How to Get the Most Value Out of an Audible Membership


Signing up for an Audible membership enables you to begin listening to audiobooks right away – depending on which plan you select, one or more audiobooks may even come free each month!

Audible provides access to an impressive selection of exclusive titles that are only available through their service, from genre-spanning original works to bestsellers.

Free trial

Audible provides new members with a 30-day free trial period to experience its service before making a commitment. This trial includes one audiobook credit (two credits if you’re an Amazon Prime member) and access to its Plus catalog; special promotions and sales also extend this opportunity; buy one, get one free sales are commonplace too. It has even become popular with Hollywood celebrities who have signed deals to launch exclusive content; this includes former First Lady Michelle Obama who recently released her podcast called The Light as part of Audible Originals program with scripted and unscripted original programming available only through this trial period.

One of the many attractions of Audible is its extensive library, offering something for virtually every interest and taste. Furthermore, their app synchronizes listening progress between devices so it’s easy to pick up right where you left off – plus they allow account management and previews of upcoming titles!

The Audible app also makes life easier for commuters and others who spend long stretches on the road by providing podcasts and audiobooks for offline listening, including podcasts that play through their car speakers or an MP3 player, along with sleep timers and bookmarks to keep focus.

If you don’t wish to commit, cancelling your membership at any time can be done easily with the Audible website and fast and straightforward cancellation process. Just log into Audible, click “membership details,” and cancel away – any credits that remain will vanish instantly from your account!

Audible is one of the most sought-after digital services, and with good reason. Offering everything from popular fiction titles to best-selling nonfiction works and exclusive podcasts and interviews with authors, this service can be enjoyed across smartphones, tablets and computers as well as integrated with Amazon Echo devices so you can continue listening even when away from your desk or reading on-the-go!


Audiobooks are becoming more and more popular, and Audible provides a vast selection of titles. Their credits system enables members to listen to multiple titles for reduced prices; plus there are free titles as part of its membership offering! However, the credit system can be confusing; so it is best to understand its details before beginning to use it.

When using an audiobook from the website or app, Audible credits can be redeemed against it for reduced pricing. To do this, navigate to Discover and find your audiobook of choice before selecting “Buy with 1 Credit”. It will then be added directly into your cart for reduced pricing – though all types of credits have an expiry date after one year.

When it’s time to use your credits, log in to your Audible account on either their website or app and navigate directly to the Credit Summary page. From here you will be able to see an overview of which credits have already been used as well as any that remain, which can help you plan purchases and manage your account more effectively.

You can buy additional credits if yours run out, with various plans available from Audible offering monthly credits as well as discounts based on credit purchases. Your credits can also be redeemed in their store where books may be purchased at reduced rates.

Audible provides promotional codes to its customers via both its site and app, with many authors who contribute audiobooks promoting them via social media or other forums. Customers who redeem such codes may either receive one free audiobook, or exchange an existing title in exchange for something different.

An efficient audiobook library requires frequent exchanges in order to take full advantage of membership benefits, particularly if multiple titles were purchased. Since Audible began monitoring exchanges more closely and will restrict usage if it detects anything unusual, frequent audiobook exchanges will help make sure you make the most of your subscription membership.

The Audible app and website allow you to give friends and family credits as gifts, with one, three, six or 12 credits being available to the recipient immediately upon activating Plus Catalog feature.


Audible provides various subscription options that give you access to audiobooks at your leisure, from wide-ranging titles that can be downloaded for offline listening to member-exclusive promotions that make getting the most value out of membership easy and building up an audiobook collection easier than ever before.

Signing up for an Audible account requires providing credit card details. Your trial period ends, or unless you cancel before then, your monthly charge will be calculated according to when you originally signed up and charged accordingly based on that date. You can modify your subscription plan either through visiting their website or clicking “My Account” button within their app.

As another benefit of membership at Audible, their listening guarantee allows you to exchange an audiobook within a certain period for a different one without using up all your credits on books that don’t suit. Plus, take advantage of Audible Plus catalogue featuring audiobooks not found elsewhere in Audible library!

For audiobook enthusiasts who prefer monthly payments, the Audible annual subscription offers the perfect solution. At just the cost of 10 months of a monthly plan and including 12 audiobook tokens upfront, this annual membership provides the ideal way to begin with this company.

As well as traditional audiobooks, Audible also produces original content known as Audible Originals. While not technically audiobooks in terms of being read aloud, they may include podcasts or musical productions of War of the Worlds featuring notable voices as narrators.

If you would like to cancel your Audible subscription, it can be done through either the Settings app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or by accessing their website and selecting your country and tapping “membership details.” Additionally, step-by-step instructions can be found on their support page.

Customer service

Audible is an audiobook subscription service that allows its subscribers to download books that they can enjoy across any device, whether working out, doing chores, driving or even just relaxing at home. With Audible you can listen to your favorite book while working out, doing chores or driving! Furthermore, their app also boasts features like seamless multi-device syncing and adjustable narration speed settings as well as the option of downloading only part of a book to save device space or data usage.

Audible’s service is user-friendly and available across most devices. To start a free trial, visit their website and enter your email address – then redeem an access code to redeem one credit for yourself after trial period is over. There are various plans available but the simplest plan with two credits monthly subscription would be most economical option (yearly plans are also available, though more costly).

As a member, you can log into your Audible account from any computer or mobile device and explore their library of titles – not only books but podcasts, audio dramas and tracks to help with sleep! They even offer exclusive discounts such as offering the new J.K. Rowling book The Tales of Beedle the Bard for free to members in the UK!

Audible also has an exceptional return policy: If a book does not meet your standards, simply return it within a year for a full refund. Furthermore, their app saves your place so you can resume where you left off when switching devices and even set a sleep timer to ensure enough restful restful restful slumber!

Audible is an ideal solution for busy readers who love to read but lack time to do it themselves. Listening to nonfiction memoirs while exercising or novelists while driving makes for great listening while waiting in line, while its app also serves as an easy way to keep up on news or read magazine articles while waiting. Furthermore, their website can provide advice and recommendations for novice readers.

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