How to Create Digital Art on the iPad


Procreate is an innovative digital art program used by professional artists. With an easy learning curve and straightforward functionality, Procreate makes an ideal way to create images and animations quickly and effortlessly. Non artists who wish to make images or animations also find Procreate useful.

To use Procreate effectively, an iPad and stylus such as an Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon will be necessary.


Procreate is a digital art app that has quickly become an industry standard for artists of all kinds. Offering an expansive library of tutorials, Procreate helps take creativity to the next level while making ideas come to life like never before.

Are You New to Procreate? These Beginner Tutorials Will Show You Everything

Procreate is an essential tool for artists and designers. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Procreate makes an excellent tool to unleash creative potential. These tutorials will show you how to maximize Procreate for maximum creative power!

Procreate’s latest release introduces many exciting features to help you create beautiful artwork and designs, such as animation tools, grid, drawing assist and drawing assist – these features allow users to easily create straight lines with correct perspective and perfect straightness. Furthermore, color picker has also been improved, including saving and loading selections as well as providing access to a harmony palette menu.

There are also a few new brush types, including quickshape and smudge brushes, introduced with this version of Paint Shop Pro, including quickshape and smudge brushes. In addition, there is now a layer system enabling users to create and edit layers independently from canvas itself and support for various image formats is also provided by this application.


Procreate is an Apple Design Award-winning iPad app that brings professional digital art tools directly to its users. Powered by Valkyrie graphics engine and with powerful drawing tools that let you make expressive strokes, Procreate makes complex effects simple to achieve with its color dynamics feature and expressive drawing tools.

Customize Procreate to meet your artistic style by adapting its tools and settings to your artistic process. Create customized brushes tailored specifically to you for even greater creative freedom! It is important to experiment with various brush settings until you find what works for you – try changing Stroke properties to see how this affects the appearance of the brush, or change its colors accordingly to meet your aesthetic preferences.

Procreate is well known for its vast selection of customizable brushes, but also offers a robust layer system which allows you to layer different elements onto your artwork for extra depth and compositional refinements. Furthermore, Procreate supports blending modes and brush settings making it simple to find just the right look for your artwork.

Procreate’s ability to import custom color palettes is another fantastic feature, making working with photo templates faster and simpler – quickly adjusting colors according to your personal style or use the built-in Color Selection Tool to find specific hues.

Procreate’s arsenal of tools includes animation assist and the option to use custom fonts, both of which allow for creating various types of artworks such as animated videos and illustrations. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes Procreate suitable for artists of all levels from beginners to professionals alike.


Procreate is equipped with an expansive library of brushes that serve as the backbone for any art project, from soft blending to precise strokes. If you want to elevate your work further, Procreate offers premium sets designed by skilled artists for enhanced creativity.

Procreate makes creating custom brushes easy with its preloaded templates or import files from devices or online. Once an image has been chosen as your source for creating the brush shape, its settings can be easily customized: size, opacity, and even textures (like freckles or paint splatters) can all be changed easily.

Once your custom brush is created, save it to your Brush Library or tap on the + button to share it with other Procreate users. Access them via recent tab or Brush Sets list for easier access; duplicate by swiping left on thumbnail and selecting Duplicate.

There are a few settings you can toggle to make your brushes more interesting, like Pressure Taper to add tapered strokes. There are two sliders within this setting which adjust how much taper will appear at either end of your stroke – one controls how much taper begins with each stroke while the other determines how much taper remains after completion of your stroke.

Scatter allows you to scatter shapes across your brush strokes for creating unique textures not available through standard brushes. In addition, Count Jitter controls how variable the shape count in a brush may be.

Color Palettes

Procreate makes creating color palettes an easy process that unlocks an abundance of creative potential in your digital artwork. There are multiple ways you can go about doing this – either inside the app itself or by downloading free resources online – but once created you can save and access them any time from anywhere – simply tap the color circle button in the upper right corner and choose Palettes as soon as you’ve created a palette!

Color palettes can help keep your colors organized, making it easier to reference them while working on projects. Furthermore, using one can ensure that colors do not change when switching layers, brushes or projects. Adding and deleting swatches is simple – simply tap one and hold down for one second until an option appears, then tap delete. Swatches can also be moved by tapping and dragging.

If you don’t already have an existing color palette, creating one in the Palettes menu by selecting New from photos is easy and can automatically import all the colors found within an image as swatches for use. Simply upload a picture from your device, choose New from photos, select it, and you’re good to go!

This colorful palette from Winship & Rose is ideal for creating autumn or nature-themed designs, featuring both warm and cool hues to bring depth and vibrancy into any piece of artwork. Coordinated colors feature soft neutral tones like grays and browns; making this collection of 30 colors an invaluable resource.


The Layers menu can be found at the top-right of your screen between the eraser and color palette icon, represented by two square pictograms. When you tap this button a new layer appears on top of your canvas.

The Layers menu allows for non-destructive workflow by keeping each piece of content (such as sketches, outlines, base colors, shadows and highlights ) within its own layer, so they can be edited independently of other layers. Furthermore, there are various options to enable how different layers interact and blend with one another – providing endless creative potential!

Utilizing the Layers menu, you can create, move, rename and delete layers as well as apply various effects to them. Layer masks provide a useful way to add details or shading without touching an actual subject layer directly; alternatively you can select both at the same time to edit both simultaneously.

Use the layers menu to flatten your artwork. Digital artists commonly flatten layers in order to decrease file sizes, making their files easier for uploading or sharing online.

This Procreate tutorial shows how to take advantage of several features that will make coloring quicker and simpler in the app. The artist provides time-saving techniques such as sketching cubic shapes before coloring them in, as well as how to utilize an adjustable grid made up of triangles to ensure accurate angles and dimensions in your drawing.

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