How to Edit 360-Degree Videos With Cyberlink PowerDirector


Cyberlink PowerDirector is an advanced video editing program with many useful transitions and effects for video productions, including special capabilities to edit 360 degree footage.

Body Effects includes AI tools such as body effects, object detection, and green screen replacement. Furthermore, its motion tracking feature adds eye-catching text or graphics that follow objects or people.

Easy to use

PowerDirector offers editors of all levels an impressive set of tools for producing stunning video output. The software supports HD 4K videos as well as several file formats, making it suitable for professional as well as casual use. Even novice editors can utilize its Express Project feature that helps quickly select footage and turn it into an amazing movie in four steps; similarly, its Theme Designer tool ensures consistent design throughout production.

Additionally, there are an extensive array of effects available, with over 100 transitions and transitions custom created especially for your project available as well as over 185 custom transitions – making it easier than ever to find the ideal clip. Furthermore, there is also an extensive library of stock media. However, some may be limited in scope or quality so an upgrade may be required in order to access more options.

The software is easy to customize, with various themes and layouts to meet the needs of different projects. Templates are easily editable to accommodate videos, photos and audio. Users can even edit text in templates to add animations for an impressive professional finish.

One great aspect of the software is its capability of saving multiple versions of a project and switching between them, which is especially helpful if working with clients who have diverse tastes and requirements. Additionally, social media integration enables you to share your creations directly.

One of the key requirements of any editing software is its ability to handle large files efficiently without slowing down your computer, which is why CyberLink includes an advanced disk defragmentation tool that speeds up programs by reorganizing data on hard drives so they are easier for programs to access and save. This process is quick and does not require installation or extra hardware.

PowerDirector’s YouTube channel is an invaluable resource, featuring playlists that contain tutorials and tips for using its program. With over 226K subscribers and providing valuable learning materials – such as how to use particle designer – this channel serves as an invaluable learning resource. In addition to tutorials, there are also playlists dedicated to specific tasks, like how to make animations.

Customizable titles

Add titles to your video project in order to attract viewers’ attention and make your video more captivating. Titles can serve multiple functions – an opening title, story arc title or credits at the end. PowerDirector offers several title effects you can use to make them even more impressive; these effects can be found in the Title Room with character presets, animation and background customization features that you can tailor exactly to the video project at hand.

This software also offers templates that you can use to quickly create animated titles of your own. These come in all shapes and styles, making it easy for you to quickly add them to any video by double-clicking in the timeline. These templates can easily be resized according to text length; font, color, background settings can all be modified; as well as adding borders if needed.

PowerDirector offers more than customizable titles – it also has many useful features to enhance the video editing experience, from correcting shakiness and stabilizing footage, creating image masks to conceal specific parts while leaving others visible, to customizing color matching controls for creating animated intros/outros for video projects.

One great feature of this program is its multicam tool, which allows you to synchronize separate audio and video clips within one scene. Furthermore, this tool can add background scores for video clips automatically when they detect someone speaking and automatically lower volume when talking; additionally, this software can adjust background music length accordingly for optimal footage capture.

Cool transitions

PowerDirector offers an abundance of dynamic transitions that will draw viewers’ attention and engage them throughout your video productions, from classic Hollywood-style wipe and fade transitions, distortion, glitch and glitch effects and unique transitions that make your videos truly stand out from the competition. These unique transitions will set your videos apart.

When adding transitions to your video, click the icon in the upper-right corner of the preview window to open up the Transition room and drag out a transition between media clips on your editing timeline.

PowerDirector offers over 200 preloaded transitions that you can use to add an exciting visual element to your video productions. Each transition is organized by tag for easy searching and can also be customized so as to change their duration or location in a video production.

TikTok and YouTube intro videos could benefit from using distortion or glitch transitions for added impact. These distinctive effects will morph and blend scenes seamlessly, creating an eye-catching effect. There are also new geometric transitions which give your videos a modern, fresh, crisp appearance; perfect for Instagram TV shows or promotional videos!

Instead, a cross or overlap transition may be more suitable. It allows two separate clips to come together by overlapping at the same time and acting like a bridge to bridge scenes together and show seamless movement from scene to scene.

Make your video more engaging by using wipe or dissolve transitions for an effortless effect, helping viewers focus on its content while making it memorable. PowerDirector offers a green screen editor which you can use to change up the background if shooting at studio or another location with undesirable backdrop.

AI Sky Replacement

If your outdoor video footage needs an overhaul, PowerDirector’s Video Sky Replacement feature offers an effective solution. This tool allows you to overlay another piece of sky footage over existing footage while intelligently adjusting surrounding land for an organic appearance. Not just an eraser tool either – complex motion tracking ensures clouds move as expected in relation to original footage movements.

PowerDirector’s AI Sky Replacement feature comes equipped with a selection of over one hundred sky videos that you can select and preview in the preview window before applying them to your footage. Use sliders to fine-tune parameters such as position X/Y to ensure that the new sky fits seamlessly within your footage, or use this tool for creating night skies or dazzling sunsets from daytime footage for artistic projects.

This sky replacement effect is simple to apply and suitable for virtually all forms of footage. The user-friendly interface ensures you won’t require prior video editing experience to get started with it; download a trial version from its official website to give it a test drive!

PowerDirector offers more than its Sky Replacement tool alone to elevate your footage to new levels of creativity and authenticity. AI Object Detection lets you detect objects within scenes; AI Motion Tracking adds text or graphics that follow moving objects’ paths; while Audio Smart Fit eliminates wind noise and adjusts background music according to length of footage.

Other powerful tools include a photo slideshow maker for creating animated GIFs of your photos, and a 3D modeler that allows you to build buildings or other structures from scratch. Furthermore, there is also a selection of professional LUTs and fonts available so your projects have a cohesive style.

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