How to Earn and Save Gold in Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a free-to-play strategy game created by Supercell that challenges players in player-hosted and official tournaments to compete against one another.

Players build decks of eight cards to use during battle. Each card costs elixir, and your elixir pool fills over time.

Cards can be divided by type and rarity, with each level-up increasing in strength. Players can obtain cards for their decks through opening chests, completing special challenges or events, donating to clanmates or purchasing them through the in-game shop with gems.


Clash Royale features fast, thrilling and tactical gameplay. Players compete against one or two opponents in 3-minute online matches that last between 1v1 or 2v2 mode; each match’s goal is to destroy one another’s defensive towers and win. Attacking your opponent’s King Tower may bring immediate victory as well!

This free-to-play game skillfully blends genre tropes such as collectible card games, tower defense tactics and multiplayer online battle arena into an intuitively designed gaming experience that appeals to many players thanks to requiring strategic thinking and rapid decision-making skills. While its popularity and dedicated fanbase have garnered widespread praise, criticism for perceived lack of fairness or balance has surfaced due to some perceived imbalance.

An integral component of Clash Royale gameplay is a daily reward system, which gives players cards and gold every time they log on. While this helps keep players engaged with playing and progressing in the game, it also creates a strong desire to complete chests quickly – this drives most player behavior and may cause issues later.

New card releases in Clash Royale often come equipped with unique mechanics that bring something fresh and exciting to the game, from small touches (Goblin Giant’s Spear Goblin Death Spawn) to major changes such as Fisherman nerf. While most additions have positive outcomes for Clash Royale overall, these additions may sometimes make players feel that things are unbalanced in some way.

Card Evolution

Card Evolution is an exciting new feature in Clash Royale that adds an intriguing dimension to gameplay. This mechanic brings back beloved Common cards from earlier in the game’s development cycle and gives them new, “Evolved” forms which can be activated mid-match for powerful, game-altering attacks.

Evolve cards through collecting shards and unlocking upgraded abilities. Each card has a specific shard requirement listed in its name; you can acquire these via Pass Royale rewards or purchase from Season Shop which opens at King level 7.

Players can activate an Evolved card in battle by placing it into its Deck’s Evolution Slot before or during a match, which will trigger its new skills automatically. Any required shards are displayed above each card with its number of empty Dark Elixir blocks showing how many cycles have to be completed to unlock its abilities.

Barbarians require one cycle to become Evolved Barbarians, increasing hit speed and attack damage; Skeletons take two cycles to develop into multi-hitting units that multiply their attacks against opponents. These abilities offer players a fresh way of approaching the game – with extra Evolved cards coming monthly!


Gold is one of the key resources in Clash Royale, used to upgrade cards and build bases. Unfortunately, many players find it challenging to accumulate enough gold. If you want to improve your strategy and level up quickly, understanding how best to earn and save gold can be crucial – this blog can provide tips and tactics on maximizing gains quickly!

Clash Royale provides players with several fast ways to accumulate gold: opening free chests (two per day, each containing 80 gold). Other sources include winning trophy road rewards and donating cards – the latter may yield different amounts depending on its rarity: epic cards typically award more gold while common ones provide less.

Clash Royale makes it easier than ever to amass gold by using the Bonus Bank, an additional storage method available after each season that you can unlock with gold that can help upgrade cards or build castles.

Clash Royale also allows players to earn gold through its Gold Rush event by destroying opponent towers and taking part in its limited time format. You should spend your gold wisely, only upgrading cards that you need.


Gems, the premium currency available in this game, can be purchased with real money and used to unlock chests, cards, or buy gold from the shop – as well as buying elixir from other players or entering challenges with them. Furthermore, players can earn some of the premium currencies by leveling up their towers and claiming rewards!

Leveling up an account’s towers increases its strength, providing more power to destroy other players’ castles and earn more trophies. Achieve certain numbers of trophies to unlock new arenas with better cards and strategies.

Players can also gain access to premium currencies by taking part in Special Event Challenges or Global Tournaments; these events, though riskier and less rewarding than regular gameplay, offer one-time rewards of free gems as one-off gifts including small card sets and Magic Items.

Purchase of Clash Royale accounts can be done online through PlayerAuctions; it is safe and secure site that allows players to find accounts that meet their individual needs – be it deck compositions, trophies or account levels. Many sellers also provide discounts if a buyer is loyal or has multiple accounts; these discounts may make an account cheaper or more costly depending on who sells it to them.

Official Tournaments

Clash Royale tournaments provide players with a fun way to compete against one another for prizes, with 2v2 tournaments and team tournaments providing many different types of competition. Tournaments provide a fantastic way to test out new decks while honing your skills – plus rewards can include gold or cards!

To take part in tournaments, players must first reach King Level 18 and open the Tournament tab. They can create Private Tournaments as well as participate in Global and Victory Challenges; additionally they may join the Crown Championship Global League competition which offers esports competition for this game; winners of each tournament receive prizes such as Gold chests or cards as a reward!

Crown Championship Global League begins with monthly qualifiers where participants compete in Duels to advance to the next stage of competition. Eight players from each time slot advance.

Each month, the top 32 ranked players compete for the title of World Champion in a single-elimination tournament. Reaching the final stages will earn over $1 Million! Prizes range from Gold cards to Epic Crown Quests; participants also receive trophy points which can unlock these quests and ultimately decide who becomes World Champion.

Player-Hosted Tournaments

Clash Royale’s tournament system offers players a fantastic way to compete for rewards against each other. Players have the choice between joining official or player-hosted tournaments with structured formats, specific rules, and varied prize pools; or participating in clan member or friend tournaments hosted by them both.

Clash Royale’s new tournament system gives players the power to create and host their own tournaments, inviting friends from any platform or region. Players can customize tournament details such as number and duration of matches, level cap levels, maximum players allowed per match, rules, customizing game type etc. They can even choose which game types their tournament uses!

Tournaments offer players a great way to join the community of Clash Royale. Tournaments will each feature their own leaderboard and matchmaking pool, allowing players to switch between Clans and tournaments without losing progress or progress being lost from previous Clan battles. Participation also brings with it many other benefits such as potentially winning a Tournament Chest!

YouTube Gaming and Supercell have come together to launch an unprecedented eSports competition for Clash Royale mobile, known as King’s Cup Live. The event will pit eight top YouTube gaming creators – Alvaro845, ClashWithAsh, Chief Pat, Ddotty, GamingWithMolt, Godson Nickatnyte & Orange Juice — against hundreds of other competitors across three heats for a $100,000 prize pool in this first-of-its-kind eSports tournament!

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