editing audio, automatically synchronizing it with video clips. Furthermore, this software enables you to apply masks over parts of an image which aren’t in focus for easy editing.

PowerDirector stands out from its competition by supporting editing in keyframe mode, which is very helpful when controlling particle effects. Furthermore, this software includes tools for color and lighting correction as well as easy clip-splitting capability so you can cut away portions of it that don’t belong.

Creating a title

Add titles to your video as an easy and effective way of conveying your message and increasing engagement. CyberLink PowerDirector’s title effect library offers an assortment of themes and text styles designed to match any production. From credits at the beginning or end, titles help capture audience attention and increase production value. To create them simply go into Title Room, drag template onto timeline then double click it to open Title Designer to customize further.

Change text font style, size and color as well as add shadow or borders using the available options for shadow or borders. Also you can set starting and ending effects animation as well as alter the length of time that your title displays on screen.

Import a background image for titles. This background will then appear over your content on the Master Video Track, giving it added dimension. Choose from pre-designed backgrounds or upload your own. In addition, particle effects may also be selected for use with titles.

Creating a logo

Create a logo is an essential step of video editing, but selecting the proper tools for the job can be daunting. Thankfully, there are various free tools available that make this process quick and painless; we will discuss some of them here in this tutorial for creating logos with PowerDirector.

Most logo maker software includes templates, stock images, fonts, illustrations and graphic design tools that users can combine into an effective business logo design. Some programs even provide freehand drawing tools so users can create customized logo designs more easily than ever. With such programs in your arsenal it becomes simple and effortless to craft a high-quality business logo for your company.

MarkMaker is another popular tool for designing logos online, providing a wide selection of pre-designed business logos and an intuitive user-friendly interface for quick drag-and-drop editing.

PDtoots YouTube channel PowerDirector tutorials can be invaluable in helping you master this program. In particular, this tutorial shows how to use a Square font with PowerDirector’s Title Designer. Downloading it from here and installing (copy/paste) it into Windows Fonts folder should do it – once installed you can access this font by tapping keys 1 through 9 of your keyboard to access.

Creating a music track

PowerDirector provides several powerful tools for creating background music or custom soundtracks in video productions. Automate music ducking using keyframes if needed to fade out music or make it louder than spoken words; additionally, use audio effects like reverb to give more dramatic results.

Tracks are at the core of music production and play an essential role in its composition. Tracks can be created through recording an instrument or voice and used to arrange pieces and compose harmonies. Understanding tracks allows music creators to unleash their full creative potential while crafting songs that connect with listeners.

As a PowerDirector 365 or Director Suite 365 subscriber, you have access to an assortment of premium background music tracks designed specifically for videos. Once imported, click “Background Music” under Tools tab on your video editor before choosing an Audio Ducking menu option to adjust audio automatically for matching video footage – an efficient time saver with professional results! This feature gives your videos that extra edge with professional results!

Creating a scene

Cyberlink PowerDirector stands out amongst video editing software as an accessible choice, making it perfect for beginners. While many high-end programs may be overwhelming to beginners, Cyberlink PowerDirector is designed for ease of use with an extensive collection of effects and drag-and-drop functionality allowing easy addition of filters and weather effects to clips as well as various transition effects including dissolves, distortions and wipes.

PowerDirector’s scene detection feature makes it possible to quickly split media clips into scenes by identifying individual shots within each clip and breaking it up into separate clips based on these individual scenes. This process does not alter the original clip and saves all information about its scenes within it; they are then added directly into your timeline where editing can occur easily.

PowerDirector’s outstanding feature is its ability to produce motion graphics and lower thirds, upload videos directly to YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion and support more obscure platforms such as Niconico and Youku. In addition, voiceovers or music can be added directly into videos without using separate programs like Adobe Audition; furthermore it features advanced AI tools for wind removal and speech enhancement – making PowerDirector a truly versatile video creation software!

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